General Hospital SHOCKER! Morgan is ALIVE

jasoncarbombThe last couple weeks have been an emotional wreck for General Hospital’s leading family. The Corinthos clan was hit hard with news regarding Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly’s (Laura Wright) son, Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig). Ever since Ava (Maura West) messed with his medication, Morgan’s bi-polar disorder has been spiraling out of control. Carly and Sonny can’t seem to figure out why all of a sudden Morgan had been acting as if his bi-polar was no longer under control, and even questioned whether or not he had stopped taking his meds. Morgan himself didn’t even know. He had thought he was taking the proper medication.

One thing led to another, which resulted in Morgan becoming manic, turned to alcohol after seeing what he thought was Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) in the boat house. Morgan became self destructive, and stole Julian Jerome’s (William DeVry) car. Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) stepped in, called Morgan, and had successfully convinced him to stop driving, pull over, and talk. Little did they know, there was a bomb and as soon as Morgan set foot out of the car, it exploded.

There is NOT A BODY.

This is an age old soap opera story when a character “dies” and the family moves on as if they had died, however no body has been accounted for, in order to confirm the death. ¬†We all saw the car explode, but what no one saw, not even Jason Morgan, is there Morgan went. Could he have jumped before the blast got him? Was he injured by the explosion and cannot make it back? General Hospital rumors have indicated that perhaps Morgan is using this opportunity to fake his own death. He was running away from his problems, including his situation with PCU, Kiki, his parents, etc.

Sonny had a vision.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, a grieving Sonny heard the voice of a young boy. He called out to that boy and said, “Morgan?” As Sonny looked up, he saw the little boy. The boy put his hand on Sonny’s shoulder and asked, “Why can’t you find me?!”

Rumors are flying that Bryan Craig will be recast, and Morgan Corinthos will turn up alive. General Hospital spoilers have not yet confirmed a recast for this role.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Julian Set up Sonny with Car Bomb

julianThere is nothing new about plot twists and turns when it comes to Daytime TV, and this time around is no different, yet each twist and turn becomes a shock to fans. Right now, as we see it, Sonny wanted revenge on Julian for killing Duke, and trying to kill Alexis. The Sonny we know can’t be reasoned with when he has his mind set on doing something. Carly, Jason, and Michael all warned Sonny not to go after Julian. These events lead fans to believe that Sonny himself is responsible for the death of his own son, by putting a hit on Julian with that car bomb. Carly is beside herself, thinking that her own husband is the reason their child is dead.

General Hospital spoilers indicated that Sonny isn’t to blame. GH rumors indicate that is was Julian himself who placed the bomb on his own car in order to make it look like Sonny was trying to kill him. Was Julian planning to get into his car, no way. It looks as though it was all a set up, and he was willing to sacrifice his “employee” to accomplish this act.

What Julian didn’t expect was that his car would get stolen, and someone other than his employee would meet their demise. While Sonny and Carly now fight to get through their son’s death, and deal with the fact that they believe Sonny is to blame, Julian will sit back and let everything unfold while staying silent.

Who do you think set that car bomb in motion? Was it a set up for Sonny to take the fall, or did Sonny really kill his own son with his retaliation against Julian Jerome?


Bryan Craig OUT as Morgan; Will He Die?

sonnyjasonmichaelpcpdEarlier this season, GH’s Bryan Craig confirmed he was leaving his role on General Hospital as Morgan Corinthos. It was stated that Bryan’s character would remain on the canvas until this coming November. However, after the events that occurred on today’s episode, fans are left confused with many questions. Fans want to know if Morgan has died, or if he will remain missing and/or hospitalized until November, when a possible recast would enter the canvas.

Morgan stole Julian’s car which had a bomb placed in it, for the intent of killing Julian Jerome. At this point, it looks as though Sonny himself planned to have Julian killed, but inadvertently killing his own son in the process. GH rumors speculate there will be some twists and turns to this story as Sonny and Carly deal with the fallout of being in the mob business.

Dante and the PCPD came to the scene, as did Sonny, to try and look for Morgan. Dante informed Sonny that they found remains to which could be Morgan’s. A DNA test is set to take place to determine if what they found are remains of Sonny and Carly’s son.


General Hospital rumors have been floating around, claiming that Morgan’s body will be burned beyond recognition, leaving room to recast the character. Other fans speculate that since Bryan Craig has left the role as Morgan Corinthos, his character will die.

Where do you think this story will go? Would you like to see Morgan Corinthos leave the show with his portrayer, or should Morgan be alive and recast?

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