General Hospital Spoilers: Plot Twist, It’s Not Charlotte

Jake and Charlotte under Victor’s control
Jake and Charlotte under Victor’s control

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is being targeted and terrorized by an unknown enemy. After months of searching for answers while living in fear, Anna is closer to closure than she realizes. As it turns out, Valentin made an alarming discovery with his good friend Nina Reeves’s (Cynthia Watros) help.

To their dismay, the security footage showed Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) entering into Anna’s suite. Naturally, Valentin is beside himself after what Nina pulled up on the screen. And as the good friend Nina is, she continues to help Valentin by keeping Anna and even Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) from the truth. Or, the truth as Nina and Valentin see it.

Are Jake and Charlotte Under Victor’s Control?

According to the latest GH spoilers and rumors, Valentin could be dead wrong about his daughter. Just because they saw her enter the room, doesn’t mean that she did all those things to Anna and her belongings.

Moreover, fans have noticed that Charlotte and Jake Webber have been spending more and more time together. While it looks like Charlotte is jealous that Anna will take Papa’s love and affection, sharp-as-a-tac fans recall that Jake was kidnapped by Helena Cassadine and seemingly brainwashed. Then, the storyline fell off and never developed. It might be too obvious for Charlotte to be the culprit. Instead, recent GH rumors speculate that Jake may have something to do with it. Is it possible that the effects of Helena’s programming has come out in Jake?

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Breaks Things Off With Anna

Valentin breaks up with Anna
Valentin breaks up with Anna

Anna and Valentin face some more turmoil just as the dust began to settle in their romantic relationship. Over the years, chasing Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) became a way of life for Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart).

Eventually, the chase became the ultimate catch when Anna finally took the bait. And that’s meant in the most positive light as Anna realized that she loves Valentin Cassadine. Finally, Valentin landed his lady love. Despite all of the WSB and Cassadine, and mob drama, Valentin and Anna remained strong for themselves and one another. But things started to fall out of place for this tragic couple when Valentin’s secrets began to drop one by one.

Valentin breaks up with Anna Charlotte Cassadine

According to General Hospital spoilers, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) continues to help Valentin cover up what they think Charlotte has done. His daughter Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) seems like a sweet, yet troubled girl. Understandably, as Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) haven’t been the most present parents for one reason or another.

Whether it’s by choice or terrible circumstance, Charlotte has been tossed around to any and every extended family member. She showed troubling tendencies from an early age, and on a few occasions. Immediately, her behavior became scrutinized and compared her behavior to her grandmother’s. Yes, the dark Queen herself, Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers).

As a result of all the chaos, Valentin breaks up with Anna for her own good. Despite his love for her, he has to let her go. In fact, it’s because of Valentin’s love for Anna that he breaks things off. GH spoilers and rumors tease that the risk is just too high, and he’s not willing to take it.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Maurice Benard Addresses Billy Miller, His Emotional Message To Fans

Maurice Benard on Billy Miller and mental health
Maurice Benard On Billy Miller and Mental Health

What can I say, this has been a tough year for the General Hospital family. But this week has really done a number on fans and the entire industry. Billy Miller was a talented, genuine soul who lit up not just the screen, but the whole room.

As tributes for Billy Miller continue to pour in, Maurice Benard’s outreach contains a powerful message. Ultimately, mental health awareness is a way of life for the three-time Daytime Emmy winner. While many tributes displayed the most genuine love and support, Maurice Benard takes things to a more serious level, and touches on the issue at hand.

Maurice Benard On Billy Miller and Mental Health

Benard’s YouTube series, State of Mind, allows for open dialogue about life and mental health. As a bi-polar disorder sufferer, Miller’s death hit very close to home for General Hospital’s leading man. According to General Hospital news reports, Benard shared an Instagram post that brings awareness to mental health and suicide. Check out his IG post below!

Since the pandemic I have been speaking out on Suicide quite a lot, in the beginning, I was hesitant, I didn’t know how people would handle it. But it’s been very encouraging so I have not stopped talking about it!!! It’s hard to really understand Mental illness unless you have experienced the depths of pain that comes with it. This is a @mbstateofmind i did about two months ago but there’s many. And I promise you there will be many many more to come if you know anyone who is going through any kind of darkness, chaos, pain. Just know, all you can do is give them love, patience, understanding, and hopefully Professional help if they agree. And unfortunately, if someone doesn’t want to be on this earth anymore, there’s only so much we can do just remember, it’s not your fault never blame yourself

to subscribe to @mbstateofmind link in bio

if you’re feeling in any kind of way, like life is not worth living for don’t think twice to talk to someone take it from the most fragile person in the world you can get through it. And life has a way of rewarding you.


