General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Fears The Worst, Spencer Feels The Weight Of His Words- What’s Nikolas Going To Do?

What’s Nikolas going to do?! Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and his father Nikolas Cassadine’s (temporarily Adam Huss) relationship has hit rough patches to say the least.

General Hospital news reports confirmed that Adam Huss is a temporary recast who will finish what was meant to be Marcus Coloma’s final scene. This news sparked General Hospital rumor related to what’s in store for Nikolas’s future.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Spencer’s plan to gain full custody of Nik and Esme Prince’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) baby results in an unexpected outcome. Spencer threatened and essentially blackmailed his father with a confession video. Provided by Ava Jerome (Maura West), the video has the power to destroy Nikolas. However, Spencer doesn’t necessarily want to destroy his self destructive father. Instead, Spence wants the video used as leverage to gain custody of his future brother or sister.

Unfortunately, Spencer went ahead and ran on his emotions as opposed to taking advice from those who care for him. Surely, his plan seemed like an iron clad shot at becoming victorious, but, he didn’t expect other possible outcomes.

What’s Nikolas Going To Do?

After Spencer blackmailed the Dark Prince, Nikolas pointed out that Spencer is acting in true Cassadine form. He’s especially livid about the part where Ava is lending a helping hand in his downfall. As a result of this family feud, Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) fears the worst.

GH previews show Nik at Ava’s new dwelling place. Wyndemere is her home now after having been ripped right from under Nik. He isn’t in the best state of mind after hearing what Spencer had to say. That being aaid, we know Nikolas is capable of more than we can imagine. So, will he lose it on Ava? Some GH rumors tease Nik could go off the rails and either harm Ava, harm himself, or completely disappear. Whatever he does, Spencer will feel the weight of it as if he’s to blame for what happens next.

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