General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Sabotaged More Than Chase’s Career As An Officer- Brook Lynn’s Lies Cost Her Big Time

Chase confronts Brook Lynn lies

Chase confronts Brook Lynn! …Brook Lynn lied to Chase and it’s going to cost her! This isn’t the first time she has lied to this honest man. These two have had a slow buildup to where they are today as a result of her lies and the trust issues Chase has with her.

Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) has a funny way of showing someone she cares. Most times the people around her find her to be selfish because of her past and present track record. Some would say that Brook Lynn is misunderstood because deep down she has a good heart. Others call it as they see it and label the aspiring music mogul as a selfish liar.

According to General Hospital recaps, the cat is out of the bag after Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) enlightened Chase on  Brook Lynn’s latest play to get what she wants. Dante gave her the benefit of the doubt as he and Chase were talking things over. Chase knows better than to believe her intentions were pure. While he wants to believe Dante could be right, Chase knows deep down what Brook Lynn is all about.

GH previews and spoilers indicate Chase can’t hold it in and approaches Brook Lynn. Chase confronts Brook Lynn on her lies, asking why she never wrote or told him about the letter. She knows being reinstated as an officer at the PCPD is what he wants more than anything. However, Brook Lynn is rarely about what other people want. Chase knows his girlfriend’s motives are those of selfish nature.

GH rumors speculate Brook Lynn may have sabotaged more than Chase’s career with the PCPD. Her relationship is at stake but she might be able to buy herself some time by talking herself out of this one. Even if she is able to get a letter in on time, her other secrets will soon catch up to her. Are Brook Lynn and Chase doomed thanks to her self sabotage?

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