General Hospital News: Maurice Benard’s Emotional Announcement- Thanks Fans, “Without You Guys We Wouldn’t Have These Things”

Maurice Benard’s Emotional Announcement
Maurice Benard’s Emotional Announcement

I can’t think of a better person to make this announcement than General Hospital’s leading man, Maurice Benard. It seems like no matter who you talk to, everyone knows all about Sonny Corinthos. Over the years Benard’s portrayal of Sonny has become the show’s foundation. I mean, what better way to utilize a hospital than with victims of mob crime?

Needless to say but General Hospital as we know it wouldn’t be the same without Maurice, aka Sonny Corinthos. That’s why it’s most appropriate that Maurice Benard shares the news of this special achievement. Moreover, Maurice has personal experience with the milestone.

Maurice Benard’s Emotional Announcement

According to recent General Hospital news and spoilers, Benard joins ABC’s General Hospital on their official Instagram account. There he will unbox a plaque and announce an awarded achievement. As we know, social media holds unprecedented power in our society. They don’t call it social media influencer for nothing. That said, as an individual, organization, or group that produces significant societal impact typically strive to reach milestones. Therefore it’s imperative to grow your audience for increased engagement, hence influencing.

GH hasn’t been around for 60 years and counting for nothing. Clearly the iconic Soap Opera’s influential practices are in alignment with what fans. The Executives over at GH have stayed current with the times and utilize social media platforms effectively. So much so that GH has received an award for the show’s influence on our culture.

Benard announced that GH was given an award for reaching 100,000 YouTube subscribers. The three-time Daytime Emmy winner acknowledged GH’s hard work it takes to accomplish this milestone. That’s because Benard could relate, as he reached this milestone on YouTube as well. Most importantly, Maurice Benard thanks GH fans for their continued dedication. He states, “Without you guys we wouldn’t have these things.”

Be sure to catch the announcement in the video below.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sweet Father Son Moment Alert! GH’s Maurice Benard Sings Along With Son Joshua

Maurice Benard and son Joshua Benard sing along plays guitar

How sweet it is to be able to share beautiful music. Especially, when it’s shared with loved ones. GH’s Maurice Benard sings with Joshua in a brand new video.

Undoubtedly, Maurice is one of the most beloved and iconic daytime tv star of all time. In fact, if you scout any comments secretion pertaining to Benard, his popularity undeniable. Personally, I think it’s the way Maurice lets the world see through his soul, along with his vulnerability that draws fans in. He’s a very real, no BS type of guy. And the love he has for his family shines through his posts.

General Hospital star, Maurice Benard seems to have music running through his soul. If you know anything about the man behind the mobster, you know he loves to sing and dance (mostly dance). Similarly, his son Joshua is a lot like his dad. According to recent General Hospital news and spoilers, Maurice, aka Sonny Corinthos, recently spent more of that infamous quality time with his son. In a recent IG post, Maurice Benard sings along with Joshua in such a sweet, father-son moment.

Please enjoy this tender moment between GH’s Sonny aka Maurice Benard, and his son Joshua!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Laura Wright Talks Leaving Amidst Regulation Changes- How Long Will She Stay?

is Laura Wright leaving GH

Is Laura Wright leaving? General Hospital star Laura Wright admits she doesn’t know how long she’ll stay. The iconic daytime star joined General Hospital’s cast as the 4th to play the iconic Carly Corinthos aka Caroline Benson. Wright stepped into the role after originator, Sarah Joy Brown, the memorable Tamara Braun, and Jennifer Bransford’s brief portrayal.

According to General Hospital casting news, Laura Wright’s General Hospital status is not in question. Her portrayal as the iconic Carly Corinthos is as solid as can be.

Is Laura Wright Leaving GH?

So, what is Laura referring to when she addressed leaving? Thankfully, she’s not talking about her role as Carly on ABC’s GH. In fact, she’s talking about social media. Social media platforms are such complexes aspects of cyberspace. GH news reports confirm that Laura Wright isn’t leaving the 60 year d daytime drama. Instead, she’s contemplating leaving the social media platform, Twitter. New regulation changes have created controversy among users. The blue check marks are now for purchase as opposed to earning the blue check mark as a verified status marker.

In a recent tweet, Laura expressed her concerns. She admitted that she’s not sure how long she’ll stay on the platform now that fans won’t know if an imposter is trying to pass themselves off as the actress. That being said, I think k it’s safe to say we will hear more from Laura on platforms such as Instagram.


General Hospital News And Spoilers: Mauric Benard Did THIS For The First Time (Without His Wife ????)

