General Hospital News: Ingo Rademacher Fires Back At Those Engaging In The #FireIngo Trend

Too often we hear about so called fans taking to social media to bully or try and cancel someone. Many of the actors at General Hospital have spoken out about the unfortunate fact that some people take things way too far with their tweets and social media comments. For example, just recently, GH star Laura Wright, who plays leading lady, Carly Corinthos, announced she’d be taking a break from Twitter due to all the online haters. Well it’s happening again, this time to GHs Ingo Rademacher, who portrays Jasper Jax Jacks.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Ingo has posted a video, firing back at the haters and “bigots” who are trying to take him down with the hashtag, #FireIngo.

In the video below, Rademacher expresses how important it is for individuals to have their own opinions and respect those different than their own.

“To all the bigots that called for my firing at GH and made #fireIngo trend 🙏 (thanks for the press btw) about a post of mine that is factually correct. Getting vaccinated does not stop you from spreading the virus. That’s straight from the CDC. Mandating any vaccine is wrong but especially one that doesn’t stop the spread, that’s nothing short of crazy talk. If you want to take the vaccine, take it. Just know you’re doing it for yourself, not to save anyone else. You’re not a hero. 🤷‍♂️“

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