Kiki Jerome’s Return Could Mean So Much for So Many

In the wake of finding out the spin-off series to Pretty Little Liars, PLL The Perfectionists, had been cancelled after just one season, General Hospital fans have had Hayley Erin on their radar. Hayley took over the role of Kiki Jerome in January of 2015, after long time soap actress Kristen Alderson left the role. Hayley was quickly accepted and became Port Charles’ sweetheart.

For years, Kiki and her mom, Ava Jerome (Maura West), had a roller coaster of a mother-daughter relationship. Through many betrayals and acts of love and loyalty, the two ladies had an interesting yet intense bond. There has always been speculation, and lots of hope from fans, that Kiki would actually turn out to be Nina Reeves’ long lost daughter. The story line was set up perfectly for this to be true. Nina came to Port Charles with no memory of some significant times in her life due to being in a coma. During that time her baby girl was taken and she was told she had lost the baby. For a few years, GH fans had hoped that Kiki would ultimately turn out to be Nina’s daughter. But after Hayley Erin decided to leave General Hospital, her character Kiki Jerome was killed off, and the ended any hope for that story line to play out. More recently, Nina has been lead to believe that her daughter is actually Sasha. We know this isn’t true, and the story is set up to have Willow and Nina actually be mother and daughter.

Some breaking news came out last week which involves another GH alum, Bryan Craig. After learning that ABC’s Grand Hotel had been cancelled, fans started to wonder if Bryan would be returning to General Hospital as Morgan Corinthos.

If Hayley Erin returns to General Hospital as Kiki, this could tie into two main story lines. Ultimately, Kiki could come back from the dead somehow (or turn out to have been alive this whole time), she could still be Nina’s daughter. And if Bryan returns to GH, Morgan and Kiki could develop a new story together or pick up where they had left off.

General Hospital comings and goings are up in the air as the actors sort out the cancellations of the two shows they had joined after leaving General Hospital.

It’s highly possible that Hayley Erin could make her way back to Port Charles as Kiki. The possibilities are endless, and the story line has so much potential. A return from Bryan Craig as Morgan would be the icing on the cake.


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