General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller’s GH Contract

BillySteveLast week, the shocking news broke out, confirming Steve Burton’s EXIT from The Young and the Restless after just three years as Dylan McAvoy. The time Burton spent at Y&R is merely¬†a fraction of his 21 year performance on General Hospital as Jason Quartermaine/Morgan. Fans new and loved him as a resident of Port Charles for over 2 decades.

Last Fall, General Hospital news reports confirmed that GH newcomer, (Steve’s recast as Jason Morgan), Billy Miller had signed on a new contract with GH. However it has been reported that contract was a ONE YEAR contract, which would mean talk of contract negotiations with Miller should take place around this time. However, we are already into October, and Miller is still on screen as Jason Morgan. There has been no confirmation on whether or not Billy Miller has signed on yet again with ABC’s General Hospital. Fans of both Steve Burton and Billy Miller are scrambling to search for answers. The biggest question this news poses to fans is, “Will Steve Burton reprise his role as Jason Morgan?”

General Hospital Blog will keep fans notified of any contract information regarding GH’s current Jason Morgan, Billy Miller. So far, there isn’t a reason to believe he will be leaving the show, but on the other hand, there hasn’t been confirmation of a new contract deal either.

We want to know! Would you welcome Steve Burton back to GH with open arms as Jason Morgan once again?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle’s Dark Secret


Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) came into Port Charles after responding to an ad posted on the Crimson website, by Nina Reeves. Carly had asked Nina to try and reach out, in hopes of finding the person who is responsible for saving her daughter Josslyn’s life.

Shy, quiet, and almost mousy, Nelle seemed reluctant to be part of the Corinthos clan, even after finding out she is indeed the person who gave Joss a kidney. Nelle kept everyone at arms length, or so it seemed. She repeatedly make it clear that she didn’t want money from Carly and Sonny, or Jax. She didn’t even want to accept Carly’s job offer. All of this behavior just made it more obvious to the audience- that Nelle is up to no good!

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle Hayes as a dark secret and her intentions are less than pure. On today’s episode of General Hospital, she revealed another side we haven’t seen before. Nelle was standing with Carly, Sonny, and Kiki, as they all speculated and worried about Morgan’s whereabouts. After Carly and Sonny left, Nelle told Kiki she saw Morgan an hour prior, at The Floating Rib. It definitely seems like Nelle has an agenda, especially after seeing her mutter under her breath, calling Kiki, “Princess,” and saying it’s harder for Morgan.

What does Nelle want with Carly and her family? How will Nelle behave once everyone knows what has happened to Morgan?

Let us know what you think! Is Nelle hiding something? Does she had an ulterior motive to get close to the Corinthos family?



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Scarlett Fernandez Joins GH as Claudette’s Daughter. Is Nathan Really the Father?

charlotteClaudette (Bree Williamson) dropped a bomb on Nathan (Ryan Paevey), Maxie (Kirsten Storms), and Griffin (Matt Cohen), telling them she had a daughter and either Nathan or Griffin were the father. A DNA test revealed that Nathan West is Charlotte’s father, and Maxie broke into tears when discussing the outcome with Griffin.

Claudette isn’t known for her honesty, which leaves room for a tampered DNA test story.

Claudette is on the run from Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), and wants Nathan to protect “their” child, perhaps telling Nathan he is Charlotte’s father is her only way of getting him to help. GH rumors speculate that Claudette and Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) are working together in this baby drama.

If not Nathan, who? Claudette did say she was briefly involved with this dangerous man (Valentin). Could Charlotte be the newest Cassadine?

Scarlett Fernandez is set to make her General Hospital debut on October 13th.