General Hospital Spoilers: New Developments In Ingo Rademacher’s Lawsuit Against Disney Has Taken Things To A New Level

Former General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher joined the cast as Jasper “Jax” Jacks back in 1996.

General Hospital comings and goings news reports confirm Rademacher had been let go from the 59 year old daytime drama in November of 2021.

General Hospital news reveals that Ingo’s is pursuing his lawsuit against Disney after being fired over the vaccination mandate. Rademacher’s religious exemption application was denied, causing the actor to lost his job over when the mandate which went into effect November of 2021.

General Hospital spoilers reveal ABC network has issued a subpoena for documents regarding the organization, Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids. Rademacher has been accused of using the organization to find his lawsuit against Disney. Ingo is fighting back and is now requesting that the network not be allowed to obtain said documents.

GH news reveals Rademacher says the network is attempting to obtain, “confidential communications and attorney work product between,” himself, his attorneys, and “speculated litigation funder.” GH’s Australian born leading man alleges that the network is trying to destroy his [Ingo’s] character.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on any new developments related to the ongoing lawsuit between GH’s Jax and Disney.

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