General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nicolas Bechtel Return As Spencer Or Will GH Recast?

Nicolas Bechtel Instagram

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding the return of Nikolas Casadine’s (Marcus Coloma) son, Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) now that Nikolas has turned up alive after three years. When Nikolas was shot by Valentin, Spencer was left not only without a father, but his mother Courtney (Alicia Leigh Willis) has already passed away, leaving Spencer without parents. Some GH spoilers and rumors speculate that Spencer has known his father has been alive this entire time. If you think back to when Nik was first shot and presumed dead, Spencer was claiming he had contact with his dad but the situation was over looked and chalked up to Spencer being a grieving child.

Recently General Hospital spoilers hint Spencer may be on his way back to Port Charles from his boarding school in France. He was sent there after Nikolas “died” so that he would be safer, further away from Valentine.

It is likely that GH will not recast the role of Spencer Cassadine. It seems as though Nicolas Bechtel could be on this way back to the set of General Hospital. Nicolas Bechtel and the new Nikolas Cassadine, Marcus Coloma have not been seen in screen together since Coloma’s debut. On Instagram, Marcus Coloma has “liked” pictures posted by his character’s onscreen son portrayer, Nicolas Bechtel. GH fans have inquired about whether our not these two have yet to meet in person. Perhaps they have met on the set of General Hospital, which would mean Bechtel has been in art taping new scenes.
Will Nikolas ask for his son to return from boarding school?

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