General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Uncovers A Lie, Spinelli Confesses To Maxie

Spinelli Confesses To Maxie
GH Spoilers: Spinelli Confesses to Maxie

Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) were like that one mismatched couple you see on the street. Her fashion sense is impeccable, while his style could stand a revamp (according to her standards). On the outside they looked like the head cheerleader and the computer nerd.

Less superficially, Maxie and Spinelli’s life interests still differ greatly. With those two strikes against them, many looked at their relationship with doubtful enthusiasm. Despite the outsider’s doubts stemmed from societal stereotypes, the computer hacker and fashionista fell deeply in love.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that love and lies are in the air. Back then, Maxie was the one who had a tendency to lie. These days Spinelli has told a few fibs. For starters, the reason Spinelli and Maxie are living together is based on a lie that was conjured up Spinelli himself and Felicia. Of course, Felicia and Spinelli only had good intentions to help Maxie. According to GH recaps, that lie was a way to help Maxie overcome her financial troubles. How will Maxie take it when she uncovers the lie?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Spinelli confesses to Maxie. Recent GH previews show the fashionista and the professional hacker discussing their relationship. He tells her that he’s falling in love with her again and that’s when she gives the “soap opera stare.” You know the one, where any time something dramatic happens the other person just stops and stares before the scene cuts. Is Maxie ready to start over with the father of her first born? And how will they navigate Spinelli and Felicia’s scheme?

General Hospital Spoilers and Rumors: Clues From 2015 Point Toward Morgan Stone Corinthos- Morgan Returns With Jason?!

Morgan Stone Corinthos returns with Jason Morgan
GH Spoilers and Rumors: Morgan Stone Corinthos Returns With Jason Morgan

Morgan Stone Corinthos. Born on October 24th, 2004, Morgan was the son of Sonny and Carly Corinthos. Sadly, he passed away as a result of mob violence and other factors which lead up to his death in 2016.

General Hospital history highlights those who had a hand in Sonny’s son’s death. First we have his ex girlfriend, Ava Jerome (Maura West). She’s the one who switched out Morgan’s bipolar medication, causing him to have manic episodes. But her sister, the now dead mobster, Olivia Jerome played a role as well. She was as the one who set the car bomb that killed Morgan in place. And that bomb was meant for none other than her own brother, Julian Jerome (William deVry).

But first, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was shot in 2015 and Morgan wanted revenge. As I was doing some digging, I found an old article that was in 2015. It pertains to when Sonny was shot and Morgan’s revenge for the shooter. But what it also mentioned was how Sonny’s shooting and Morgan’s revenge for his father’s shooter played a role in the big Jason Morgan reveal.

Morgan Stone Corinthos returns with Jason Morgan?!

Today, GH fans prepare for another big Jason Morgan reveal. Could it be that Morgan is also part of the current Jason Morgan reveal storyline? After all his middle name is STONE!

So why would Morgan want to kill Sonny? He probably doesn’t. Perhaps he was only trying to get Ava? Or maybe he’s mad because Sonny slept with Ava the night he buried his son. 🤷🏻‍♀️ While the motive remains unclear, these clues definitely give GH fans something to think about.

Please take a few moments to read over the article from back in 2015. Do you think history could sort of repeat itself?

General Hospital Spoilers and Rumors: Cyrus Renault Dies A Hero? Is Jeff Kober Leaving General Hospital?

GH Spoilers and Rumors: Cyrus Renault dies a hero
GH Spoilers and Rumors: Cyrus Renault dies a hero?

It’s only been a couldn’t years since Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) was surprised with two brothers she never knew existed. Cyrus Renault and Martin Gray come to Port Charles with a family secret. Today, Laura and Martin are far closer than Laura is with her other brother, Cyrus. The troubled man has caused his sister tremendous pain in such a short time, but he finally might be on the right track.

