General Hospital Spoilers: Dex Heller’s Absentee Father EXPOSED!

Dex’s absentee father EXPOSED! For any family, the mob life is quite the sacrifice. In choosing that path, the ones involved sign up for a life of constantly looking over their shoulder. Shady business dealings, threats, bribes, and imminent danger are just some of the elements that make up day to day mob-life. The mob may consist of “The Five Families,” but most would agree that despite “families,” the mob is no environment to raise one.

In Port Charles, mob activity runs deep. Life on this edge is second nature to many in town as mob ties in PC intertwine and thicken. For Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), it’s his entire lifestyle. Over the years, his status as mob boss put his loved ones at risk. He and right hand man Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Both Sonny and Jason took issue with allowing the ones they love anywhere near the business. However, keeping family and the business separate is inevitably impossible. Sonny and Jason walked away from countless people they love in order to keep them safe. They’ve suffered great losses to tragedy as well as by choice in order to avoid further losses.

Dex’s Absentee Father Exposed

Sonny and Jason said goodbye to man in the name of the business. Leaving lovers behind for their own protection broke hearts and tore couples and families apart. According to GH rumors, Dex’s father walked out of his life. GH recaps mention that Dex disclosed he grew up without a father. Therefore, his paternity remains in question. Since arriving in PC, Dex is in a mission. He’s eager to carryout Michael’s orders and get Sonny put away for good.

The latest GH spoilers and rumors tease that either Sonny or Jason is Dex’s father. So, why is he so willing to help Michael take down a man he doesn’t even know? Is he out to destroy Sonny because he’s the father he never had? Or does he resent Sonny because Jason is his father, and Jason chose to stay loyal to Sonny instead of raising his son.

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