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SPOILER ALERT! This page contains General Hospital SPOILERS. If you do not care to see what is coming up next on General Hospital, please do not read below. We understand that not everyone wants to read General Hospital Spoilers and would like to keep the element of surprise. However, if you are all about reading General Hospital Spoilers, please continue on and enjoy! 

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General Hospital Spoilers…





Robin returns to Port Charles late October.

Jax returns to Port Charles for November Sweeps.

Nelle is hiding something and Jax just might know exactly what she is all about.

Morgan is alive.

Ava is exposed.

Charlotte could be the daughter of a certain feared Cassadine.

Is Nikolas alive?


45 Replies to “General Hospital Spoilers & Previews”

  1. If they breakuP jasam I done gh I hate Liz with a passion an get John mcbain out there don’t like him either gh is going down
    It turning to one life to live

      1. Actually since taking over the current head writer has boosted GH in the ratings….the same was true for OLTL when he wrote for that show too. The reason OLTL got canned was due to Brian Frons the ABC/Disney head of Daytime Television

  2. I hope they bring many OLTL people over. GH was getting so boring. It needed some shake up. Sam and Mcbain are familiar because they played together on Port Charles. He was a vampire and he was in love with her.

  3. Ah!!! I hope with Sam ending up in GH will make Jason realize how much Sam means to him!! And they can get on the right track again!! I would hate to see them break up!! Also I can’t wait to see Jason confront John! Intense!!

  4. Love jasam but I also love John McBain. John and Todd are the only 2 from OLTL that I like at all. GH seems to be disappearing andOLTL reappearing if so I AM DISAPPEARING.

  5. It’s Been Nearly 2 Months, Jason Been Along In His Penthouse, Without His Wife, Sam, Temporary, Because His Marriage To Her Has Been In Trouble, And In Turmoil. By The End Of Summer 2012, And The Start Of Fall 2012, Their Marriage Will Be Recovered, And They Will Be Back Together, By Having Their Baby Son Returned To Them Both, So She And Their Baby Son, Will Be Moving Back Into His Home, For Real Romance…Despite, Sam’s Kiss With John (Whom He’s Not Sam’s Newest Boyfriend And Handsome Cop For Romance), And Jason’s Kiss With Elizabeth (Whom She’s Not Jason’s Girlfriend, Just She Is Still His Friend). So This Fall On GH, The Jason And Sam Romantic Reunion, For The 1st Time Since Mid To Late Spring Of 2012.

  6. I think the writers are breaking up Sam and Jason in favor of Sam/McBain!!! Ron Carlivati wants it that way. said a married couple is boring!!! Well he could have let Sam and Jason be happy and welcome their son then break them up!!(Not that I want that!). It would have been more believable than this character assassination that we have been shown these past 10 months!! Jason would never treat a pregnant woman let alone Sam his wife,the way he was written to do! and Sam surely wouldn’t confide in another man especially a cop!!! If they break up I think I am done watching daily. I may watch from time to time to see what’s going on or just read the soap mags. I have been watching GH since the beginning in 1963!!!! I left and came back a few times over the years but began to watch faithfully when Luke,Laura and Lucky came back.I think the year was 1994. I’ve been watching and taping/DVR since then. I’m very sad about the JaSam/baby Morgan story . It’s unfair to long time fans.

  7. Been a long time GH follower but I disagree with you about Jasam. They were getting very stale together. No heat. Love McBam !!!!! They are super hot together. Check them out as Caleb. And Livvie on YouTube. You will see. I never watched them on PC but now I wish I had. These two are great.

  8. I agree ….. I love Jason and Sam together….it’s ok to spice things up a bit and throw us(the fans) off a bit but lately it’s been just too much with JaSam…..enough already. I’m ready for Sam to find out that the baby was hers and Jason’s not the other dude,…… and Todd need to just confess to what he has done. Of course its not going to be that simple but enough is enough. Sam and McBain NOT….. If Natalie (OLTL) have anything to do with it that will not happen.

  9. Just a few comments:
    – On GH, John & Natalie aren’t referred to as a married couple. How is that? When OLTL last aired, we witnessed their wedding . . . That said, the order of protection against John doesn’t follow-through!
    – Re Sam & John . . . I can’t quite appreciate the fact that just because you are attracted to a person you feel u MUST act on it . . . guess that’s the difference between the soaps & real life, however, some real folks take this as an example for real life! Also, Sam was resilient in wanting/perservering a relationship and subsequent marriage w/Jason. I understand some of her feelings re the loss of her baby, but, SHE’S NOT TRYING TO WORK IT OUT!!!! That sooooooooooooooo doesn’t speak well for her . . .
    – Re Kirsten Storms returning, I’m hoping . . . it’s longggggggggggggg overdue! Jen Lilley did a GREAT job as an interim Maxie. Their resemblances were good.

