General Hospital News: Agent Sloane Switch Up

SloaneThe role of Agent Sloane was originally portrayed by actor, Robb Derringer. For reasons that remain unknown, Derringer exited the role of Agent Sloane, and was replaced by Grayson McCouch.

An out-pour of support was expressed on many social media sites for Robb Derringer, leaving fans puzzled as to why the role was recast. Many fans expressed that they wanted Derringer back. It looks as though those requests have been answered in a positive way.

The last we saw of Sloane (Grayson McCouch was when Anna was leaving for the Summer to spread Duke’s ashes. When Finola Hughes returns this Fall, Anna will be back in Port Charles, along with Agent Sloan- the original.

General Hospital has switched up this character by recasting Grayson McCouch with Robb Derringer who originated the role.