General Hospital Spoilers: Love Is In The Air – Tabyana Ali And Nicholas Chavez Celebrate With Fans

Tabyana Ali and Nicholas Chavez

Love is in the air! Tabyana Ali and Nicholas Chavez celebrate love! General Hospitals teen scene is always stacked with talented young actors and actresses. Young love in the afternoon, teen drama, and bit of adult danger has become an essential part of daytime tv. Teen love stories have a way of captivating the audience. Undoubtedly keeping them coming back for more.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Tabyana Ali and Nicholas Chavez are ready for their time to shine as Trina Robinson and Spencer Cassadine. This young couple has had an impressive fan following ever since Spencer returned to Port Charles. Even though Spencer’s initial introduction was under false pretenses it was easy to see the spark between “Victor” and Trina.

Everything Trina and Spencer have been through and the circumstances that kept them apart will eventually lead them together. Trina and Spencer know how they feel about one another but outside influences have gotten in the way. Their potential yet inevitable relationship has Sprina fans overcome with anticipation.

Tabyana Ali and Nicholas Chavez are just as excited about Sprina as their fans. General Hospital news reports highlight the great lenghts General Hospital and Sprina fans will go to support and encourage a Trina and Spencer pairing. Tabyana shared an unforgettable moment as she and Nicholas stood watch as a plane carried a banner through the sky. The gesture was done by Spencer and Trina fans to show their support for their favorite couple. Ali expressed excitement and gratitude for the love and support Sprina fans display. The impact their performances have on the audience is something of what these two talented young stars can be proud.

Check out the banner which reads: “Nicholas and Tabyana, We ❤️ You #Fall4Sprina.”

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