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Cyrus continues on with than thou persona. He insists that his newfound belief in the Lord has set him on a new path. As we all know, Laura wasn’t having it. At first, she didn’t believe him for a second, but now she’s not so sure. As for Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), she’s the one who got him to help law enforcement with a crucial investigation.

Cyrus Renault agrees to work with law enforcement

General Hospital spoilers indicate that the threat to Port Charles intensifies as law enforcement gets closer to finding the mystery boss. Things have become so dire that Anna has even looked to Cyrus for answers. According to General Hospital recaps, that’s when the former WSB Agent delivered a compelling argument. She then convinced Cyrus to use his spiritual reckoning for the greater good.

Has Cyrus Really Found God?

Every one is so quick to assume that Cyrus is full of sh!t when it comes to his self proclaimed redemption. But did anyone consider that he is actually telling the truth? GH recaps highlight how Cyrus helped Anna for the greater good. He agreed to help law enforcement get and were and he came through. Surely, it seems like he’s turned a new leaf. Recent GH rumors tease that Cyrus continues to do the right thing as his conscious is lead by God’s word.

No good deed goes unpunished as they say. So will Cyrus come face to face with his fate when he helps fight the enemy? According to recent GH rumors, the new Cyrus is out to help not hurt those he cares about. This is especially true when it comes to Laura. All he’s wanted is to make his sister proud. If Cyrus Renault dies a hero, then will Laura see him in a different light?

General Hospital Comings and Goings: Rena Sofer’s GH Status Change- Is Lois Leaving General Hospital?

Rena Sofer’s GH status Is Lois leaving General Hospital
GH Comings and Goings:
Is Lois leaving General Hospital

Lois Cerullo was introduced to the Soap Opera in the early 1990s. The Bensonhurst native quickly made herself comfortable in Port Charles, finding her old neighborhood click right there in town. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Lois grew up other back in the day and have remained close..

Lois made lasting connections with the Quartermaine family when she married Ned Ashton Quartermaine in 1995. After leaving General Hospital in the 90s, Rena Sofer made her surprise return to Port Charles in 2023. Reportedly, Rena’s 2023 run as Lois Cerullo was meant to be for a short time. As it turns out, Lois’s return made quite a splash among fans.

According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, Rena’s reign as Lois could be coming to an end- again. Previously, GH Blog shared details about Sofer’s agreement to bring Lois back to PC. The actress disclosed that she agreed to return to the role for a short time. While her return wasn’t intended for the long term, Rena’s return as Lois had such a positive response from the audience that it seems she’s stayed longer than TPTB initially planned.

According to recent General Hospital comings and goings, sources indicate that Sofer is off-contract and recurring status with the 60 year old daytime drama. However, recurring status doesn’t mean that she’s out completely. Despite the recent buzz about her GH contract, GH news reports have yet to confirm an exit. So far, Lois is still with her family where she belongs.

General Hospital Spoilers: USED By Jagger And The FBI, Dex Finds And Saves Jason Morgan

GH Spoilers: Dex finds and saves Jason
GH Spoilers: Dex finds and saves Jason

Jagger Cates (Adam Harrington) wants to take charge of this high profile investigation in Port Charles. He’s gone out of his way to try to stop Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) from getting close to the case. In fact, he stonewalled them so hard that Anna had to find ways to get around Jagger’s orders.

General Hospital recaps highlight Cyrus Renault’s efforts to help Anna and Jordan. He was sent to Pentonville to preach the Lord’s good word, and to gain information regarding the investigation. Somehow, Anna convinced him that by helping her get answers, he could potentially help a lost soul to find God.

Still, Jagger is suspiciously unsettled about Anna and Jordan’s plan. One would think that he’d be happy that they took the initiative to get closer to the truth. Instead, he’s uneasy. So what’s Jagger hiding?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Jason Morgan is a big part of this entire operation. Jagger knows Jason back when he was a Quartermaine, so the history is definitely in place. While GH rumors run wild, fans speculate that Jagger is hiding Jason for one reason or another. If that’s the case then it’s likely that Jason isn’t there willingly.

