General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas and Ava Plan To Marry, Will Nikolas Pull One Over On Ava?

The town of Port Charles has had one big bombshell dropped after another. The latest comes with some major twist. Not only did the shock of Nikolas’ (Marcus Coloma) return from the dead stir things up at Nina (Cynthia Watros) and Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) wedding, but shortly after Nik came face to face with those who thought he was dead, a few big bombs were dropped. Nikolas revealed to Valentin and to everyone in attendance that Valentin is not actually a Cassadine and that he is merely Helena’s (Constance Towers) son, with no Cassadine blood.

The revelations and confessions didn’t end there. Nikolas’ Mother Laura (Genie Francis) wasn’t too pleased to learn that her son who has just returned from the dead will be getting married to Ava Jerome (Maura West). It’s obvious this isn’t a marriage of love although Nikolas and Ava did have a brief romance before he was shot by Valentin. Some may think the fact that Nikolas saved Ava from the cold water after Valentin pushed her in would be a sign of love. However, it’s more likely that Nikolas was saving Ava because she is his only way of getting his hands on the Cassadine codicil. Their upcoming nuptials have more to do with a business transaction than real love. General Hospital spoilers hint Ava is in control, and this marriage set up is a way to hold the codicil over Nikolas’ head in order for her to get her piece of the pie, and ultimately revenge on Valentin for what he did to her regarding her face.

Things may not be exactly what they seem, especially for Ava Jerome. She thinks she is in control because the codicil has been in her possession. But is Nikolas actually the one in control? General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nik will be the one pulling one over on Ava. It’s highly possible that he is still legally married to Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig), and if you’re already legally married to someone, marrying another would not be official. Odds are Ava will be led to believe (by Nikolas) that they are actually married all while he knows darn well he cannot marry another while still legally bound to Hayden.

Will Ava’s plan to get her hands on some of the Cassadine fortune backfire, or will Nikolas and Ava be the next big romance on GH?

General Hospital Spoilers: Mike Overhears Truth About Wiley, Things Take An Unexpected Turn

Sonny’s father Mike Corbin (Max Gail) has been suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and recently has really taken a turn for the worst. For a while Mike’s son Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and daughter-in-law Carly (Laura Wright) were able to handle his care by themselves, but after a few recent incidents they realized they didn’t have what it takes professionally to be able to give Mike the care he really needs. Sonny’s father is now living in a facility called Turning Woods and getting professional medical care for his disease.

Mike isn’t the only Port Charles resident who is currently receiving medical care at Turning Woods. Since the car crash which left Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) in a coma, he has been transferred to Turning Woods where he remains in a coma. Both Mike and Lucas are getting the treatment they need.

Things are about to take an unexpected turn in the Wiley Cooper Jones (Erik and Theo Olson) baby swap saga as General Hospital spoilers reveal the secret about baby Wiley aka Jonah Corinthos is about to be let out of the bag. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Brad Cooper’s (Parry Shen) loose lips will ultimately get him into trouble as he can’t keep talking about what he has done. Although Lucas remains in a coma, Brad talks to him at his bedside. He has already revealed Wiley’s true identity as Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Nelle Benson’s (Chloe Lanier) son, Jonah. It’s still uncertain whether or not Lucas is able to absorb this information in his current state and if he is hearing what Brad is saying, that doesn’t mean he will remember the information if and when he awakens. Brad may think his secret is safe as he reveals Wiley’s true indenity over and over again to his comatose husband, however that’s most like not the case. Mike has been wandering the halls of Turning Woods which opens up the opportunity for him to overhear Brad’s one sided conversation with Lucas.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Mike will be walking the halls of the medical facility when he overhears Brad talking to Lucas about Wiley and how he and Nelle have been lying to everyone. A while back Mike saw the baby and mentioned he looked like Carly. The family was quick to remind Mike that Michael’s baby Jonah had died, therefore there wouldn’t be a reason the baby would look like any family member. Looking back, that was most likely a way for the writers to hint Mike may be the one to ultimately uncover the truth about his great grandson. However things will not go as smoothly as it sounds. Since Mike suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, GH spoilers indicate Mike will tell Sonny what he has heard but no one believes him due to his current mental state.

