General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) Has a New Show!

General Hospital’s own Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) has been hinting via twitter and Facebook that she has an upcoming project in the works for ABC.

Her new show will debut online this October! Nancy’s co-stars include, Lisa LoCicero, Chelsea Handler’s Sarah Colonna, Jimmy Paardo from The Conan O’Brien Show, along with the GH cast!

Nancy’s new role will not interfere with her 22 year role as Alexis Davis on ABC’s last standing soap opera, General Hospital.


Ava’s Baby Daddy

Warning, this post is a potential General Hospital Spoiler.



Ava is quite a piece of work. While romantically involved with Morgan, a college aged boy who was actually married to her own daughter, she sleeps with his Father, mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. It was apparent during their time together, that Ava Jerome really did love Morgan. Despite the age difference, and her scheming ways, Ava actually fell for the young heart throb, and Morgan was happy to reciprocate the feelings. But there were so man y complications and obstacles in their relationship, starting with Julian Jerome (Ava’s brother) and Sonny Corinthos. The two men are at opposite ends of the mob and want nothing more to take each other out. Julian wasn’t happy with Ava’s entanglement with Morgan, but he try to use the situation to his advantage and gather inside information on Sonny. Sonny wasn’t too keen on their relationship either, as he believed that Ava was just using Morgan to get the inside scoop on Sonny’s operation.

While Ava was trying to manipulate Sonny after she killed his fiance, Connie Falconeri, they both got caught up in the murder of AJ Quartermaine. One thing led to another and Sonny and Ava ended up sleeping together. Of course, Morgan had to walk up at exactly that moment and catch his girlfriend and his father in the act.

As a result of Ava and Sonny’s betrayal of Morgan, who they claim to love, she is now pregnant and is unsure who the father is. Recent General Hospital rumors speculate that Morgan is going to be the father of Ava’s baby, and Sonny will gain a grandchild.

Tracy Finally Realizes Her Husband is a FAKE

The wool has been pulled over Tracy’s eyes for far too long.  Fans have been asking, “How can she be this clueless?” After years of being close to and intimate with Luke Spencer, it’s pretty strange that Tracy hasn’t noticed that her husband isn’t actually her husband. Fake Luke, aka Fluke has been duping Tracy Quartermaine for months now and it is about time that she come to her senses. We all see what we want to see when in love, and perhaps that is why Tracy turns a blind eye to all the red flags that have been right in front of her regarding Luke’s behaviors.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the straw that breaks the camels back is when Luke doesn’t even come home when he learns that his daughter Lulu Spencer Falconeri has been kidnapped. Tracy knows how much Luke loves Lulu, and how the real Luke would stop at nothing to bring her home safely.

In a recent Soaps in Depth interview, GH Head Writer, Ron Carlivati states, “Her questions about Luke are growing. Lulu’s missing and where the hell is Luke? He makes excuses, but Tracy is really determined to find him and find out why he’s not there when his family needs him.”

It seems as though Tracy may finally see the light when it comes to Fluke. Hopefully she will start putting all the pieces together. If and when she does, will the other residents of Port Charles believe her? What will it take for everyone to finally realize that Luke isn’t really himself?

We won’t be finding out who the impostor Luke is until Fall, possibly in October when Tony Geary returns from medical leave. In the mean time, Luke’s family and friends can start adding things up and figuring out what is really going on.

Let us know where you think this is headed.


Throwback Thursday!

Take a look at this photo found on fanpop.com. These baby faces are none other than the legendary couple Liz and Lucky, also known as LnL2 (Luke and Laura 2).

Share if you miss these two and their loves story together.


Will Stavros Come for Lulu?

According to Levi Dunkleman, aka, Peter Harrell (Zachary Garred), Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan) is of much more value to this operation that the feisty Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). Levi duped Maxie into falling for him by helping her through losing her daughter at her custody hearing. Maxie fell for his lies and let him into her life, her home town, and tried to make her friends accept him. Little did she know that she was just a pawn in this ginormous game that seems to be led by Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis).

Levi used Maxie to get to her Mother’s (Felicia Jones) Aztec jewels, but also to get closer to Lulu. Victor is on a mission and his intentions are to kidnap Lulu. Recent General Hospital rumors indicate that Stavros Cassadine (Robert Kelker-Kelly) will be waking up from his cryogenic state very soon, and that he wants Lulu all to himself. It has also been speculated that Lulu’s hormone treatment to become pregnant with Dante’s child is going to be tampered with.

