General Hospital News And Spoilers: Finola Hughes Defends GH Status, Dismisses Claims

Finola Hughes GH status

Finola Hughes defends GH status! Status changes among the cast of certain television series isn’t uncommon. Often times the actors statuses can fluctuate from recurring to contract and vice versa.

General Hospital rumors started regarding Finola Hughes and her character Anna Devane’s recent absence. Finola’s legendary work on ABC’s General Hospital has been a key component to the show’s storyline over the course of nearly four decades. Anna Devane’s adventurous nature brings forth an allure that keeps fans intrigued. As a result of character’s popularity, it’s no surprise her absence has caused a stir among fans.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal GH star Finola Hughes defends GH status after fans make claims regarding her absence. According to a recent Twitter exchange, Hughes clarifies her current General Hospital status. GH spoilers indicate GH fans become confused by Finola’s tweets regarding scheduled breaks vs vacation.

The General Hospital veteran actress explained she has not had any scheduled breaks since 2020 due to after effects of covid. Hughes disclosed she’s had one week off this September. Fan replies flooded the Twitter timeline, showing signs of confusion over the star’s explanation. The ongoing exchange resulted in an additional tweet from Hughes categorizing her time of as vacation. Fans continued to ask Finola questions but the GH star quickly curbed the conversation with another tweet. She politely changed the topic by making clear her plans to move on.

GH comings and goings reports confirm Finola Hughes is still an active member of the cast as she defends her GH status in the tweets below.

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