This story seems to be leading right up to February Sweeps which would make for a great time to let the cat out of the bag and not be drawn out any longer. Will Sonny be the only one who has faith that his father Mike is right about this? Sonny will want to get to the bottom of this, after all Jonah is his grandson. Nelle will definitely have something to fear once Sonny figures out what she has done.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Becomes The Next Dawn Of Day Leader, Is Nelle Behind Shiloh’s Memorial?

Just when you thought Nelle could not get any more evil and crazy, she doesn’t cease to surprise GH fans with what she has up her sleeve. Previously General Hospital spoilers hinted that Nelle married Shiloh and that she would be legally entitled to his shares of ELQ. But it doesn’t stop there with Nelle. Although she is behind bars at Pentonville, she still manages to reek havoc on the residents of Port Charles.

Last week on General Hospital Sam Morgan (Sam Morgan) and Willow Tait (were together when they both received a mysterious text informing them of a memorial service for Shiloh Archer, the former leader of the cult, Dawn of Day. It seems as though everyone who had anything to do with Shiloh or Dawn of Day has received this same message including Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) and more. Odds are Nelle is the one behind setting up the memorial in a disturbing attempt to gather those who were effected by Shiloh’s sick manipulations. It’s likely that at this gathering Nelle will drop a bombshell and make a huge announcement.

General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that Nelle has another shocking plan to reveal and it won’t be something easily overlooked. The word is that since Nelle married Shiloh, although he is dead, his cult and what it represents will continue on. General Hospital spoilers indicate Nelle will make an announcement appointing herself as the new leader. Who better to take over such a thing than Nelle Benson?

General Hospital Spoilers: Julian and Brook Lynn Hook Up, An Unexpected Romance, Brook Lynn Playing With Fire

Everyone knows that when Brook Lynn Ashton (Amanda Setton) waltzed back into town she would come in like a storm causing trouble wherever she goes. She has always been a spitfire of a young woman and now that she is back in Port Charles, GH viewers are anxious to see the drama that will surround Brook Lynn, The Quartermaine’s and whoever else she comes in contact with.

Julian Jerome was one of the first encounters Brook Lynn experienced when she first arrived back in Port Charles. She and Julian made an instant impression on one another, although it wasn’t a good one, it will definitely leave an impact and a gateway to open an interesting story line between the two of them.

Although their first encounter was hostile after Julian assumed Brook Lynn was a hooker and she walked away offended, the ran into each other again and were able to come to common ground. Brook Lynn talked about Julian’s son Leo and how she took care of Leo when Olivia was protecting Leo from Julian as he was heavy into the mob business at the time.

General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that these two will develop an attraction to one another and ultimately give into passion and hook up. General Hospital rumors speculate this will be a one time or short lived romance because GH spoilers indicate Brook Lynn will find out what Julian has done to Lucas regarding baby Wiley and she will realize that he hasn’t changed for the good.

Their relationship will start out intense but will soon go down in flames as nothing good will come out of the reveal of the baby swap Julian is strongly involved in. Brook Lynn values her friendship with Julian’s son Lucas and her cousin Michael and will not take Julian’s part in this lightly.

GH viewers have strong opinions regarding this unlikely pairing. Will they eventually overcome the obstacles such as the age gap and Julian’s lifestyle?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Explains What Happened On That Fateful Night, Valentin Loses Everything

Laura sees her son alive!

Things are really heating up in Port Charles as this past week’s Cliffhanger Friday left everyone’s jaws open in shock. It’s been a long time coming, but reveal of Nikolas Cassadine (Nikolas Cassadine) has finally come to light and the town of Port Charles has regained yet another person back from the dead.
After all the curiosity and speculation revolving around Charlotte’s (Scarlett Fernandez) apparent body guard, claiming he was the man she saw in Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) phone, Laura (Genie Francis) finally has answers. When Charlotte told Laura she saw the photo of her body guard in Lulu’s camera roll, Laura just figured that Charlotte just pegged anyone to fit her tall tail. The adults chalked it up to possible PTSD after the incident on the docks, but now it’s clear that Charlotte wasn’t making up stories. In actuality, Nikolas is the one who told Charlotte her father Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) hired him to be her body guard in order to conceal his true identity for the time being. After Valentin pushed Ava (Maura West) into the freezing cold water, Nikolas came to her rescue and revealed himself with Ava in his arms. The entire group of wedding guests were in complete shock when Nikolas walked in holding Ava. His mother ran right to him and touched his face, his sister Lulu close behind.
General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nikolas will explain everything that happened the night he was shot and presumed dead. He will also be the one to explain the details behind the codicil and how Valentin will be stripped of any right he thought he had to the Cassadine fortune.
Nina adds icing to the cake by divulging what she knows about what Valentin has done in front of all of their wedding guests. She goes on to list all of his acts of deception and betrayal. Not only has Valentin lost what he thought he would get from the Cassadine fortune, but now he knows he has lost Nina’s love.
Take a peek at Monday’s upcoming episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital News: Kimberly McCullough Retires From Acting

