General Hospital Spoilers: Carly 2.0

carly2-0Nelle Hayes seems to be working her way into every aspect of Carly’s life. Starting out by coming to Port Charles in response to Nina’s ad searching for Josslyn Jack’s kidney donor, Nelle has played the part of being reluctant participant very well. When she first arrived, Nelle made it a point to make it look as if she was keeping the members of the Corinthos family at arms length… all while she was actually doing quite the opposite.

Nelle’s life story reminds us a lot of Carly’s when she first arrived in Port Charles. Originally played by Sarah Joy Brown, a broken and scarred Caroline Benson came to town on a mission. She was set out to get revenge. After losing her best friend Charlotte “Carly” Roberts who was killed in a car accident, Caroline took on her late best friend’s name and used it to make her way into the lives of the person who abandon her, her biological mother, Bobbie Spencer. Carly then tried to integrate into Bobbie’s life by enrolling in the nursing program at General Hospital. Bobbie wasn’t fond of Carly and this set Carly off even more. Carly then had her sights set on Tony Jones, Bobbie’s husband. She was successful at seducing him and this tarnished any relationship she would have with Bobbie for the foreseeable future.

Nelle also lost a best friend in a car accident. Nelle’s story about losing her best friend mimicked the story Carly told many years ago. And just like Carly moved in on Tony Jones, Nelle is nestling her way closer and closer to Sonny, comforting him in his time of need.

What does Nelle want? She’s bitter about the fact that she has unwillingly given up a kidney to Josslyn. Nelle has made snide comments under her breath regarding Kiki, calling her “Princess” in a sarcastic tone. She also neglected to tell Carly that she saw Morgan that day, knowing that Carly was worried sick about her son’s whereabouts. She’s sneaky to say the least.┬áSo who exactly IS Nelle? Some think she is Carly’s daughter, and it’s pretty obvious that Jax knows more about Nelle than he is making known to Carly, Josslyn, and Sonny. Only time will tell as GH spoilers behind to reveal and unravel Nelle’s true agenda. Keep watching General Hospital for the latest drama.




General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle’s Dark Secret


Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) came into Port Charles after responding to an ad posted on the Crimson website, by Nina Reeves. Carly had asked Nina to try and reach out, in hopes of finding the person who is responsible for saving her daughter Josslyn’s life.

Shy, quiet, and almost mousy, Nelle seemed reluctant to be part of the Corinthos clan, even after finding out she is indeed the person who gave Joss a kidney. Nelle kept everyone at arms length, or so it seemed. She repeatedly make it clear that she didn’t want money from Carly and Sonny, or Jax. She didn’t even want to accept Carly’s job offer. All of this behavior just made it more obvious to the audience- that Nelle is up to no good!

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle Hayes as a dark secret and her intentions are less than pure. On today’s episode of General Hospital, she revealed another side we haven’t seen before. Nelle was standing with Carly, Sonny, and Kiki, as they all speculated and worried about Morgan’s whereabouts. After Carly and Sonny left, Nelle told Kiki she saw Morgan an hour prior, at The Floating Rib. It definitely seems like Nelle has an agenda, especially after seeing her mutter under her breath, calling Kiki, “Princess,” and saying it’s harder for Morgan.

What does Nelle want with Carly and her family? How will Nelle behave once everyone knows what has happened to Morgan?

Let us know what you think! Is Nelle hiding something? Does she had an ulterior motive to get close to the Corinthos family?



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General Hospital Spoilers: Check out the Latest Recast!

NewJossSoap Operas are known for changing the faces of the characters we have come to know and love (or hate) and somehow get away with it. It’s especially common with the younger actors, as the executives often like to age them children, sometimes even drastically. In the soap world, we call it SORAS- Soap Opera Rapid Age Syndrome.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that the character of Josslyn Jacks, daughter of Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) has been recast. JOsslyn Jacks has been played by Hannah Norberg since 2014. However, the latest news reports state that a new actress will be taking over the role. Actress Eden McCoy will now be the face of Carly and Jax’s daughter, Joss. Look for the new Josslyn as early as this coming Wednesday.