Confirmed! Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) AND Emily Wilson (Ellie) OUT!

General Hospital Blog regrets to inform all the GH fans that Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli) and Emily Wilson (Ellie Trout) are leaving the show. In this weeks episodes, Spinelli and Ellie have decided to move to Portland Oregon so that Ellie can accept her dream job of running a lab. Bradford Anderson had previously gone on recurring status, but has of recently, the actor has decided to leave the show along with his co-star Emily Wilson.

The two taped their last episode sometime last month. They will be greatly missed by their fans and we wish them both nothing but the best in their future endeavors.

Those of us hoping for a Spixie reunion have had their hopes of that couple living happily ever after crushed. You never know, actors come and go, so maybe some day Maxie and Spinelli can be together with their baby girl. Kirsten Storms will be leaving on maternity leave and has announced via Twitter that she will be back in March, 2014. Until then, they will be missed.


GH’s Bradford Anderson NOT be Renewing Contract

It has been confirmed that Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli) has opted out of re-signing a contract with General Hospital. However, the actor has not left the show completely, the character of Spinelli will remain on the show as a recurring role. Anderson assures his fans that he will remain as Spinelli on GH via Twitter with this message,  “Hey friends, I am still at GH and will continue to be.. Recurring isn’t a bad word:) keep watching, great stuff is coming!”

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