Maurice Benard flies for the first time without his wife Paula Maurice Benard fly Maurice Benard first time

Maurice Benard flies for the first time without his wife Paula. General Hospital star, Maurice Beard is full of surprises. His hidden talents know no bounds. From dancing around his dressing room, to his extraordinary grandfathering, Maurice never ceases to amaze us.

According to past General Hospital news, Maurice Benard announced his first time flying in 10 years, back in 2015. The Daytime TV star and Emmy winner’s fear of flying consumed him for years. But on March 12th, 2015, he overcame his fear and hopped on a plane.

Maurice Benard Flies

In recent General Hospital news and spoilers, Benard shares another proud moment. Eight years after he overcame his fear of flying, Maurice has overcome another fear. Today, he announced that he just got on a plane for the first time without his wife Paula. Through it all, the fears and the triumphs, Maurice has his wife Paula to support him.

What brings Maurice a Benard on a plane this morning by? Thankfully, the iconic soap opera mobster revealed his reason for flying high in the sky. General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that Benard took to Instagram to share his accomplishments. In a recent IG post, Maurice shared the news of his upcoming appearance on ABC’s The View.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Alicia Leigh Willis Reveals Maurice Benard’s Behind-The-Scenes Behavior Caused Her To Leave GH

Maurice Benard and Alicia Leigh Willis played alongside one another as brother and sister on General Hospital. Alicia joined the cast in December of 2001 through February 2006. In an interview with her former co-star, Willis reveals why she left GH.

General Hospital news reports confirm Maurice Benard recently interviewed his former co-star and TV sister, Alicia Leigh Willis. Alicia portrayed Sonny’s sister Courtney Matthews and is the mother of Sonny’s nephew Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez). On a recent episode of the YouTube series State Of Mind, General Hospital spoilers reveal Alicia Leigh Willis opened up about her time at General Hospital.

In an intensely insightful State of Mind interview, Willis admits her reason for leaving General Hospital. When discussing Benard’s struggle with mental health, Alicia and Maurice opened up about his behind-the-scenes behavior. According to Willis, Benard’s behavior played a part in her GH exit.

“I didn’t know what you were going through,” Willis confessed. “All I knew is that you and I were really close. And I always had a way of taking things really personally. So if someone was in a bad mood around me, I felt like it was my fault, like I had done something.

“So for a long time, I didn’t know which Maurice I was gonna get,” she added. “One day you were the most charming, amazing… and then another day I was a little scared. I was just like, does he hate me? Did I do something? I didn’t understand at the time.

Things Get Dark

Alicia reflected on some dark times while on the set of General Hospital. “I remember the last year of the show was really dark,” she admitted. “I would go to my dressing room and I would just cry. And it wasn’t just that. That was a big part of it, but I felt like we had such a good connection. That was a big reason. So much was disclosed in this interview, as fans saw a new dynamic between Sonny and Courtney’s portrayers. “This is the first time I’ve ever actually said that out loud,” she added. “Because people said, ‘Why are you leaving the show? They’re offering you another four years. You’re a working actress. What are you doing?’ And I’m like, “I can’t stay. I’m so unhappy.’” Willis acknowledged that she has a better understanding now of what TV brother was going through. “This is the first time I’ve ever actually said that out loud,” she said. “Because people said, ‘Why are you leaving the show? They’re offering you another four years. You’re a working actress. What are you doing?’ And I’m like, “I can’t stay. I’m so unhappy.’”

It sounds like Willis and Benard have come to an understanding. “After I saw the Oprah interview, it clicked,” she told Benard. “And now the journey that you are on is so incredible. Because people need to talk about it. I wish we had talked about it 20 years ago! If we had had this kind of dialogue back then? Think of how much easier it would have been for all of us to just talk to each other.”

Do not miss the interview on YouTube!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Surprises Very Famous Family

Maurice Benard surprises fan

Maurice Benard surprises fans! General Hospital icon and YouTube’s State of Mind host Maurice Benard loves to engage with his fans.

Every now and then celebrities will grant a fan’s wish and pay them a surprise visit. It just so happens that this time the fan being surprised is also very famous! General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Maurice Benard surprises fans (who happen to be famous too)! His visit to Martin Lawrence’s Runteldat Entertainment was a pleasant surprise for Lawrence family.

General Hospital spoilers reveal the legendary Emmy Award winning actor surprised the Lawrence family. Wanda got quite a birthday surprise when Maurice Benard showed up at the door with a disguised voice and some extra accessories. His hat and glasses were used to concealed his looks for his initial greeting. Consequently, Wanda didn’t recognize her favorite celebrity! Then, Benard asked for Martin Lawrence and declared his fan status. He handed Wanda flowers and took off his hat and glasses to unveil his identity. Wanda was stunned to see General Hospital’s leading man right before her eyes!