According to General Hospital comings and goings reports, Evan Hofer is rumored to return as the danger intensifies in Port Charles. What better way to show loyalty to Sonny than to return to Port Charles with none other than Jason Morgan?

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Eva LaRue Reveals Details On Natalia Rogers Ramirez

 Eva LaRue debuts as Natalia Ramirez
GH: Eva LaRue debuts as Natalia Ramirez

Allison Rogers is living her life in a similar fashion to Hannah Montana. She’s Allison by day and a rising pop star named Blaze by night. Her double life has worked for her thus far, but as she dives into an adult relationship parts of her become more difficult to hide from the world.

Previously, General Hospital comings and goings reports confirmed that a new face comes to Port Charles this Winter. Although her face is unfamiliar to PC residents, GH fans might recognize the new addition from ABC’s All My Children. According to General Hospital news reports, Eva LaRue joined the cast of GH in a new role. on February 26th Natalia joins her daughter Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) in Port Charles.

Reportedly, Eva LaRule revealed how she came to fill the role of Natalia Rogers Ramirez. In an exclusive interview with Soap Opera Digest, LaRue explained the process that lead to landing on General Hospital. Additionally, the interview brought about insight into GH’s new character.

According to General Hospital news and spoilers, GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini basically handpicked LaRue to play Natalia. She explains in an interview that she received a call regarding to role in December. Reportedly, Eva told Soap Opera Dogest that friend and colleague Mark Teschner reached out. Additionally, LaRue confessed that GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini asked Mark Techner to reach out to Eva specifically . She was told that Valentini confessed, “I don’t want to see a bunch of people. I want Eva LaRue to do it. Will you see if she’ll come do it?” LaRue revealed.

GH news and spoilers confirm that Eva agreed to take on the role that seemed to have been made for her! Blaze is in for a surprise when her pops into Port Charles!

General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina Confides In Blaze, But Blaze Betrays Kristina’s Trust

GH Spoilers: Kristina Confides In Blaze, But Blaze Betrays Kristina’s Trust
GH Spoilers:
Kristina Confides In Blaze,
But Blaze Betrays Kristina’s Trust

Kristina Corinthos (Kate Mansi) has taken on a new role in life. The recent youth center opening is one of her greatest accomplishments. She has shared her body and sacrificed certain freedoms to help her sister carry a child into this world. And on top of all of that, Kristina and Blaze have a seemingly solid and healthy relationship.

According to General Hospital spoilers and previews, Kristina trusts Blaze enough to tell her how she’s feeling. This time, the feelings don’t pertain to their relationship, but rather they have to do with the pregnancy. Thankfully, Blaze is super supportive of Kristina’s position as Molly (Kristen Vaganos) and TJ Ashford’s (Tajh Bellow) surrogate. Perhaps that’s even more reason why Kristina felt comfortable to confess her unexpected emotion.

GH spoilers and rumors tease that Kristina confides in Blaze, but Blaze betrays her trust. Evidently, Kristina makes a confession about her pregnancy. According to General Hospital previews, Kristina admits that she felt that the baby was hers. Those are the exact feelings that Alexis warned her about. Although the wave of emotion was brief, it’s highly possible that Christina develops stronger feelings toward the baby she carries.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason and Jagger Work Together To Take Down Organized Crime

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason and Jagger Work Together
Jason and Jagger Work Together

Jagger Cates (Adam Harrington) showed up in Port Charles again after many years away. He has history with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) that dates back to the 90s. Back then, Jagger, Sonny, and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) all had ties to the same girl, and her name was Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne). GH history confirms that Jagger always had it out for Sonny. And Jagger knew Jason as Jason Quartermaine. In fact, they knew each other well, especially after having been stranded on an island with Karen.

