GH’s Elizabeth Webber

We have been seeing a lot more of Nurse Webber lately and it’s about time if I have to say so myself! Rebecca Herbst fans have been speaking out and letting TPTB know they want their character front and center. As we have learned in the recent past, never underestimate the power of a fan base. Once again, the fans have spoken and have been heard. Back when Herbst was let go from General Hospital, there was a huge out cry by the fans wanting her back! Seriously, could you imagine GH with out Nurse Webber? I can’t. Things are looking up for Liz fans these days. We are getting to see her interact with Sabrina, her new friend, AJ her ex lovers brother, and Patrick. There has even been talk of possible love interests for the character. Liz has been spending some time with AJ lately, and as she is the only woman (other than his Mother) in town that can stand the site of him, this just might go somewhere! Other rumors suggest that if Antonio Sabato Jr. comes back to reprise his role as Jagger Cates, then he and Elizabeth would make a great couple. There is so much potential for¬†Elizabeth¬†when we have the wonderfully talented Rebecca Herbst to thank for portraying her so well for so many years. We look forward to seeing more of Liz all over the GH canvas!