    1. I was wondering! I was not sure if they were married or not because I hadn’t been watching OLTL at that time. Then with all the back and forth I was really confused. Thanks for cleaning that up for me!

  10. How do you think Jason will leave Port Charles? I hope they honor both history of Jasam and Liason before he goes.

    In the nearer future…. I can’t wait until he rescues Liz! (Sorry, M.)

    1. Idk how they are gonna play this all out. I am just so sad about it. Yeah I hope they honor his history w everyone.. he has played opposite so many characters for so many years. Sonny, Carly, Sam, Liz, Spinelli… maybe Robin will be back by then and they will show their interaction as well. I am going to cry like a baby. Espcially when it comes to Sam and Spinelli. 🙁

  11. I love general hospital and i am hope for robin to return this week on general hospital i am hoping that robert save robin and take her home to patrick because he need to be the one who save robin.And i hope the robin,ned,laura,nickloas,helena,robert & another one of alexis half brother show up with helena.And i also think sam should be with john,jason should be with elizabeth,patrick should get robin back.And i hope jason change his mind and stay on general hospital longer!!!!!!!

  12. Just watching Jason and Sam today, and knowing how much they still love eachother,
    is tuff to see them miscommunicating. I’m hoping that the writers will PLEASE reunite
    Jason and Sam together with their own baby boy, before Steve leaves the show!! Just
    hearing the beginning of that beautiful and sweet JASAM LOVE SONG today, brought tears
    to my eyes. It’s been wonderful watching Steve play the best character on GH all these years.
    Jason Morgan and Jason Quartermaine, has filled us with great story lines. But my favorite
    storyline and love story has been when heart throb Jason Morgan met up with the beautiful
    Sam McCall. How they met all those years ago, and fell deeper and deeper in love was so
    great to watch. JASAM to many of us fans, have so enjoyed watching this couple be the most
    fun, exciting, adventurous and HOTTEST COUPLE EVER ON GH! We will truly miss you Steve,
    and the fantastic role you’ve played with Kelly. We are all going to miss you very much, and
    when you leave, many tears will be shed. Come back someday….

    Love to you Steve from one of your many many fans.

  13. Well said Rebecca. You can see that Stelly’s hearts are not in the storyline right now because it’s just not Jasam at all. It seems that the new writers are putting Steve (Jason) at the bottom and Michael E (McBain) at the top. Noone can ever replace Steve Burton as Jason Morgan or Jasam!!!! Poor Stelly, they are trying so hard to hold back the tears. It’s ok, just let it out. You have put so much heart and soul into Jasam for the last 8/9 years, and we the fans, thank you for giving us such a beautiful love story. Jasam/Stelly, will rise again.

    You will not be forgotten………………………Best wishes to Steve and his family!!

    Always, from one of your many many fans.

  14. I love JaSam! The storyline is so dragged out! We should have seen them more finding out the baby is alive and searching for him and finally seeing Sam hold him again! I’m so happy it is Jason whobrings him back to her,not McBain!!! But their happiness will be short lived as Steve’s last day as Jason is 10/22! I hope they don’t push McBam on us right away! It would be disrespectable to JaSam to have Sam lose Jason and turn to someone else so quickly! It would be like she didn’t care about Jason! I do hope we get to see them find out the baby is Jason’s son too!

  15. I agree with you Kathy. I hope that JaSam finds their baby together, and they get to
    know that Jason is the true father of their baby before Steve leaves the show!! And
    I agree that Sam shouldn’t get together with John right away! They have plenty of
    time later to get together. I’m just still so sad that Steve is leaving the heartthrob
    Jason Morgan. The show will not be the same without him. I don’t want his character
    replaced with anyone else. I really do hope that one day in the future, Steve will return
    to our beloved Jason Morgan / Quartermaine. Please give JaSam a happy ending!
    It will be a very sad day when Steve finishes his last day on GH.

  16. Writers love to hurt Elizabeth again over Sam baby switch storyline was stupid first place they should bring back Jake.Writers trash Elizabeth so many times again and again over Jason and Sam baby storyline drag it on so long stupid ending really real don’t carp.

  17. Writers break up Jason and Sam just put Elizabeth in this story to be trash over them again so stupid storyline drag on for ever so bad.Writers did bad job on Tea not tell her truly about what have to baby and she watch Jason and Sam walk way with the baby was bad does.Why put Elizabeth back in Jason and Sam story just to hurt her again hate that again.

