Hi there! I’m so happy you stopped by to check out my General Hospital blog. I have been a dedicated GH fan for over 20 years and started watching with my Mom and sister when I was about 10 years old. Every day after school it was on in my living room and my mom, sister and I would sit and watch. Well, my mom would actually be cleaning around us or cooking as she watched. If we couldn’t watch for some reason we would set our VCR to record and watch at a later time. In high school, my best friend and I would skip the last hour of class to rush home on Friday, pick up our french onion dip and potato chips, and watch General Hospital. I have kept this dedication to the show through adult hood and even after my mom has passed away. I now have a daughter of my own, a preschooler, and she already watches with me. My best friend and I still share GH scoop. Soaps build memories and bonds and I am so thankful GH is still hanging on and that is the reason I decided to start a blog… Β Come here to read the latest GH dish, gossip, GH news, opinions, and discussions! Feel free to post comments and check in as often as you like. Posts will be updated often and there will always be something new and fun to read about! Enjoy. xoxoxoxo

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  1. This is a great idea! I’ve only been watching GH a little less than 4 years, but I feel so passionately about it. I do remember watching a bit when I was young during the summer.. me and my little brother.. Luke and Laura lol πŸ™‚ But it would be about 25 years till I discovered it again.. there was something about Spinelli that made sit and watch one day and before I knew it I was hooked!! πŸ™‚ It’s helped me alot through some hard times, just having that daily escape, distraction.. I hope it is still here 20 years from now!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Have been watching GH since Laura married Scotty. Thank God for VCR when I got out of school & went to work. Have been watching nonstop since Sonny & Jason Morgan came about & just love Johnny, Steve Webber and Spinelli. GH is my guilty pleasure and I do not know what I would do if it ever went off. Not to happy with all the OLTL people but if it means staying on the air will put up with them.

    1. I agree with Brenda, that I’m not happy with all these OLTL characters now on GH. I’ve been
      watching GH for a loooooong time. Why can’t they bring back a lot of the old GH characters
      instead of the OLTL characters. It’s like these writers of OLTL are now writers for GH, but re trying
      to turn GH into OLTL. It’s sickening because they are using all the old OLTL storylines on to GH.
      They are dragging out all these horrible storylines, and all of them are so negative. I’m very
      sad of how they ripped JaSam apart right after they finally after 8-9 years get married! They
      ripped this adorable couple apart so cruelly, and still refuse to get them back together and still
      haven’t let Jason and Sam know that Jason is the true father of their adorable baby. I hope so
      much that they get Jason and Sam back together with their adorable baby, and all three of them
      live together at Jason’s home where they all belong, before Steve leaves the show!!! Don’t kill Jason!

  3. As a OLTL fan, I am glad to see some of the characters, but the writing has been a bit contrived in an effort to weave the stories into the GH plot. I am hoping this will correct itself once the writers get their bearings. What does bug me is totallly ridiculous dialogue between Tracy and Luke. I can just imagine the actors rolling their eyes is disbelief at the silly exhanges and even the directing, such as Tracy’s s attempt to kill Anthony.

  4. OMG ! I am a long time fan of General Hospital . Me and my mom are addicted to this sho w.
    I really hope Robin will come back to Patrick and Emma . Also # JaSam ! LOL . I really hope Jason and Sam will get back together and work out there differences because they ARE MEANT TO BE !! Also I hope Manning will have a ‘talk’ with Johnny after what he saw on that video camera. Oh , and I hope that Heather was telling the truth about where exactly Robin is being held becuase she was my favortie and Im glad she came back ! Heather , oh , she just erks me . What kind of person does those things . Oh , drama drama drama . GOTTA LOVE IT ! <3 COME BACK Kellyy ( Sam Scorpio Drake ) —- BIGGEST FAN OF GENERAL HOSPITAL!! <333333333333333333333333333333

  5. Hi Marie, what a great way to keep such a wonderful memory you shared with your mom and sister growing up going…your mom would love the blog! I too remember watching General Hospital with my mom when we were younger…that was our daytime show that she would watch and talk about it with my grandma. Great idea…blogging is an awesome gift and idea to share with others that with which you are so passionate about! XO

  6. I am a true General Hospital fan and have been for decades! I’ve been watching GH since
    I was a little girl. I would come home from school,and my grandmother who lived with is
    would be watching it, so I would and we would watch it together for many years. It has always
    been the best soap on TV, in my view. I remember Luke and Laura, Robert Scorpio and Anna,
    Allan and Monica Quartermaine, Lila, Emily, Nicholas Cassadine and his father, and the very
    very cute Jason Quartermaine!! Thars just to name some. Jason was so cute way back then,
    and just kept looking gorgeous every year. And he has been the real heartthrob of GH for so
    many years. I had tears in my eyes today, knowing that he can finally be a family with the real
    deep love of his life, Sam. Now they finally have their own baby together, which is what they have
    both always wanted. They will probably kill him off, or make it look that way. JaSam finally have
    what they’ve wanted for 9 years, and now it’s time for Steve leaving GH. I will miss our handsome
    and great Steve/Jason so much. GH won’t be the same. I hope after a while he will miss it and
    come back home to GH. I hope they give Jason, Sam and their baby time together at home with
    Jason before he has to leave. And please writers, let the truth about Jason being the true father of
    their baby known!! Get this known to Sam and Jason, before Steve leaves the show. He will be so
    overjoyed and thankful, and so will Sam. To me, Jasam has been the best LOVESTORY of GH. It’s
    been so fun watching their times of fun, intreage, adventure, sorrows, and hot steamy romance. I
    will miss the beautiful JaSam couple. In my opinion, only Steve can play the role of Jason Morgan.

  7. I watched GH Since I was 10 also I love GH, My mom and i watch it everyday! Its my favorite soap!!! I love GH! <3 I have been watching it for 3 years now and I would never stop!! I wish robin would come back already and be with Patrick and Emma! JaSam they are my favorite couple I'm glad they found the baby, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope Jason comes back, no one can replace him!!!

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