Suddenly, Jagger is back and is in the thick of a Port Charles investigation. It’s high time the people of Port Charles learn who was behind the Metro Court shooting. So who shot Curtis? Furthermore, who was the intended target? Maybe it was Curtis after all? According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, the shooter’s targets all have something in common. Evidently, someone is after high profile organized crime bosses. In addition to the attack on Sonny’s island, someone threatened Selina Wu (Lydia Look) and Olivia Jerome is dead. Also, Sonny and Ava were attacked on his island. Clearly someone wants to send a message.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason and Jagger Work Together

Meanwhile, Jagger is dead set on keeping Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) far away from the investigation into what looks like organized crime attacks. There’s something shady going on with why Jagger doesn’t want help from Anna and Jordan. Does Jagger know more than he’s letting on?

After Sonny got Lee to talk, he revealed that the boss goes by the name of Stone. According to the latest GH spoilers and rumors, Stone stands for Stone Cold. As in, the one and only Jason Morgan!

General Hospital Spoilers: The Ultimate Betrayal- Jason’s His Own Boss Now And Goes By The Name Of… *****

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason goes by Stone as in Cold
General Hospital Spoilers:
Jason goes by Stone as in Cold

One of the most anticipated comebacks in all of Soap Opera history is just over a week away. As previously shared, GH Blog helps spread the word that Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan on March 4th. It’s the return we’ve all (most) been waiting for.

Jason Morgan will soon make his way back to Port Charles after having been crushed by debris and presumed dead. Speculation has run wild since ABC’s big surprise, and GH rumors sparked excitement and debate to say the least. As expected, GH fans erupted into almost constant discussion on social media platforms. Now that we are inching closer to the big event, a major hint was dropped in the mob war mystery.

What’s In A Name? (Honestly? So much!) The Boss Is Revealed As “Stone” As In “Cold”

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease Selina Wu (Lydia Look) and Sonny’s efforts won’t go without reward- or at least some promising insight. According to General Jospital recaps, Selina brought Sonny to where she holds Lee as her prisoner. She and Sonny want answers, and they use necessary actions to get Lee to talk.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors reveal that Jason’s grand resurrection will shock Port Charles. However, this isn’t the first time that the mob enforcer has returned from the dead. We’ve been there and done that with the happy little reunions. That said, GH spoilers claim that Lee dropped a major hint when he confessed that the boss goes by Stone. Enough beating around the bush. Jason Morgan goes by STONE COLD, he’s a good shot, yes. But would he ever shoot at Sonny? Probably not. He knows Sonny’s island like the back of his hand, which makes things complicated. Could Jason have even forced to reveal the leg of the land?

General Hospital News: Happy Birthday To GH’s Leslie Charleson

Happy Birthday Leslie Charleson
Happy Birthday Leslie Charleson

14 years after General Hospital’s 1963 debut, the daytime drama introduced Leslie Charles to the cast. The role of Monica Quartermaine originated in 1976 and was played by Patsy Rahn. When she ended her run as General Hospital’s highly skilled cardiologist, that’s when Charleson stepped in. Ever since Leslie is known for her iconic role on the 60 year old Soap Opera.

Over the years Leslie has displayed her versatile talents as Monica Q. Alan, Tracy, Jason, etc. bring out various sides of this well-rounded character and actress. Additionally, a burned Thanksgiving dinner to facing and surviving breast cancer, Leslie has portrayed many different aspects of Monica. Today, the 79 year old General Hospital legend remains part of the GH cast and family. According to General Hospital news and spoilers, Monica Quartermaine was last seen in mid-December.

General Hospital’s Monica Quartermaine Happy Birthday Leslie Charleson

Reportedly, General Hospital news reports reveal that Leslie Charleson turns 79 today! She was born on February 22nd, 1945. She was 32 years old when she landed her role as Monica on ABC’s General Hospital.

It’s been a couple of months since Monica has been on screen. We’d love to see more of Monica in that big ole Quartermaine mansion. Preferably sparring with Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) per usual. Meanwhile, GH Blog will keep you up to date on Leslie’s GH status as Monica Quartermaine.