Does Patrick Find out the Truth About the Baby Today?

Today on General Hospital, Britt reveals a secret to Patrick about her baby. Patrick already knows who her Mother is, maybe Britt will come clean.

So whose baby is she actually carrying? We know it sure isn’t Patrick’s. Is the baby even hers? Every time she has mentioned Patrick not being the Father, she has never really addressed whether the baby was even her own. Could Britt have had Dante and Lulu’s embryos implanted in her to make her pregnant? See what Britt decides to tell Patrick today on General Hospital!

Maxie is in Labor! -With Spinelli’s Baby!

The time has finally come. Maxie is about to give birth to a baby girl. A baby girl that Dante and Lulu believe they will be holding in their arms and calling her their own.

Soon, worlds will be blown apart. When Spinelli’s finally finds out Maxie is carrying his and her baby and not acting as a surrogate for Dante and Lulu, relationships will change forever. How will Dante, Lulu, Spinelli, and their families react when the truth finally comes out?

Soon enough Britt will give birth to a baby boy. Will Dante and Lulu end up receiving a baby they’ve been hoping for?