  18. Elizabeth deserve storyline enough already with they writers bull carp again.Writers stop trash Elizabeth character over and over again we fans and viewers love this character we tried to see it trash again.

  19. Elizabeth needs to go get her own life and man. She is always lerking around trying to
    steel Jason. The truth is that Jason does not love Elizabeth in any romantic way at all.
    Jason cares for Elizabeth as a wonderful friend. He has yelled out and said many many
    times that he has never loved anyone as much as he loves Sam. I don’t know why the
    writers love to keep this couple apart and so unhappy. If these writers keep this up. GH
    won’t last very long! It’s time to reunite Sam and Jason together with their own precious
    baby. It’s time for the three of them to all go home to Jason’s home, and be the adorable
    and loving family they’ve always wanted!!!! Do this before Steve leaves the show! Get
    the paternity of Jason being the baby’s dad known to him and Sam ASAP! This cruel, worn
    out and pathetic storyline of the ripped apart JaSam and baby switching has dragged on way
    to long. Come on RC and do the right thing for this 8 year JaSam love story!!!

  20. Are you nuts ABC – killing off Jason, the best thing to ever watch GH for. Most of the time he was the only sane one there….he kept folks grounded. I’ve watched GH since it started. RUnning home from grade school to watch it with my grandma. I just turned 65. I am DONE WITH GH. I, too mourn Jason. Give Sam happiness – then rip it away? You could have nicely replaced him and done this more delicately on fans. Goodbye to my favorite TV program of all time. I never missed it, not one single episode. Writers I hope you’re proud. You just ruined thousands of viewers lives, like me. Keep killing people off – you’ll be off the air before you know it.

  21. I agree I can’t stand Elizabeth. Still can’t believe they let Jason go, let’s hope he comes back and it’s Steve Burton that returns. OMG Get rid of ‘Heather’ she played the exact type of character on AMC. And please get rid of Duke. I really don’t watch it now that Jason is gone.

  22. I’ve watched GH for over 35 years. I actually quit the day Jason was shot. I can’t stand the thought of the show without him. I couldn’t even watch the next episode to see what happened after he was shot. The show will never recover from Jason leaving. It was bad enough when Robin left but without Jason it’s not worth watching

  23. I don’t like the Sam/Silas pairing. I feel it is forced. It’s not about Jason either. Sam has a right to move on and she should. In the real world a widow with a small child will move on by now. It is just that the PTB have forced Michael Easton’s characters on Kelly Monaco ever sincehe came on!!Trying to recreate Caleb and Livvie from10 years ago!! Nothing against Michael Easton eother. His silas character has way more personality and chemistry with Ava than Sam. Plus when you think about it, it makes Sam look cheap. falling for her son’s doctor!!! I would like to see Sam on her own for awhile, she is a strong woman or she used to be. Let her be alone then find her another love interest other than a character Michael Easton plays!! To me he is still McBain the guy who led to the separation of Sam and Jason!!!

    1. I agree almost, but would still love for Jason (even if an actor other than Steve Burton) returns as Jason. I did not like Michael Easton on One Life to Live personally, but on that vampire show (like kathyg said) with Caleb and Livve he was really good! If he stays on GH, why not bring the supposedly vampire character (Silas’ brother) back from the dead–Michael E. was really good as that evil man (whose name escapes me now). Or, if Michael Easton remains on as Silas, let’s find him a woman – oh I think Nina would fit the bill, plus since they’re married anyway, let’s carry on with that, and maybe Nina could get pregnant again. Wow, General Hospital writers, do you not really need my help with writing the story! Just let me know…hah ah ha..

  24. Hello, wasn’t sure where to post this, but I wanted to let you know that I recognize that you put a lot of work into gathering info on General Hospital. I posted this spoilers page to my site’s General Hospital rumors feed here: Hello, wasn’t sure where to post this, but I wanted to let you know that I recognize that you put a lot of work into gathering info on General Hospital. I posted this spoilers page to my site’s

    1. Carly022,

      Patrick has to move on!..Kimberly decided to leave GH to pursue her dream of Directing!..She only returned to finish out her storyline!…RC had to give Patrick a storyline without Robin in it!..He can’t stand around waiting for Kimberly to return!..It took her 2 years to come back this time!

      From what I have heard, Patrick, Robin, and Emma were leaving with Robin, but Jason changed his mind and he decided to stay on GH..So did little Brooklyn!…They have to move forward!

