General Hospital Turns 53!

GH53General Hospital Blog would like to wish ABC’s General Hospital a very happy 53rd Birthday!

The cast and crew of GH have been giving fans something to look forward to every weekday afternoon for 53 years! That definitely says a lot about the talent of all involved in making this show as amazing as it is.

Here’s to another 53 years and counting!

Congratulations, General Hospital!

Which is Your Favorite GH Friendship Duo?

SonnyAnnaMany friendships have come and gone in the town of Port Charles, but we want to know who is currently you favorite!

Some have strong bonds and some are budding this Spring!

There are many past friendships that have made just as much an impact on fans as super couples. Feel free to let us know in the comments who your favorite past friendship faves have been throughout the years.

If your current favorite duo isn’t listed in the poll choices, please, let us know who your current faves are!


Did Esme Sleep With Spencer around the same time as she slept with Nikolas?

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GH News: Shawn Returns, Find Out When

ShawntreturnsSean Blakemore has just received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor as Shawn Butler on ABC’s General Hospital.

General Hospital fans and Sean have another thing to be excited about. His return to GH as Shawn Butler. General Hospital spoilers revealed the big news that Blakemore will return to GH on April 4th!

However, his appearance as Shawn will be short lived, as it is only for one episode. Although his return will be brief, there is reason behind this character’s return, and fans now have assurance that Shawn has not been forgotten, and that we WILL be seeing more of him in the future.

GH News: Liz Disappears; Rebecca’s Hiatus

LizhiatusThe latest General Hospital Blog news reported that Rebecca Herbst settled her contract negotiations with General Hospital. Although the actress and the show were able to come to an agreement, Rebecca will be gone from the canvas for a period of time.
General Hospital spoilers have revealed Rebecca will be on hiatus, and possibly won’t start taping again until mid-April. Herbst told Soap Opera Digest, “Because this contract negotiation went right up to the last minute, they did have to stop writing for me for a little while. I might not even be back taping until the second week of April, so Elizabeth is going to disappear for a little bit on your screens.They are going to try to sprinkle me in, but outlines have already been written, so I don’t know how much they can actually put me in.”

Rebecca last taped scenes as Elizabeth Webber on March 8th, 2016. Although Liz fans may be missing their girl, it will only be for a short time.

GH Blog Poll: Who is the Best Lady for Curtis Ashford?

CurtisWomenTake General Hospital Blog’s latest poll! We want to know your opinions on the newest potential pairing.

Are you Team Tracy OR Team Lucy?

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Which Lady is Best for Curtis Ashford?

CurtisWomenThe new guy in town, Curtis Ashford, (Donnell Turner) has made his acquaintance with a few ladies in Port Charles. One woman is from his past, one women he is trying to protect from her own husband, and the other is a fresh new face that just found out about his troubled past.

Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Curtis are ex-in-laws, and have a mutual dislike for one another. Jordan was married to Curtis’ brother, and she and Curtis have never been fans of one another. Jordan judges Curtis for his prior cocaine addiction, and Curtis has something Jordan is ashamed of hanging over her head.

Hayden (Rebecca Budig) asked Curtis for help to find information about the shooting that landed her in a coma. Curtis tries to steer Hayden away from her own husband, Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), since he is the one who had her shot.

Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) works for Jordan over at the PCPD and was warned by her friend and colleague (Jordan) of Curtis’ shady past. Valerie told Dante that she is still thinking about pursuing something possibly romantic with her new acquaintance, because everyone has made mistakes.

All three of these lovely ladies Mr. Ashford has come in contact with would make for a great romantic pairing with Port Charles’ newest mystery man. Is he a bad boy, or does Jordan just have it out for him? Will she change her mind about her ex- brother-in-law? If Nikolas and Hayden’s marriage starts coming apart at the seams, will Curtis be there for her? Valerie has finally gotten over her affair with Dante, is she ready to start something new with Curtis?

Let us know what you think! Who should be Curtis’ love interest?

General Hospital Spoilers: What Laura Has Loved and Lost


Helena’s will reading was significantly short of satisfying. Basically, we don’t know the meaning of her oh-so-crytpic mysterious and evil distributions to those closest to the Cassadine family.

Over time, Helena has held a special place in her heart, so to speak, for the Spencer family. Especially for Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis). That said, her “gift” to Laura is probably the most intriguing and mysterious of them all. Evidently, Helena gave Laura a black, uniquely shaped key. And apparently it’s the “key to what Laura has loved… and LOST!” Creepy, right?

What could that possibly mean? Well, GH fans had a couple of ideas. General Hospital rumors started swirling ever since Helena’s bombshells. Some GH rumors claim that  it could be Luke. After all, he’s something that Laura has loved and lost.  Will Anthony Geary  be make a cameo comeback after last year’s retirement? Additionally, other rumors suggest that Jonathan Jackson returns as Lucky Spencer for a brief time. Although she loves Lucky, she hasn’t actually “lost” him. He’s simply not living in Port Charles.

What do you think Helena meant by this gift to Laura Spencer? Is Anythony Geary or Jonathan Jackson returning to GH?

Photo from: Michael Fairman Facebook

General Hospital News: Rebecca Herbst Settles Contract Negotiations

LizStaysRebecca Herbst originated the role of trouble teen, Elizabeth Webber back in 1997. For almost 20 years, Liz has become a fan favorite, as well as a rival for fans when it comes to Sam Morgan.

Liz has had quite the life in Port Charles with her Grandmother, Audrey, her great love Lucky Spencer, Her passion for Jason Morgan, her three boy, Cameron, Jake, and Aiden, and much more.

Contract negotiations between the actress and General Hospital Executives have been under way for quite some time, leaving fans wondering if Liz will be exiting Port Charles, as Herbst was rumored to be leaving GH.

We are happy to announce that Rebecca Herbst contract negotiations have been settled, and she will be sticking around at General Hospital for the foreseeable future.

Liz fans can now breath a little easier knowing that their girl Liz will be around to stir about trouble for the men, -and women of PC!


General Hospital Spoilers: Griffin IS DUKE’s Son!

GriffinDukeGeneral Hospital spoilers have revealed and confirmed Dr. Griffin Munro’s secret. He is DUKE LAVERY’s SON! But… is he Anna’s?
Duke and Anna met at a Policeman’s Ball and soon after fell in love. The two were even expecting a child together until the Port Charles mob stepped in. A Jerome, which name we hear a lot about recently in Port Charles, wanted Duke to herself. Her name was Olivia. When she realized she had lost Duke to Anna, she planned on killing him in an elevator set up for danger. Instead, Anna got into the elevator, was injured, and lost the baby she was carrying.
It seems as though it would be too far fetched for Anna to be Griffin’s mother, given she lost the baby she and Duke had made. However, this is soap-land, and stranger things have happened.
ABC Soaps In Depth has confirmed Griffin’s identity as Duke’s son. What he wants with Anna and Port Charles remains to be seen…

James Nigbor on Twitter and the Emotional Message to Fans

JakeJasGeneral Hospital Breaking News surfaced yesterday afternoon as we all learned that the boy who plays Liz and Jason’s son, Jake Webber, is on his way OUT at GH.
The parent or guardian in charge of the young star’s Twitter account, sent out a tweet to fans, thanking them for “loving my boy.”
A follow up tweet has been posted, as an emotional statement to GH and James Nigbor fans.
It reads, “Just wanted to say thank you for all the love for James. After the tears I showed him all your comments and the biggest smile emerged <3" What are your thoughts on General Hospital letting go of the Liason Baby? Do you think this character will be SORASed? Check out the Tweet below!