Kimberly McCullough is most famously known for her role as Robin Scorpio Drake on the iconic soap opera, General Hospital. McCullough originated the role of Robin Scorpio, daughter of Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) at the young age of 7 in 1985. McCullough played the role until adulthood, and has remained a household name on the show well into the 2000s. She became recurring and eventually left the show only to come back here and there.

At the age of 41, Kimberly announced on her personal Instagram that she is retiring from acting. She reflected on the past decade and recapped the important events in her life including losing a baby, having a baby, finding love, and directing. Kimberly is now focusing mostly on directing and has some impressive accomplishments in her portfolio. She has directed 25 episodes of television, including Pretty Little Liars, and The Connor’s among many more.

Any hope for a return for Robin to coming back to General Hospital is still up in the air, as she will not be returning on contract, however, there is always a possibility for cameo appearances.

General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Is Heartbroken, Will Nathan Return Just In Time? Ryan Paevey Open To Return To GH

Peter August (Wes Ramsey) was able to win the heart of Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) after they became close while Maxie was grieving the loss of her love, Nathan West (Ryan Paevey). The two started out as friends, and their friendship ultimately grew into a mutual attraction for one another, resulting in a serious relationship. Although Peter has slipped up quite a few times around Maxie as he acts stressed out, aloof, and flustered due to his paranoia of being found out. Peter is a shady man and has done many evil things to some of the people Maxie loves. He won’t be able to deceive Maxie forever. Sooner than later she will find out all of the things he has done to get what he wants and to cover his tracks in the process. The people he has hurt, the collateral damage, and so on. General Hospital spoilers hint that Maxie will soon find out everything. She will be devastated, feel betrayed and angry and left with a broken heart.

Maxie Jones and Detective Nathan West were very much in love at the time of Detective West’s untimely death. Maxie was pregnant with their son, James Malcom West when Nathan passed away. Unlike many soap opera “deaths” Nathan’s passing was a sure thing. He was killed on screen and even shown in the casket at his funeral. Normally it’s pretty easy to bring soap opera characters back from the “dead” due the notorious “we can’t find a body” scenarios. However, that wasn’t the case when Nathan was killed by Faison (Anders Hove).

Where there’s a will there’s a way and if TPTB really want to being back Paevey’s character (Detective West) they will figure out a way to do it. In a recent tweet, Paevey replied to a fan that was having a twitter discussion about bringing Nathan back to Port Charles. Paevey replied and stated, “My team and I and the GH powers that be would have to have a serious sit down about that…but for now, let’s chalk them up to fond memories.”

As Maxie is left broken hearted, GH fans are hopeful that somehow Nathan can come back just at the right time to mend her broken heart. Judging from Paevey’s twitter reply, it seems as though he would be willing to come back to General Hospital if presented with the opportunity.

Is it possible to resurrect Nathan or would it be too far fetched since GH viewers know he was killed on screen? Only time will tell how the writers would play out this scenario. In the mean time, there is hope Maxie will figure out what Peter is all about before she wastes any more of her love and time on that relationship.

GH Spoilers: Nelle Sets Wiley/Jonah Swap Reveal In Motion Herself, Blames Liesl Obrecht, Gets Away Scot-Free

As the baby Wiley Cooper Jones (Erik and Theo Olson) aka Jonah Corinthos swap story is about to peak and come to a close, more General Hospital spoilers have developed regarding how this will all come to light.

Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) is as evil as they come and unfortunately Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) got tangled up in her games romantically and fathered a child with her. Michael was devastated to learn that his and Nelle’s son, Jonah, had passed away at birth. GH viewers obviously are aware that is not actually true and that Nelle and Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) set up a despicable plan to give baby Jonah to Brad and his husband Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) after their own adoptive son passed away suddenly.

