General Hospital Spoilers: Someone Unexpected Discovers Nikolas

Nikolas managed to sneak himself into Port Charles and mingle among his closest friends without them even knowing. No one believes Ava that Nikolas is alive, and Cassandra, Hayden Barnes and Jax are the only ones who know Nikolas is alive and in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that it will only get more difficult more difficult for Nikolas to keep his mortal status a secret. He is currently living with Jax and staying under the radar. Josslyn is still in her teen mode of wanting to come live with her dad. She asks Jax again if she can come live with him. Jax cannot have Joss living with him while Nikolas is living there and in hiding. Jax doesn’t know how to turn his daughter down so he turns to Carly.

Jax must keep Josslyn out of his house before she happens to become the next person to find out Nikolas is alive. That’s a risk they are just not willing to take.

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