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General Hospital Explosive! Who is Going to Die?

There is a shoot out and someone gets hit! But who is going to die? GH magazines and internet posts a like warn fans that a beloved character will take the fall. But who will it be? Sonny? Luke? Ric? Julian?

One theory is that Anna finds out that Ric has been framed and the entire showdown is a set up. It’s been rumored that Ric will be the one to die. But will he actually be dead? Speculations say that Anna will help Ric to fake his death in an attempt to find out who the real mob boss is. Not everyone is left in the dark, Sonny is also in on this. Rumors have been circulating that Sonny will actually help his brother Ric who was once an enemy.

Another theory is that Luke will be the one to die, but since he isn’t really Luke at this time, (we like to call him Fluke), that the impostor will die but the real Luke Spencer is still alive at Miscavige.

Let us know who you think will be the one to take the hit by sharing and commenting below.


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Anthony Geary Quitting General Hospital?

Will this be the end of Luke Spencer?

Anthony Geary, General Hospital’s legendary Luke Spencer, has been faced with making a huge decision due to a recent and supposed change regarding the actor’s pay. The network wants to decrease his yearly salary by 50%.

An article states that ABC no longer justifies paying Geary 1.5 million salary due to the decrease in GH ratings. However, I find this part to be false because General Hospital has been up in ratings and has been on fire since the 50th anniversary.

Geary is very serious about leaving General Hospital. In a recent statement, he expressed how he would want his character to actually die. He believes that fans are owed some type of actual closure. Geary states, “Those of us who have been on soaps forever, we ought to go out in a way that gives the audience real closure. But I know the network has a real resistance to that.” ┬áHe adds, “It’s not my choice, but I’ve had an awfully good run and I wouldn’t mind being a sacrificial lamb to let the audience believe that characters can really, really die.”

Anthony Geary is 66 years old and joined General Hospital as Luke Spencer in 1978. He left the canvas in 1984 and returned to GH 9 years later.

General Hospital Blog hopes that Geary and ABC can come to some sort of agreement that will ensure his presence on the show. Luke is a legend and Geary is an amazing actor. We are all better off being able to watch him on our screens.