When Nelle went into labor outside in the wilderness, Liesl (Kathleen Gati) was there to help deliver Nelle’s baby. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. Although Dr. Obrecht has had quite a shady and evil past herself, she actually loaned a helping hand and delivered a healthy baby boy who belongs to Nelle and Michael. Nelle and Brad are the ones who came up with this horrific plan to tell Michael their baby had died so that Brad could pass this baby off as Wiley.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle will not be backed into a corner and ultimately be exposed. It looks as though her lies and deception will continue on as she sets yet another devious plan in motion. She has been contacting her lawyer, Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) to help her get out of Pentonville. Nelle had been sharing a cell with Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) who was imprisoned because Peter August (Wes Ramsey) set her up to take the fall for Shiloh Archer’s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) murder. Now that Sam is out, Nelle figures there is still hope for her own release. GH spoilers indicate Nelle will not only get a plan in motion to get out, but she will also be the one to put the baby Wiley/Jonah swap reveal in motion.

GH fans may be wondering why in the world Nelle would expose herself. What fans need to remember is that Nelle is conniving and what you see isn’t typically what you get. Odds are she will put this in motion but also cover her tracks. General Hospital spoilers reveal Nelle will expose Wiley’s true identity to make herself look like the victim. When the Pentonville transportation van got into an accident involving Michael and Nelle’s vehicle, inmate Dr. O was able to fight the guard and escape. She wound up running into Nelle who then convinced Dr. O to help deliver her baby. Dr. Obrecht and Brad Cooper were the only ones around Nelle when she was giving birth to baby Jonah, therefore there are no witnesses to confirm or deny what Nelle is about to claim. Nelle will supposedly claim she was unconscious at the time of giving birth and she will lie and say Liesl must be the one to have stolen baby Jonah, tell her he died, and give the baby to Brad.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucky Spencer Returns From Ireland With Son Aiden, Who Will Reprise Their Role?

There are many reason why Lucky Spencer would want to return to Port Charles in the very near future. Recent General Hospital spoilers hint that Lucky could be returning to Port Charles very soon.

Between the holiday season and the resurfacing of Lucky’s brother Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), the timing makes sense for Lucky to bring his son back to Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), and to see his brother who has been presumed dead. Currently, Lucky and Elizabeth’s son, Aiden (Jason David), is staying in Ireland with his father Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) for the holidays. The child has to return to Port Charles sooner than later, and what better way to bring him back than his own father paying a visit in Port Charles.

There have been 3 actors to play the iconic role of Lucky Spencer, starting with the most well known actor as Lucky, Jonathan Jackson. Jackson originated the role and has been on General Hospital working alongside Daytime TV legends such as Anthony Geary (Lucas Lorenzo Spencer) and Genie Francis (Laura Webber Spencer). Jonathan Jackson is currently heavily involved in his band Enation but is not currently acting on TV. Jackson had a leading role on ABC’s Nashville, but since the end of that series, Jackson has not been steadily in a role.

Jacob Young and Greg Vaughan both had their time on General Hospital as well playing Lucky Spencer when Jackson left the show. In a recent interview with Soaps In Depth, Jacob Young revealed he would love to return to GH as Lucky. Young is off contract with The Bold and the Beautiful and disclosed his feelings toward the idea of returning. “It’s always been on my radar. Lucky was a really special time, and of course, I won the Emmy for that role, so that’s always gonna stick out in my mind.” Jackson said when asked about a possible return to GH. Although he states that he doesn’t see himself going on contract with General Hospital, he admits that The Bold and the Beautiful doesn’t have any roles open for him at the moment, however, General Hospital does.

Greg Vaughan was also a component in the Lucky Spencer saga throughout the years. However Vaughan is currently playing Eric Brady on NBC’s Days Of Our Lives and would mostly likely not be available to return to GH even for a short stint.

Although GH news has not confirmed the return of Lucky Spencer, it would seem to be the most logical time for the character to make himself present in Port Charles during this important time with his family now that Nikolas is alive. If Lucky were to return to Port Charles, which actor would GH fans prefer most?

General Hospital News: Steve Burton Is So Excited He Made It To Cameo And We Are Too!

This is exciting news! Have you heard of Cameo? It’s a service where someone can purchase a shout out from a celebrity. Whether you want the shout out all for yourself or perhaps as a gift, or simply to brighten someone’s day, Steve Burton is now at your service!

Burton shared the news via Instagram, informing his fans that he has officially made it to Cameo and would love to help you make someone’s day with a personalized video message from Burton himself. Steve mentions GH fans along with those who know him as the voice of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy.