Kimberly McCullough Returns

The last anyone has heard from Robin Scorpio Drake is when she lead her loved ones to believe she was moving to Paris by her own desire, even though we the audience know that Helena (Constance Towers) is forcing her to stay away from Port Charles. Robin and Patrick have since divorced, and Patrick (Jason Thompson) has moved on with Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco).

The latest General Hospital rumors indicate that Robin will be headed back to Port Charles just in time for the Annual Nurses Ball event. This year, the Nurses Ball is to honor the memory of Robin’s first true love, Stone Cates (Michael Sutton). Brother to Jagger Cates (Antonio Sabato Jr.), and good friend of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), Stone meant a lot to the people of Port Charles.

Robin’s in and out has ruffled a few feather’s with fans, the uncertainty of this character’s future is unsettling to some. However, Robin is an iconic character, and the actress who portrays her is well respected by fans and TPTB at GH alike. As long as Kimberly McCullough wants to keep making appearances on General Hospital, it is safe to say that she will always have a home there.

It is uncertain how long Robin’s return will last this time around, perhaps long enough to tie of a few loose ends, or maybe even to create more.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated on the latest General Hospital spoilers, news, and any confirmation regarding the return of Kimberly McCullough as Robin.

General Hospital News: Rebecca Budig, GH’s New Robin Scorpio Drake?

Early this month General Hospital Blog reported that All My Children Alum, Rebecca Budig, (Greenlee Smythe) would be joining the cast of General Hospital. Loyal ABC soap fans went wild with this exciting news, as they celebrated the news of this casting decision.

When AMC went off the air, there was much disappointment and fans felt the loss of both AMC and OLTL. OLTL fans were fortunate to be able to catch their favorite stars (Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson, and Michael Easton) join the cast of General Hospital. Now that Rebecca will be joining GH, AMC fans have something to celebrate.

However this good news does not come without controversy. New General Hospital rumors have been circulating in regard to who Budig will be playing when she arrives in Port Charles. After Executive Producer, Frank Valentini tweeted that Budig will join GH in a “killer new role” most fans took those words literally, and speculated that she would be playing another GH villain. Now that the dust has settled and fans have gotten used to the news of her coming to PC, it can’t help but to cross everyone’s minds…

GH rumor has it that Rebecca Budig will be replacing Kimberly McCullough as the icon Robin Scorpio Drake. McCullough joined General Hospital at the age of 7, beginning in 1985. Recently, the actress has come and gone in her role as Robin to pursue her directing career. The executives at GH have always left the opportunity open for McCullough to return to the show as long as it was feasible to writer her into the script. Kimberly McCullough has been GH’s sweetheart for decades, and the thought of a Robin recast to fans has been very difficult to take it.

Could these rumors be true? Do you think that the crew over at ABC and General Hospital would recast such a role as the legendary Robin Scorpio Drake? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

GH’s Kimberly McCullough Lands Gig On BIG ABC Prime Time Show

General Hospital news just hit the media that General Hospital’s own Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio Drake), is doing just what she set out to do. She left her role as Robin Scorpio Drake a few years ago, and has since returned a few times for cameo appearances. McCullough left to purse a directing career which she has had much success with since she left the show.

As ABC-Disney Program Director Kimberly, has been a part of Disney Channel’s Shake it Up directing team, along with the new Disney Channel show, KC Undercover.

Kimberly has just landed a new gig with the ABC-Disney network and this murder mystery is ready for McCullough’s creative mind. Kimberly will be directing an episode of the thrilling murder mystery, Pretty Little Liars which airs on ABC Family.