General Hospital Spoilers: Nina’s Drowning In Lies And Sonny Watches Her Sink- Nina Lies And Loses Sonny

Nina lies and loses Sonny
Nina lies and loses Sonny

What is the one thing Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) hates the most? Other than grocery store pasta sauce, Sonny hates lies above all. Because with lies there is betray. And where there is betrayals there’s broken trust.

Rarely, Sonny will give someone another chance after they’ve broken his trust. Despite the fact that he stands firmly behind honestly and loyalty, Sonny finds himself giving out second chances to those who have betrayed him. For starters there’s Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). Fans still can’t believe that he was so easy on her after he figured out that she kept him captive and let his wife and family think he’s dead.

Moreover, he claimed to be in love with her on top of it all! Like, what?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Additionally, Sonny’s forgiven his son Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), and even Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) after wearing the wire. Plus, there’s more where that came from. Point being that, Sonny may talk a big game, but he does give people second chances. Even third.

Nina Lies (Again) and Loses Sonny (For Good)

According to recent GH spoilers, Nina might need a millionth chance with Sonny after she tacks on yet another lie. One of my favorite lyrics from a song states, “all the walls have ears my darling, and all bad things get known. And I know about you.” That song is called, “I Know About You,” by Dashboard Confessional.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nina’s lies will eventually come to light and reach Sonny’s ears. Expectedly, GH rumors tease that Sonny doesn’t take too well to Nina withholding information regarding his friend Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). In addition, what she did to Carly and Drew is unthinkable.

Can you help us think of all the ways that Nina has betrayed Sonny throughout their “relationship”?

General Hospital Spoilers: Victor Controls Charlotte From Beyond The Grave

GH Spoilers: Victor controls Charlotte
Victor controls Charlotte

Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) has really outdone himself this time. It seems that each and every one of Victor’s plots become increasingly nefarious.

The Cassadine family is infamously known for their wild plots to take over Port Charles, and even the world. And to think it all began decades ago with the one and only, Helena Cassadine. Mainly, the Cassadine’s had their sights set on Luke Spencer (Tony Geary). But over the years their darkness and greed grew. Then, before too long Luke wasn’t the only one who had to watch his back.

Moreover, the Cassadine/Spencer family war became widely popular over the years. But why would the Cassadine’s let all their power and energy to go after just one enemy? Why not go for more? Well, that’s exactly what the evil Cassadines did. At this point, no one in Port Charles was safe from them. Not even members of their own family.

From Stavros to Stefan, Helena to Victor, these were the darkest of Cassadines. Still no member of that family is more feared than the evil dark queen herself. However, she isn’t the only Cassadine whose reach goes beyond the grave. According to recent GH spoilers and rumors, Victor controls Charlotte even after he’s gone. Apparently, there’s something about those tarot cards that’s got Charlotte hooked! In fact, this isn’t the first time that the Cassadine’s used tarot cards as part of another one of their machinations.

Does Victor have his own granddaughter carry out his revenge on Anna Devane (Finola Hughes)?

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Watch Johnny Wactor’s Emotional Speech One Year After GH Says Goodbye To Brando Corbin

Johnny Wactor’s emotional speech
Johnny Wactor’s emotional speech

Sadly, today marks one full year since Johnny Wactor’s last day on ABC’s General Hospital. In just under three years, Wactor established a devoted fan base that has stuck with him even after having left GH.

On the anniversary of his GH exit, fans share a behind the scenes video of Johnny Wactor’s emotional speech. First, if you need a a refresher, check out the GH recaps in the article below.

We couldn’t help but get nostalgic when we same across this video in our social media feed. Undoubtedly, many General Hospital fans miss Brando Corbin and curse Heather Webber’s (Alley Mills) name for what she’s done. Previously, Wactor left the door open to return to the 60 year old soap.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Kin Shriner Returns! Is He Just In Time To Help Lucy?

Kin Shriner returns to GH
Kin Shriner returns to GH

It’s always a party when Scotty Baldwin is around! It looks like Lucy is ready to let loose in the midst of some very stressful times. Personally and professionally Lucy’s got a lot going on at the moment.

First, let’s rewind a bit to mid-Spring. That’s when General Hospital star announced that his role as Scotty Baldwin has been written out of the script. You can check out the article from May 17th by clicking on the title below.

