General Hospital News: GH Star Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily Quartermaine) Shows Love For GH Family

Actress Amber Tamblyn joined the cast of General Hospital, back in 1995, playing the role of Emily Quartermaine until 2001. Tamblyn was 11 years old when she took on the role of being an adopted addition to the legendary Quartermaine family.

Back in June, in the wake of co-star and TV father, Stuart Damon’s (Alan Quartermaine) death, General Hospital news reports reveal Amber took to Twitter to reflect on her time with the GH family, and publicly displayed love and support for Damon and the rest of the cast and crew of General Hospital.

Take a look below at Tamblyn’s tweets. The GH vet still has love for her first big job, and the first set where she felt like family.

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