General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Gives Avery Back!

SonnyAveryBaby Avery was born into chaos with Ava Jerome being her mother, and initially, the father unknown. Ava didn’t know if the father of her baby was her boyfriend Morgan’s, or his father Sonny’s baby. Ava slept with her boyfriend’s father in a night filled with guilt, drama, anger, and passion.

Sonny has had it out for Ava ever since he found out what she is really capable of. Sonny had been planning on how Ava will die once he found out that she is the one who killed his fiance, Connie Falconeri, causing Sonny to kill AJ out of anger and rage, and revenge. Ava’s only saving grace was that fact that she was pregnant… and when the time came, the DNA test revealed that Sonny is the father of her baby.

After Ava gave birth to Avery and then was presumed dead shortly after, Sonny was granted custody of his daughter. Michael, still angry with Sonny for killing AJ, fought tooth and nail to get custody of his adoptive sister. Claiming that Sonny’s life is far too dangerous for a child, with the help of Monica’s involvement with the judge, Michael was granted custody.

So much has happened between then and now, and Michael’s circumstances are quite different. He endured public humiliation and almost lost Avery for good because Morgan and Kiki sabotaged him by making appear to be unfit to care for a child.

Michael has lost ELQ to Nikolas Cassadine, and his life is coming apart at the seams. According to Soap Opera Digest, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Michael will make the difficult decision to give Avery back to her (presumed) father, Sonny.

Although Sonny is absolutely grateful to have Avery back, he is still looking to win Michael over, but still, Michael resents Sonny for killing AJ.

There is much more to this story than the scenes have lead on thus far… according to some General Hospital rumors, Sonny might just lose Avery all over again…. to Morgan!

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Is Ava Jerome Gone for Good?

Ava has been through Hell and back since she fell off that cliff. Although Sonny tried to save her, she still fell to what looked like her death, and the residents of Port Charles were led to believe she had died in that incident. Little did everyone know that an old “friend” of Ava’s came to her rescue. Dr. Silas Clay, her former lover, saved Ava and took her to New York to recover. During her recovery from the fall, Silas discovered that Ava had cancer. Since she was in hiding, because she killed Connie Falconeri and was wanted by the PCPD, her wishes were just to die a peaceful death in New York.

At first Silas was going to oblige, but then he realized that there was one person he hand’t tried to be a possible match to save Ava’s life. Her own daughter Avery, was kidnapped by Silas to perform tests, and ultimately, the little baby saved her mama. The audience was supposed to believe that Silas had granted Ava’s wishes, and helped her die with medication.

Since Ava is alive and well, she is determined to be close to her daughter. The problem is, Ava Jerome is wanted for the murder of Connie Falconeri, and she is also wanted DEAD by PC mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. Ava had to do what she had to do in order to return to PC and be near Kiki and Avery. She went to great lengths to change her identity, to Denise DeMuccio. She even involved her mother Delia in on her secret.

Denise is now in Port Charles and making her way closer and close to baby Avery. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava will make an attempt to get Avery back, staying disguised as Denise. This raises a very important question. Wil we ever see Ava Jerome again? Not only is she wanted by the PCPD and Sonny Corinthos for murdering Connie, she has also committed fraud and lied about her identity, got rid of her own finger prints, and has involved Delia in her scam. It seems like there is no turning back for Ava now. WIll Ava Jerome be gone forever, and is Denise DeMuccio here to stay?

Let us know what you think. Is there a way Ava can show her face as Ava Jerome ever again?

General Hospital Spoilers: Don’t Miss Delia’s Return!

There will be many GH comings and goings along with casting changes this Summer. We have already seen so many characters/actors come and go, and it will continue on through this Summer.

General Hospital spoilers revealed that a fan favorite will be gracing us with her presence this week. The always fabulous Ilene Kristen has announced via Twitter that she will be making a return to General Hospital. Although her presence will be merely a cameo on Friday May 29th, Ilene will make a splash with her involvement in the current GH story line. She will reprise her role as Delia. the mother of Ava Jerome, for two days. Her stint will being on Friday the 29th, and continue into a larger portion of Monday’s episode on June 1st.


General Hospital BIG Reveal! Will Nina Learn She Has a Daughter?

Ever since Nina woke up from her coma and landed in Port Charles she has been out for revenge. Revenge against her husband, Silas Clay for cheating on her, revenge against Ava Jerome for being Silas’s mistress and for having his baby, Kiki. She has had it out for many others including Sam Morgan because she was involved with Silas romantically. Her mother just may have been number 1 on her list, even before Silas. Her mother, Madeline Reeves is responsible for putting Nina in a coma while she was pregnant. Madeline wanted Nina and Silas apart and she wanted to get her hands on Nina’s money.

It looks as though Ava and Silas didn’t meet by accident. Madeline had a lit to so with the situation between Silas and Ava, as she put Ava in Silas’ path so that his relationship with her daughter Nina would fall apart. General Hospital rumors have been circulating from the very beginning that the baby Nina supposedly lost will turn out to be alive and in Port Charles. BIG General Hospital rumors claim that it will finally all go down between Nina, Madeline, Ava, and Silas, and Kiki.

Ava is the only mother Kiki Jerome has ever known. Her whole life she has believed that Ava was her mother and that her father was dead. She recently found out that she was the daughter of the sociopathic artist. Franco, but even that turned out to be a lie. Kiki now knows that Silas Clay is her real father… but what she may find out will shock Port Charles.

Kiki’s upbringing was full of lies and deceit from her mother and there just may be another huge BOMBSHELL. Word out in social media is that Nina will get the shock of her life when she learns that her mother Madeline and Ava Jerome conspired to take Nina’s baby (Kiki) and pass her off as her own.

What do you think? Will Kiki end up being the daughter of Silas and Nina? We think so!

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos and Denise DeMuccio Showdown!

General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati loves to keep us on our toes and at the edge of our seats. He posts General Hospital spoilers with just enough information to keep us wanting more.

Via Twitter, Carlivati revealed a GH spoiler for today’s episode. Denise DeMuccio (Maura West) is the newest in town (or is she?), as she claims that she is just an uncanny look alike to Ava Jerome. Ava Jerome has been presumed dead by most of the residents of PC. Before her alleges death, she was wanted for the murder of Connie Falconeri, and since Ava is alive and well, this makes her a fugitive. Denise DeMuccio showed up at Julian Jerome’s (William DeVry) door, claiming to want to find out more about her look-alike, Ava. However, no one believes that she actually ISN’T Ava, not even the PCPD.

Ava has been trying to escape Sonny’s wrath ever since he found out that she murdered his fiance, Connie. Ava got pregnant with what we are lead to believe is Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) baby (but there will most likely be a plot twist). Odds are Ava’s baby is actually Morgan’s and she was only trying to pass Avery off as Sonny’s to keep herself alive.

Today on General Hospital, Sonny comes face to face with the women who may or may not be the one who killed Connie… Will Sonny believe that Denise is actually who she claims to be and not really Ava Jerome? Find out how it all goes down on today’s General Hospital at 2PM Eastern.