Jason Cook (Matt Hunter) is Leaving GH

Jason Cook who plays Dr. Matt Hunter, brother to Dr. Patrick Drake is leaving General Hospital next month. The actor has projects lined up for this Summer. And if his project with Bradfor Anderson (Spinelli) gets funded, he will be busy with that too. Cook was going to take months off this Summer for these other projects, but now he is just exiting the show. There isn’t word if he will be back or not, it has been left up in the air. What will this mean as far as the story line goes? How will Dr. Matt leave and how will Patrick take this? I am wondering if he will go to jail for killing Lisa. Is there hope for Maxie and Spinelli to get back together?

GH Daytime Emmy Nominations!

General Hospital leads the Daytime Emmy Soap category by having 23 nominations!

Here are some of the categories GH is nominated for:

Outstanding Drama Series

Outstanding directing in a Drama Series

Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series

Outstanding Lead Actress: Laura Wright (Carly)

Outstanding Lead Actor: Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Anthony Geary (Luke)

Outstanding Supporting Actress: Nancy Lee Grahan (Alexis) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth)

Outstanding Supporting Actor: Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Sean Blakemore (Shawn), Jonathon Jackson (Lucky), and Jason Thompson (Patrick)

Outstanding Younger Actor: Chad Duell (Michael) and Nathan Parsons (Ethan)

For the full list please visit We Love Soaps. Click here.



Real House Wives Star Alexis Bellino to GH Next Week!

Alexis Bellino, star on The Real House Wives of Orange County, will be giving a cameo appearance on Genera Hospital Wednesday, May 9th. What exactly will she be doing in Port Charles?  Ms. Bellino will be playing a TV news Anchorwoman, putting her real life Fox News correspondent experience to good use,  her character will be reporting BREAKING NEWS to the residents of Port Charles! What could it be?

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante Falconeri) is now on Twitter!

Hey ya’ll! Yesterday May 2nd, 2012, GH’s Dominic Zamprogna joined Twitter! We all know and love him as Dante Falconeri. The first person he followed and tweeted to was his TV Mama Lisa LoCicero, also known as the very beautiful Olivia Falconeri. 🙂 Follow Dominic!!! @dom_zamprogna

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General Hospital Fans: Determined and Loyal

Soap opera fans have been known for their extreme loyalty to the genre and their specific favorite soap, characters, couples, and actors. In light of the recent cancellations of ABC Soaps All My Children and One Life to Love, we have been blessed with the renewal of the last ABC soap standing, General Hospital. Now more than ever, GH fans are going out on a limb to prove their loyalty to the show and all it entails to prove that this iconic show should be kept around for years to come. Fans are tweeting, blogging, watching, DVRing, and engaging in anything GH related, as much as they can. I came across a recent article in examiner.com written by Linda McCloud. This article states how GH fans are reaching out to it’s sponsors and letting them know that they appreciate their sponsorship and to show that appreciation, they are supporting the products advertised by the sponsors. I think it’s such a wonderful idea to give support which will come full circle. To check out the article in full, click here.

Sam and Carly Friends?

We all saw the bonding moment that Sam and Carly had on Tuesday’s 5/2/12, and I for one thought it was a great idea to finally have these two women interact like civil adults instead of screeching cats. Carly to Sam: “Oh God…I think we just had a girlfriend moment.” Building a friendship between Sam and Carly would probably spark enough interest as the beginning of a brewing new couple. These two have been at opposite ends of the spectrum for so many years, seeing them finally let their walls down and develop trust and understanding with one another would be really fun and interesting. I am all for watching friends hang out and have each other’s backs. We get to see it once in a while, then it seems to fade. Maxie and Lulu, Alexis and Diane, and even Jason and Sonny. Back in the day we had Carly and Courtney and I loved the way they would just eat, gossip, and hang out like girlfriends do. Obviously everyone loves the fighting and the drama, but it’s also nice to see a lighter side of things a midst all the darkness. Sam and Carly are going through tons of dark drama and maybe the light of a new understanding and the possibility of a friendship can help them get through their hard times.

