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Is Dr. Ewen Keenan Going to Recover?

Ever since Connie clocked Dr. Keenan over the head and put him in the ICU at GH, fans have been asking the question, “Is Dr. Ewen Keenan leaving GH?” Although there has been no confirmation, only speculation and assuption that has lead me to believe that no, Dr. Keenan will not be leaving GH and the actor who portrays him, Nathin Butler, is not going anywhere. Bulter will be tweeting with fans LIVE today during the East and West Coast airing of General Hospital. In my opinion, I don’t think the actor/character would be departing if he is just starting to get to know his fans better. If you have a Twitter account, follow @NathinButler and chat with him this afternoon. If you don’t have Twitter, sign up!

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GH Daytime Emmy Nominations!

General Hospital leads the Daytime Emmy Soap category by having 23 nominations!

Here are some of the categories GH is nominated for:

Outstanding Drama Series

Outstanding directing in a Drama Series

Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series

Outstanding Lead Actress: Laura Wright (Carly)

Outstanding Lead Actor: Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Anthony Geary (Luke)

Outstanding Supporting Actress: Nancy Lee Grahan (Alexis) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth)

Outstanding Supporting Actor: Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Sean Blakemore (Shawn), Jonathon Jackson (Lucky), and Jason Thompson (Patrick)

Outstanding Younger Actor: Chad Duell (Michael) and Nathan Parsons (Ethan)

For the full list please visit We Love Soaps. Click here.



Real House Wives Star Alexis Bellino to GH Next Week!

Alexis Bellino, star on The Real House Wives of Orange County, will be giving a cameo appearance on Genera Hospital Wednesday, May 9th. What exactly will she be doing in Port Charles?  Ms. Bellino will be playing a TV news Anchorwoman, putting her real life Fox News correspondent experience to good use,  her character will be reporting BREAKING NEWS to the residents of Port Charles! What could it be?

Maxie Jones: Selfless and Unpredictable

Maxie Jones has always been a favorite of mine. She is passionate about everything she does and is involved with. I admire this character for being true to herself even when others put her down. Even when she does crazy things, she acts out of passion and love.  Maxie goes to extremes for the people she cares about. She has made some bad decisions in order to reap benefits from certain situations and most of the time caused more harm than good. However, the most recent stunt of Maxie’s is completely selfless. She is pleading guilty to a crime she didn’t commit to save her “boyfriend” Matt from going to jail. Maxie doesn’t want Patrick and Emma to lose another loved one even though they love her as well. She is willing to sacrifice herself for the good of Matt, Patrick, and Emma. A few years ago I would never have thought the character of Maxie could do such a good deed. I believe Spinelli has taught her how to be genuine and love selflessly. Maxie has always loved her family, especially Robin, but I think Spinelli has had a lot to do with showing Maxie what love truly is and how to put yourself last when it comes to helping others. It’s great that Maxie has Spinelli to stand by her through anything, and right now she needs him the most. Hopefully this will ignite the flame for “Spixie” again and instead of a non-wedding, then can have a real one!

Is This a New Beginning for Sonny and Carly?

I’m thinking this might be another beginning for Sonny and Carly. No matter what they have been through, they always seem to find a way back to one another. I have liked Sonny with other woman and I have liked Carly with other men, but nothing like the way Carly and Sonny are together. They have a special bond and a dynamic, passionate relationship. They have been apart for a pretty long time and I was really content with it that way. I even thought that I wouldn’t want to see them together again. But now that there are hints of the possibility, I gave it some thought and would like to see them reunite. I love their passion, whether it’s anger or love, they are always passionate for one another and what they stand for. Sonny and Carly have extreme highs and lows to the point of instability, yet their relationship is so real. When these two are together they are an unstoppable force that would protect each other to the death. If Sonny and Carly get together again, they are older, wiser, and know more about each other now than they ever have before. This could be a more solid foundation for a long lasting relationship. Even though I don’t think Carly will ever completely “grow up” I think that maybe they have both grown as people and can find the love they once had for each other.

Ok Who Is Real, Kate or Connie?

Alright, we all know that she was born Constanza Louise Falconeri, from Bensonhurst, NY and changed her name to Kate Harwicke Howard on her life journey to becoming a fashion editor. She changed her name and changed her life to try and “better” herself from her upbringing. Katie’s cousin Olivia Falconeri still has a hard time with calling her cousin Connie, Kate. Kate has now developed a split personality none other than her birth identity, Connie. So if you really think about it, who is the real one? Who should Dr. Keenan be trying to get rid of? Connie or Kate? Kate has had us all believing she is this high class fashion professional named Kate Howard and Connie Falconeri was thing of the past. Now that Connie is back, who should stay and who should go? It seems to me Kate was the made up alter ego, and Connie has been buried deep inside. Connie is rough around the edges, she speaks before she thinks, and she definitely has a wild streak. But just because Kate is the poised and collected one doesn’t mean she is the real one. Maybe all these years of pushing Connie deep into her subconscious, Kate has damaged herself and all the time and effort spent to change her life. I am interested to see what will come of this once she finally seeks psychological help.

Are John McBain and Sam McCall Brother and Sister?

The GH audience is talking and tweeting about the possibility of John McBain and Sam McCall being brother and sister. They have this connection that she can’t put her finger on. We as the audience all now that it was back on Port Charles when they were vampires together. In my opinion, I highly doubt that will be brought to light on General Hospital, so I am assuming that if they keep up with this “connection” stuff, it will be family relation as opposed to romantic or anything else. Then will we finally find out who Sam’s Father is? GH fans are expressing these thoughts on Twitter. What do you think? Please leave a comment below!

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Felicia Jones is Back in PC! Kristina Wagner Returns This Week!

Kristina Wagner returns to her role as Felicia Jones this week on General Hospital. Head writier at GH, Ron Carlivati, states that Felicia will be sticking around Port Charles for quite a while reuniting with family and friends and mending relationships that have gone south. Since the last time Felicia was in PC, she left her daughter Maxie, and Mac Scorpio filled with resentment towards her. Felicia is hoping to reach out to her loved ones and make things right. I am really excited to see Jen Lilley (Maxie) and Kristina Wagner (Felicia) working on this story together. Jen has already proved herself with her emotionally intense scenes after learning her cousin Robin Scorpio had died. Felicia Jones has always been a GH icon, and I cannot wait to see Kristina and Jen do their thing. I know that both women will give the audience all they’ve got and I am anxious to watch.

Sonny Walks in on Connie and Johnny!!!

WOW! This is good! Sonny finding Connie/Kate in bed with his arch enemy Johnny Z. My heart is breaking for him. Connie is so good at being bad. Kelly Sullivan does one hell of a job playing the heartless bitch she played today…As for Sonny, now THIS is the Sonny I know and love! I love his rage. Well done Maurice Benard! Sonny will be out for revenge for sure. Now that Carly has walked in, both Sonny and Carly should team up and set out to get revenge. I wonder if Johnny will talk Carly down. But I loved when Carly said, “How the hell did you wind up in bed with THAT?” MY favorite Carly quote in a long, long time! Laura Wright was awesome, I really felt her emotion. You could tell she was mad, typical Carly, but she was also hurt as well. It made me feel so bad for her. This episode was fantastic. I can’t wait for more surprises and excitement.



Frank Valentini Tweets About Brandon Barash NOT Leaving GH

The rumors about Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) leaving General Hospital have been spreading around the Internet like wild fire. Today Frank Valentin tweeted to Brandon about this. From what I can see, if Frank Valentini doesn’t know about it, it’s most likely untrue. Thank goodness!

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