Robin Reunites with Her Family!

The moments we all have been waiting for are finally here! Robin Scorpio Drake is reuniting with her family! Robin has been reunited with her Father, Robert, and today on General Hospital, she will have a heart warming reunion with her Mother, Anna. Soon, Patrick and Emma will also be well aware that their beloved Robin is alive and well.

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Tristan Rogers OUT at GH

This news is such a shock that Head Writer! Ron Carlivati didn’t even know until recently. Rogers is leaving GH and with such little notice, Carlivati stated that he only has one day to write off his character for February sweeps. He also tweeted we will be seeing a lot of Robert from now until February. Rumors indicated Rogers has decided to head to Genoa City to reprise his role in The Young and the Restless. That has not yet been confirmed.


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Kimberly McCullough Posts “Hint” to Upcoming Scenes

Yesterday, General Hospital’s Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio Drake) posted a little hint on Instagram. It looks as if Robin will be having a lot of upcoming scenes with her cousin Maxie Jones and some with Spinelli. How will these scenes tie into the custody battle between Maxie and Lulu for baby Connie? Lulu is accusing Maxie of murdering her cousin Robin when she accidentally had her purse latched to what ultimately caused the explosion Robin was in . (Or so they thought). Lulu went there. She was cold and calculating enough to drag Maxie’s ‘dead’ cousin into the courtroom to use against Maxie. Once they all learn Robin is alive, will it all blow up in Lulu’s face?


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Derek Wells and Sam Morgan

Ever since Derek donated bone marrow for Sam’s son Danny, Sam has been very grateful to the man that was able to save his life. More recently, Sam has learned that Derek was the one responsible for setting the charitable donation from Ava’s gallery and Franco’s artwork in motion. Now that Sam has learned Ava is her Aunt, she feels like she should try and get to know her better. Ava has made it clear that she doesn’t really care that Sam is her niece.

When Sam finally finds out the truth about Derek, that HE is in fact her Father and Julian Jerome, will she feel compelled to get closer to him, or will she be so furious at her Father for all his lies and deceit? Do you think Julian and Sam have a chance at a real Father-Daughter relationship?

Happy Halloween!

General Hospital Blog would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Halloween! Trick or Treat! Don’t forget to check out more GH Halloween thrills on tomorrow’s Cliffhanger Friday.

Michael Saucedo to Reprise GH Role of Juan Santiago

General Hospital actor, Michael Saucedo, who is the real life husband of GH’s Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber), will be returning to Port Charles to reprise his role as Juan Santiago.

Last name ring a bell? He is related to Sabrina! Also, there may be a connection between Juan and Sabrina’s ex boyfriend, Carlos. Rivera. Juan is the son of Lily Rivera, played by Lilly Melgar, and Miguel Mortez, played by Ricky Martin.  He was last scene on the GH scene back in 2001.

This news has been reported and confirmed by Soap Opera Network and Soap Opera Digest.


Anthony Geary Quitting General Hospital?

Will this be the end of Luke Spencer?

Anthony Geary, General Hospital’s legendary Luke Spencer, has been faced with making a huge decision due to a recent and supposed change regarding the actor’s pay. The network wants to decrease his yearly salary by 50%.

An article states that ABC no longer justifies paying Geary 1.5 million salary due to the decrease in GH ratings. However, I find this part to be false because General Hospital has been up in ratings and has been on fire since the 50th anniversary.

Geary is very serious about leaving General Hospital. In a recent statement, he expressed how he would want his character to actually die. He believes that fans are owed some type of actual closure. Geary states, “Those of us who have been on soaps forever, we ought to go out in a way that gives the audience real closure. But I know the network has a real resistance to that.”  He adds, “It’s not my choice, but I’ve had an awfully good run and I wouldn’t mind being a sacrificial lamb to let the audience believe that characters can really, really die.”

Anthony Geary is 66 years old and joined General Hospital as Luke Spencer in 1978. He left the canvas in 1984 and returned to GH 9 years later.

General Hospital Blog hopes that Geary and ABC can come to some sort of agreement that will ensure his presence on the show. Luke is a legend and Geary is an amazing actor. We are all better off being able to watch him on our screens.

Britt Makes a Confession!

Today on General Hospital, Britt makes a shocking confession in her time of need. Britt is desperate to get Ben back and reveals a secret. Is ushers telling the truth or is this just another one of her lies to try and get what she wants?

Nikolas Sees Robin!

Nikolas and Britta have made their way to Athens and have arrived on Cassadine Island. Robin now knows that her parents are looking for her.  Today on General Hospital, Nik sees his dear friend Robin, who he thought has been dead for well over a year. What will happen now?