Maxie Jones: Selfless and Unpredictable

Maxie Jones has always been a favorite of mine. She is passionate about everything she does and is involved with. I admire this character for being true to herself even when others put her down. Even when she does crazy things, she acts out of passion and love.  Maxie goes to extremes for the people she cares about. She has made some bad decisions in order to reap benefits from certain situations and most of the time caused more harm than good. However, the most recent stunt of Maxie’s is completely selfless. She is pleading guilty to a crime she didn’t commit to save her “boyfriend” Matt from going to jail. Maxie doesn’t want Patrick and Emma to lose another loved one even though they love her as well. She is willing to sacrifice herself for the good of Matt, Patrick, and Emma. A few years ago I would never have thought the character of Maxie could do such a good deed. I believe Spinelli has taught her how to be genuine and love selflessly. Maxie has always loved her family, especially Robin, but I think Spinelli has had a lot to do with showing Maxie what love truly is and how to put yourself last when it comes to helping others. It’s great that Maxie has Spinelli to stand by her through anything, and right now she needs him the most. Hopefully this will ignite the flame for “Spixie” again and instead of a non-wedding, then can have a real one!

Sam Moves Out of the Penthouse!

Yet another setback for JaSam fans. This saddens me that after learning that Jason may not be able to deal with loving Franco’s baby, Sam is devastated and makes the decision to move out of the penthouse. Jason is not my favorite person right now but that doesn’t mean I wish them apart. I think he is being completely selfish and jealous. Jason needs to get his head out of the sand and realize that his wife is going through so much pain as she was the victim of rape! (At least at this point anyways, hopefully that changes). Fear not though fellow JaSam lovers, I have faith that this is yet just another obstacle that this strong couple with be able to get through. We all know what Franco was/is capable of and this is just more of his wrath. Eventually, it will all have to end after this whirlwind of unhappiness for the newlyweds. Word out on the street is that Sam will have a new neighbor and I am guessing it will be none other than John McBain. Inserting his way into Sam and Jason’s life, this will be yet an addition to the hoops Jason and Sam have to jump through before they can be happy together again. If the rumors turn out to be true that Sam and McBain are brother and sister, Jason can’t find out soon enough. I want him to stop being jealous of McBain as a romantic threat to his relationship with Sam. Jason and Sam have been through hell and back together and there is no reason JaSam fans should believe otherwise this time around. No matter how I wish the writing for these two could have been different, I know that it is what it is and I am still holding out for the best outcome for Jason, Sam, and their baby. Just once couldn’t a soap opera couple get married and have a baby happily? Without paternity chaos, temptations, lies, illness? It would have been nice to see the lighter side of Jason and Sam since it has been so long. She is pregnant for crying out loud, the girl should be having food cravings and stressing about names. They could have played on their love for Chinese take out and tie in how happy they were at their wedding.

The GH Vets Are On Fire!

Nobody can deny that the last few months on General Hospital have been outstanding. Thanks to Ron Carlivati, Frank Valentini, and the decisions to bring back legends such as Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Heather Webber (Robin Mattson), although it was brief and hopefully he will return, Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), and the fan favorite Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner), who returns today! The audience loves nostalgia and familiarity and what better way then to bring back these General Hospital vets? I think the writing has been amazing and believe GH is on a long road to much more success. When Anna first came back before Robin “died,” I was so happy with her interactions with the ties she has in PC. Mac, Robert, Anna, and Luke are all something special and deliver so much to the history of General Hospital. I am looking forward to Felicia coming face to face with her past and seeing how it all unfolds with the people she cares about and how the bridges she has burned will effect the people of PC.





Is This a New Beginning for Sonny and Carly?

I’m thinking this might be another beginning for Sonny and Carly. No matter what they have been through, they always seem to find a way back to one another. I have liked Sonny with other woman and I have liked Carly with other men, but nothing like the way Carly and Sonny are together. They have a special bond and a dynamic, passionate relationship. They have been apart for a pretty long time and I was really content with it that way. I even thought that I wouldn’t want to see them together again. But now that there are hints of the possibility, I gave it some thought and would like to see them reunite. I love their passion, whether it’s anger or love, they are always passionate for one another and what they stand for. Sonny and Carly have extreme highs and lows to the point of instability, yet their relationship is so real. When these two are together they are an unstoppable force that would protect each other to the death. If Sonny and Carly get together again, they are older, wiser, and know more about each other now than they ever have before. This could be a more solid foundation for a long lasting relationship. Even though I don’t think Carly will ever completely “grow up” I think that maybe they have both grown as people and can find the love they once had for each other.