General Hospital Spoilers: Robin Mattsson Reveals Why She Was Recast As Heather Webber

Heather Webber recast! General Hospital fans were taken by surprise when Heather Webber popped back up in Port Charles. What was even more surprising was seeing another actress in the iconic role of Heather Webber.

General Hospital recaps recall Robin Mattson played Heather Webber from 1980-1983, again in 2004, and from 2012-2016. She made the role her own after the role was originated in 1976 and played by two other actresses, Georgeanne LaPiere (1976-77) and Mary O’Brien (1977-79). Mattson stepped in as a Heather Webber recast.

General Hospital news reports confirmed a new actress was headed to the [nearly] 60 year old daytime drama. GH comings and goings news reported Alley Mills was headed our way. The former, Wonder Years star is the new Heather Webber recast. Undoubtedly, GH fans wanted answers regarding the casting change.

Robin Mattson explains why she did not reprise her role as Heather. Mattson’s health is an issue, resulting in her inability to return. General Hospital spoilers reveal Robin Mattson shared her explanation to the recent Heather Webber recast. She captioned a heartfelt message to fans that reads as follows: “As nice as is to be [missed] and so many of you have wondered what happened to me,” Mattson began an Instagram post. “I just want to let you know that I’ve been recovering from my knee surgery and today I’m going to have hip replacement surgery. Thank you all for your love and support! Looking forward to a fast recovery! Love Robin.”

Uncontrollable circumstances kept Robin away, however, Alley Mills has been able to make the role her own. Alley Mills stepped into the role and has captivated her audience. She brings just the right amount of crazy Port Charles so desperately needs. Don’t forget to check out GH, Monday-Friday at 2PM Eastern!

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