General Hospital Spoilers: Hayden Exits, Leaves Violet Behind

The news broke earlier this week when General Hospital spoilers revealed the exit of newly returned, Rebecca Budig, in her role as Hayden Barnes.

Hayden Returned to Port Charles after leaving her fiance Dr. Finn while she was pregnant. Finn was led to believe Hayden lost the baby, but when Hayden returned to Port Charles with a sick child, she was quick to tell her old love the truth. The girl’s name was Violet, she was Hayden’s daughter, and also Finn’s. Hayden was desperate to have Dr. Finn help to find out and treat their daughter’s illness. It came to a surprise to some GH views how calmly Dr. Finn reacted to the bombshell Hayden dropped. He always remained respectful and under control aside from one emotional outburst. He came around quickly and was ready to spring into action to help their daughter. This ultimately led to the family of 3 spending quality time together- in Anna’s (Finola Hughes) home. This poses a problem obviously since Anna and Finn are engaged. Although Anna has been on a trip for months, and Finn had no inclination as to when she would return, they are still engaged. Of course Anna walks in right when Hayden and Finn are having a very personal conversation.

All of this would likely make viewers think the story would go into a direction where Hayden and Finn would grow close, knocking Anna out of the equation. However, General Hospital news of Rebecca Budig’s surprising exit seems it will steer this story into another direction.

General Hospital spoilers claim Hayden will leave Port Charles and leave her daughter, Violet, behind. Anna will be her caregiver along with her dad, Dr. Finn. Anna may grow tiresome of being in the middle of caring for a child and being in an awkward situation between her fiance and his ex, and mother of his child. Despite how it may seem, Hayden isn’t leaving completely by choice. She must protect her self after her frightening run in with a man who tried to grab her, which Hayden is almost certain was hired by Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart).

What will Anna do? Can she stick it out to be with Finn or will she have to let go and move on?

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