Will Dante find his wife before it’s too late? Or will their dream of conceiving another child be gone before it can begin?



Will Franco and Nina Become a Couple?

There are a lot of new connections starting as well as being discovered with the residents of Port Charles. Should we send out a NEW COUPLE ALERT for Nina and Franco? Not only do the two seem to have more in common with one another than they do with their current love interests (Carly and Silas), but General Hospital’s Head Writer, Ron Carlivati seems to think there is something there as well.  According to an interview in Soap Opera Digest, Carlivati goes on to say, “Franco and Nina are two people who can possibly relate to each other due to their questionable grip on reality, their mental issues. There’s more to come here, definitely.”


What do you think? Would Franco and Nina make a great team romantically?



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Another General Hospital Star Headed to Dancing with the Stars!

It is official! Last week rumors were circulating that General Hospital star Antonio Sabato Jr. would be taking the stage as a contestant on this season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. This morning on Good Morning America; The Cast Reveal, it has been confirmed that ex-Jagger Cates, actor Antonio Sabato Jr., will be the dancing partner of the amazing Cheryl Burke!

Who is excited to see Antonio Sabato Jr. dance his heart out with Cheryl this season? Congratulations Antonio, and good luck to you and Cheryl!

General Hospital fans get another reason to cheer this season!

Catch Dancing with the Stars starting Monday, September 15th on ABC!



Who is the Mystery Man and Will He Make Off with Maxie and Lulu?

Maxie and Lulu have already been through a lot since being kidnapped by Levi Dunkleman, aka, Peter Harrell Jr. His father, Peter Harrell is out to seek revenge on his ex-fiance Felicia Jones and her family after she found Frisco Jones and ran away with him and fell in love. However, yesterday Levi revealed that the wife of Detective Dante Falconeri, and daighter in law of PC mobster Sonny Corinthos, is much more valuable in this operation than Maxie is.

It looked as though they were all safe when Lulu elbowed Dunkleman and it enabled Dante to shoot him in the shoulder. Maxie got loose and Nathan went around back to see if he could enter in another way. Just as they all though they were safe, a smoke bomb went off and it gassed them all into passing out.

Who is the man with the blue gloves? Did he come for Lulu? If he is there for Lulu, could this mystery man be Stavros Cassadine? Last year Lulu was kidnapped by Stavros and she was brainwashed to believe she was married to him. Since then he has been frozen in a cryogenic chamber. We know that Victor Cassadine is working on bringing Stavros and Helena back to life. Was his successful in his mission?

Make your guess to who the mystery man could be! Let us know what you think!


Who Does Jason Belong With?

It is so exciting knowing that Jason Morgan will be coming home to Port Charles! Billy Miller has taken on the role of Jason and will be arriving in Port Charles soon enough. Jason is married to his soul mate, Samantha. However, he has had deep connections and love with a few other women in town. Robin and Jason have been there for each other from the beginning. Robin has saved Jason’s life and Jason has done the same for her. Carly and Jason are best friends. Before Sam came along, Carly was always his number one girl. Even after Jason established a relationship with Sam, he and Carly remained best buddies, just not at Carly’s every beck and call. Elizabeth have a strong past and were once deeply in love. They shared a child together, who passed away in an unfortunate accident.

When Jason returns, will he still be in love with his wife, Sam, or will his heart belong to someone else?


Nina and Ava’s First Encounter: Who Will Win the Baby Battle?

For the first time since Nina learned that her husband Silas Clay was cheating on her with Ava Jerome, the two battling ladies came face to face. It has been over 20 years since Nina found out that her husband had a mistress named Ava Jerome. In that time, Nina spent 20 years in a coma after her mother drugged her and caused her to lose her baby. Nina, Silas, and some loved ones believe that Nina miscarried her child when she went into a coma.

We have reason to believe that the fact that Nina “lost her child” could have another meaning. It’s true, that right now Nina does not have a child, but maybe she didn’t lose her to an unfortunate miscarriage. Perhaps Nina’s baby was “lost” because Ava has her child… and that child just might be Kiki.

Who will come out on top when these two duke it out over a child? Will Nina try to steal Ava’s baby that she is currently carrying, or will Nina find out that Kiki has been her own daughter all along?