      With Sabrina having Patrick’s baby Patrick will be in Sabrina’s storyline through her pregnancy and the birth of their baby!..Emma will be in their storyline also! I don’t know what happens after that!

      Teresa will be having her baby in May, so she won’t be on for the next few months!..I don’t know when she goes on her maternity leave, but it is soon! I know it will be hard but you have to realize that Kimberly made this decision to leave GH and we have to except that fact!

  25. I cannot believe how the GH cast has had to deal with such poor scripts these past few years. I love that GH brought back the original cast for the 50th, but to allow Steve (Jason) to leave is one more nail in GH’s coffin. Steve is loved as much as Luke, Laura, Edward and Lila Q. You need to give the actors who brings the audience back daily the challenges they need to flourish and to be satisfied so they don’t jump from one soap to the next. Other than Anthony(Luke) you have treated your actors like used car salesmen. I pray they don’t recast Steve’s character I may have to say goodbye to my old friends if they do.
    When Sonny and his wives, Jason and Sam, Lucky and Elizabeth, Spinelli and Maxie acted together it was fun and so very interesting and you didn’t know what to expect, GH didn’t remind me of all the other soaps. At one time I watched faithfully three soaps on ABC and I dropped all but GH because the other two became boring and similar, Don’t try and fix what’s not broken, bring back Steve and rethink the writers. Please don’t send GH TO THE SOAP GRAVEYARD.

  26. I love what writers are doing now. The story lines are better than ever. What happened to the bios of the actors. I particularly like Obrecht and would like to read her acting history. She always makes me laugh. I hope GH has another 50 years. Elizabeth could use a little toughening up and not be such a mouse.

  27. I hate to side with the meanie but I would be happy if Nina got Sam and Silas apart! She deserves him and Sam deserves Jason (even if it is a new Jason). Please bring Jason back to the show so that Sam and Jason can be a couple and raise their son Danny! I cannot wait until the Luke imposter is revealed and the original one returns. I am trying to find out about Tony Geary; if any health problems, what? Of course, who doesn’t want Levi’s real motives to be revealed and for Maxie and sweet Nathan to get together. No, I do not want Carly to get back with Sonny. Let’s bring a sexy beautiful lady into his path. A thought, lets give Morgan a new and more near his age girlfriend and put Ava and Sonny together; now there is chemistry and one more story that will work out well!! Who wouldn’t love to see that.

  28. About Anthony Geary, our Luke: He is recovering from two back surgeries and plans to return in the fall! Now, if we could just get some – even if faint – idea when Jason will be back, wouldn’t that be great. We know of course that Steve Burton will not return, however, surely there is an actor out there to fill-the-bill! I liked Roger as Todd Manning, but I would prefer another actor (dark and handsome like James Franco) to return as Franco, would not you all?

  29. I wish all the “crap” could be cut out and get to it! That is, returning Jason to Port Charles and back into the arms of Sam. Please do not get Sam and Silas back together. Please let him be understanding (for a while anyway) with Nina’s situation. Is Robin coming and/or Sabrina returning? Give us more spoilers; especially when will Jason and Sam reunite…Please…!!!

  30. Obviously, Robin lied to Patrick on the episode yesterday (August 6th) about Jason being dead. Will she tell the truth today (whatever that is); makes one wonder is Jason returning or not? If M. Diamond is going to save Alice, let’s get to that story.

    I wish General Hospital would move a little faster with the current story lines and then move on to more intriguing things! I am just too impatient; however, GH is far better than any other soap and better than most programs on prime time. Don’t ever leave us GH!!!!

  31. I enjoy GH so far. I used to watch in the ’60s when it was focused on Nurse Jessie and Dr. Brewer and nurse Diana. I didn’t watch during the Ice Princess thing because I was focused on Days of Our Lives and Another World. However, I was seeing All My Children at the start. Anyway, I am a supporter or Thaao Penghlis. He is a fabulous actor. He brings a lot of experience to the table. I am looking forward to Victor Cassadine discovering that the upstanding detective Nathan West is his biological son. Dr. Obrecht didn’t raise him. Dr. O also doesn’t want to re-kindle her relationship with Victor. I want to see that relationship explode onscreen. She did kiss him goodbye when he left on his last trip. She is probably trying to suppress her true feelings. I recently went to a book signing for Thaao Penghlis new book. Ryan P. who plays the role of Nathan was there and I spoke to him briefly. So, since I’ve met two of the people in the show, its more enjoyable.

  32. oh main today’s GH was the bomb….had me eating my nails.i hope jason and sam get back and that sam help him to remember main…i really hope sony and ava dont die i love every role they play…. please bring back the real luke the imposer is getting lame…

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