Maurice shared the touching moment in a recent social media post. Maurice reunites with his friend and fellow actor Martin Lawrence. In his surprise visit, Maurice presents Wanda with flowers, wishing her a happy birthday! Please check out his video below.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Tests His Triggers And Faces His Fears; Let’s Fans In On Personal Journey

Maurice Benard anxiety triggers

Maurice Benard’s anxiety triggers!

Maurice Benard’s anxiety triggers tested. General Hospital star, Maurice Benard isn’t shy about letting fans in on his personal life. His wife Paula, their kids, and grandkids, play a major role in Benard’s life outside Prospect Studios.

Anyone who knows anything about the Emmy winning actor, knows he has struggled and successfully navigated through mental health issues. Due to his experience with mental illness, particularly bipolar disorder, Benard became a mental health advocate.

Maurice Benard shares his personal stories, along with the stories of many others through his YouTube series State of Mind.

When he isn’t Port Charles’s most family oriented mobster, Sonny Corinthos, he’s Maurice Benard, husband, father, grandpa, and more. GH spoilers show Benard let fans look in on a little self care journey via Instagram. General Hospital news and spoilers reveal the iconic TV mobster recently took a trip to Disneyland. He was joined by his family.

Maurice shared a video from a Disneyland rollercoaster. But his ride on one of Disney’s epic coasters wasn’t purely for entertainment. Benard admits every so often he tests his triggers. Rollercoasters, as well as, airplanes trigger the award winning actor.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Honors His Late Father On His Birthday

Maurice Benard’s father, Humberto Morales was his son’s hero. Last October when Benard announced the passing of his father, he wrote, “I will never see my hero again.” We all know that even when we won’t see our loved ones in the physical sense, they are with us in our hearts, spirits, and memories.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal, 3 time Emmy winner, and leading man at General Hospital, Maurice Benard, has taken to Instagram to honor his late father in his birthday. Take a look at the heartwarming video of the man Maurice calls his hero. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Humberto Morales!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Has Help Auditioning For New Role

Daytime TV is known for it’s iconic characters and their extreme popularity throughout pop culture. Leading men and woman of Daytime leave a lasting memory and legacy as they become staples in our daily lives.

General Hospital‘s leading man, Maurice Benard joined the cast in 1993, making his role as Mob Boss, Sonny Corinthos the focal point around Port Charles. For just shy of years, Maurice’s role as Sonny Corinthos has been made a household name, resounding familiarity for all daytime tv fans. Many fans can’t imagine what General Hospital would be like without it’s leading man.

General Hospital news reports previously reported on Benard’s recent discussion about his future in daytime. General Hospital Blog shared GH news related to Benard’s admission of an imminent future retirement.

Recently, General Hospital spoilers reveal Benard has taken to social media to share a post involving details around the Daytime Emmy winner’s latest auditions. Maurice’s Instagram post shares a video featuring his granddaughter TT, as she gives her grandpa direction.

The proud grandpa captioned the video as follows,

“My granddaughter TT is a future Steven Spielberg. She helps me work auditions, The voice on the tape is my wife Paula incredible actress ????

TT loves to eat crazy for Cocoa Puffs while she gives me direction!!!

Oh by the way I didn’t get the part????”

Maurice shares he didn’t get the part for which he auditioned. The part Benard was seeking remains unknown at this time. We hope to say he is safe at General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos for the time being!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Mediates; Find Out Why Maurice Benard Isn’t Speaking To Marcus Coloma

Behind the scenes shenanigans is what General Hospital stars Maurice Benard and Marcus Coloma have been filling their time with.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Marcus and Maurice have added a co-star to their most recent form of extra curricular entertainment. The beautiful and talented General Hospital star, Kirsten Storms has joined these two clowns as a mediator for their fictional disagreement.

General Hospital spoilers reveal in a recent Instagram post, Maurice and Marcus shared a skit where Maurice isn’t talking to Marcus and Kirsten is there to find out why and try to help them become friends again. Maurice is over in the couch pouting while Marcus tells Kirsten he thinks Maurice is bothered by Marcus’s own looks.

Maurice, Marcus, and Kirsten -are hilarious in this quick IG skit, making their roles as Sonny Corinthos, Nikolas Cassadine, and Maxie Jones, seem so dark when compared to the lighthearted fun they’re having as they mess around behind the scenes.

The cliffhanger will leave you in suspense and coming back for more after watching this “To Be Continued…” skit.