General Hospital Spoilers: The PCPD Uses Spencer To Lure Nikolas- Only Father Can Free Him

PCPD uses Spencer to lure Nikolas
PCPD uses Spencer to Lure Nikolas

Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) is desperate to find her son. As far as she’s concerned, she would have been better off on her own with Ace than to have even half-heartedly trusted Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and the Cassadines.

Although Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) brought it upon herself when she broke into Wyndemere, she blames Laura for the series of events that followed. GH recaps highlight that while Esme was in court, her son was taken right from her. Not only did Ace’s big brother fail to stop his father from kidnapping Ace, but he gave him up willingly. What’s worse is that he still defends his compliance.

According to recent GH rumors, Laura tells Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) the whole story, even the parts that incriminate her son and grandson. As a result, the PCPD uses Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) to lure Nikolas to Port Charles. Spencer committed a crime. No matter how you slice it, or how he blames Esme for her past, he and his father are the ones who just committed a heinous crime.

Spencer Is Arrested And Held Until Nik Turns Himself In

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the PCPD takes immediate action to begin the investigation. Dante wants to know every detail for the best chance at locating Nikolas (Adam Huss) and baby Ace. Therefore, it’s likely that Dante questions Spencer as well as Mayor Collins. That said, u can bet that Laura tells the truth even though she’s aware of the consequences.

GH spoilers and rumors teaser a shocking twist! Spencer is arrested while Nik still runs free. Although Spencer played his role in the whole thing, the PCPD has bigger fish to fry. In fact, child kidnappings are of the utmost priority. That’s why the PCPD could want to strike a deal. Spencer’s freedom for Nikolas to turn himself in and bring Ace home safely.

The authorities want baby Ace brought home ASAP. That’s why GH rumors claim that the PCPD uses Spencer to lure Nikolas back to Port Charles. That’s when Spencer is arrested and held in a cell until someone is able to reach out to Nikolas. It’s doesn’t stop there because then he’ll need convincing to return with Ace. Will Nikolas set Spencer free if that means giving up Ace and his own freedom?

General Hospital Spoilers: Baby Ace Falls Victim To Unsuspecting Danger!

Laura protects Ace from Kevin

Laura protects Ace from Kevin! The well-being of Esme Prince’s newborn son is in question. As his mother faces sentencing, the alleged father is nowhere to be found.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that because of Esme’s predicament, Laura becomes Ace’s legal guardian. The new mother puts her trust in the baby’s grandmother to care for Ace and keep him safe. Seemingly, choosing Laura to be Ace’s legal guardian is the most responsible decision Esme could make in this situation. But, unsuspecting danger turns a safe choice into the worst possible scenario.

Initially, the goal is so that Ace’s mother and family can rest easy knowing that he’s in good hands. As GH recaps recall, Esme got wind of Spencer’s intended custody request. So, she took appropriate consideration in her son’s well-being. As a result, Esme believes that Laura is the best option for Ace.

However, according to recent General Hospital rumors and spoilers, Laura is thrown for a loop when Kevin begins acting peculiarly. Despite Esme’s safe choice, choosing Laura becomes a regret. No we’re not saying that Laura is the reason. Ace falls victim to unsuspecting danger. However, it is her husband Kevin, that will become the threat. A true nightmare, Kevin struggles with cognitive dissonance as conflicting ideas zip through his mind. Soon, Kevin takes on the thoughts and actions of his brother Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). It then becomes imperative that Laura protects Ace from Kevin.