General Hospital Spoilers: Finn Pleads With Elizabeth


Finn Pleads With Elizabeth

Hamilton Finn turned into his darkest fears when he gave into temptation in more ways than one. Not only did Finn drink the night away as a recovering alcoholic, but he also cheated on the woman he loves.

General Hospital previews indicate that Finn Pleads With Elizabeth. The aftermath of his fateful night with Barb awakens like that hangover Finn is fighting. It’s going to be rough but will Elizabeth stand by him after his confession? Moreover, Finn won’t only have to answer to Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton), and of course Violet will be impacted as well.

Finn and Barb’s One Night Stand

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Finn begs Elizabeth for forgiveness. His night with Barb has some serious consequences, and not just with Elizabeth. GH rumors hint that Chase knows his brother all too well and predicts what’s in store for Finn and his family. Odds are that Finn won’t be able to forgive himself for what he’s done to Elizabeth. Furthermore, the good doctor will have to navigate through this dark time keeping Violet as his priority. The road is about to get bumpy for Finn. Will Elizabeth stay along for the ride?

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