According to GH news reports, Kin Shriner returns to GH with style. I mean, it can’t get much more stylish than strolling back into Port Charles, then having Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) on his arm. Although recent GH spoilers and previews indicate Lucy is trash to party, Scotty doesn’t look like he’s really in the mood. But recent General Hospital rumors indicate that bad mood or not, Scotty’s arrival helps Lucy in her time of need.

Is Deception going to need a new lawyer to handle this intense case? Both Blair, Kramer and Tracy, Carter, Maine or ruthless business women who aren’t just going to roll over in the quart room. Besides, Jack Montgomery, attorney-at-law is representing them. Even if Scotty becomes a Lucy’s lawyer, do they stand a chance up against Montgomery?

Sonny Notices Similarities Sonny’s Flustered When He Notices Similarities Between Dex And A Certain Someone

Dex reminds Sonny of Jason
Dex reminds Sonny of Jason

It starts. The bond between Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) starts now. For Dex, that bond likely already started the night Sonny invited him to sit down for some pasta. That’s when Dex really saw another side of Sonny. Suddenly, things looked differently to Dex ever since he realized that Sonny has a genuine heart.

According to GH recaps, Sonny made a comment to Dex. It was in the heat of their Pikeman conversation when Sonny verbally expressed that he was impressed by Dex. First, he asked for Dex’s input on the Pikeman situation which lead to his impeccable attention to detail. Then, Sonny was pleased at how through Dex’s thought process was. He said, “Damn. Turned you on and you just go.”

It seems to me that Sonny is starting to notice little things about Dex. And sooner than later he begins to realize something. According to GH spoilers, Dex reminds Sonny of Jason. He begins to notice similarities between his new enforcer and his life-long friend.

Previously, General Hospital rumors made claims that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is Dex’s father. However, the rumor began gaining more credibility once GH casting rumors claim that Steve could be headed back to General Hospital. How long before Sonny puts the pieces together and figures out that Dex is Jason’s son?

General Hospital Spoilers: Charlotte’s Caught In The Act! Nina Deletes The Security Footage?

Nina deleted the security footage
Nina deletes the security footage

We have to give it up for Cynthia Watros and James Patrick Stuart. There is something about that scene that is so very authentic. Shockingly, Valentin and Nina react to what they’ve witnessed. To their dismay, they find Valentin’s daughter, Charlotte Cassadine suspiciously entering Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) Metro Court suite.

General Hospital recaps recall the desperation in Valentin Cassadine’s eyes when he asked Nina not to share the evidence with anyone. Evidently, she never gave him her word. Instead, Nina just gave the “soap opera stare” (made famous by Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and (Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos)) lol!

According to GH spoilers and rumors, Nina has Valentin’s back. Luckily, he is able to buy some time when Nina deletes security footage from the Metro Court. General Hospital rumors tease that Nina uses Olivia’s computer to keep things under wraps for Valentin.

But what does this mean for him and Anna? Despite the fact that he lied through his teeth, Valentin does love Anna. But now he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, having to choose to throw his own daughter under the bus or letting his lady love live in fear.

General Hospital News: Kelly Monaco’s Mom Speaks Out On Billy Miller’s Passing

Carmina Monaco speaks on Billy Miller’s passing
Carmina Monaco speaks on Billy Miller’s passing

His death came as a shock to so many. Billy Miller was an American actor known for his roles in daytime as General Hospital’s Jake Doe/Jason Morgan/Drew Cain, Billy Abbott on The Young And The Restless, and a Marcus Spector on Suits.

Over the last two days, fans and personal friends alone have flooded social media platforms with heartfelt messages. One in particular that stuck out was written by Kelly Monaco’s mom. Previously, Carmina’s daughter Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller worked side by side as direct co-stars on General Hospital.

Quickly, Kelly and Billy grew closer, and rumors of a relationship ran rampant through the fan base. We all know Drew Cain and Sam McCall as “Dream.” Additionally, fans named Kelly and Billy, “Killy,” what they shipped as a real-life couple.

According to recent GH news, Carmina Monaco speaks out on Billy Miller’s passing. She posted her message on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Expectedly, Twitter holds a huge Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco fan base. First, Billy’s Port Charles arrival gave Jason and Sam fans hope for JaSam 2.0. Then, Millers role went from Jake doe to Jason Morgan, to Drew Cain. All who were romantically involved with Sam. (Kelly Monaco)

Monaco and Miller remain close throughout his GH career. Sadly, many are mourning this devastating loss.