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General Hospital Spoilers: Kiki and Ava are at Odds

KikiAvaCarlyJust as their relationship seems to be mending, Ava and Kiki run into another setback that will push Kiki further away from reconciling with her mother.

As if sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend, and lying to her daughter her entire life about her father wasn’t enough grounds for Kiki to never speak to Ava again, Ava is still behaving like the selfish, spiteful woman that she is.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly makes a request to Ava, asking if Avery can spend the night at Sonny’s. When Ava declines, Kiki is less than impressed with her mother’s attempt at being a better person for the sake of getting closer to Kiki.

Check out today’s GH to see the cat fight between Carly, Ava, and Kiki.








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General Hospital Spoilers: Sam and Carly’s Emotional Reaction

SamCarlyemotionalToday is the day that Jason Morgan’s wife finds out that her husband is actually alive after all this time. Sam and Jake worked together alongside their very good friend, Damian Spinelli, to uncover the truth about Jake Doe’s true identity. Carly stumbled upon Spinelli’s laptop and discovered the results. She ran straight to Jake with the evidence that he is the man she and so many other have been grieving for, for over three years.

Everything is about to come full circle as Jake and Carly arrive at the church where he and Liz were supposed to get married. Jake is about to announce that he is Jason Morgan, and yet he still doesn’t know that Liz has known this entire time.

The photo in this article shows an extremely touching moment between Sam and Carly. These two women would do anything for Jason, and they respect each other’s place in his life. This photo is a heart warmer without a doubt, and we cannot wait to see Kelly Monaco and Laura Wright’s amazing performances in this scene.

Make sure to watch General Hospital at 2PM Eastern for the story line we hall have been anticipating. GH WON’T disappoint!



The Fallout Begins Today on General Hospital

CarlyJakeFans are NOT going to want to miss one single moment of today’s episode of General Hospital. The moment we all have been waiting for is finally here. On Friday’s episode of GH, Carly got to Jake in time to tell him he was Jason before he married Elizabeth. Although Jake was reluctant to believe and then accept that he was Port Charles’ own, Jason Morgan, he now knows and we are dying to find out how he will handle his new found knowledge.
Friday’s cliffhanger left us at the edge of our seats as Carly and Jake walked into the church where Elizabeth is standing at the altar.
The video below is about the best General Hospital spoiler/teaser that has even been released, leaving fans frothing at the mouth for an entire weekend until we can see more.
Check out the horror in Liz’s face, the wonder in Sam’s eyes, the nervous excitement across Carly’s face… It’s about to go down in the church between Jake and Nikolas. General Hospital rumors indicated that something will spark Jake’s memory which ignites his reason to attack Nik right there in the church.
Today’s General Hospital will be one we will never forget…

“Here We Go!” Hayden’s almost as excited as we are to get to Monday’s General Hospital episode started!

Posted by Nathan Varni on Sunday, November 8, 2015