General Hospital News and Spoilers: How Old Is Elizabeth Webber’s Gram, Audrey Hardy?

How old is Elizabeth Webber’s Gram Audrey Hardy
How old is Elizabeth Webber’s Gram Audrey Hardy?

Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames) is one of the most iconic names in daytime television, specifically among the popular soap opera genre. Daytime dramas became a huge part of our culture. Additionally, advertisers intentionally utilized this specific target market and placed commercials for everyday household products during these time slots. Thus targeting housewives and stay at home moms.

General Hospital debuted in 1963 and just celebrated 60 years on the air. That said, 60 years is a long time and and few original cast members remain in the show, and sadly, many have passed away. But, Elizabeth Webber is one lucky girl to still have her good-hearted Gram around. Actress Rachel Ames debuted as Audrey Hardy, RN, in 1964. Fifty nine tears later, Audrey is still there hit her granddaughter, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst).

Steve and Audrey Hardy General Hospital

Apparently, a recent General Hospital scene got fans talking. Elizabeth was on the phone with her Gram, Audrey, as the two remain very close. But fans couldn’t help but wonder how old Gram must be by now, as it seems like she’s been part of GH forever. Well, fans were right about that because Audrey, portrayed by Ames, was introduced to the canvas just after the show’s start in 1963. However, some fans were wrong about something. Some assumed the actress had passed away. Thankfully, that’s not the case. In fact, actress Rachel Ames is an impressive 93 years old, and turns 94 on November 2, 2023. Have no fear, Rachel Ames is still here, and her birthday is just around the corner!

The Return of Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames)

There is more excited news to share regarding the return if yet another General Hospital vet.Rachel Ames, who originated the role of Audrey Hardy in 1964 is returning to the canvas. In an interview on the show KATIE, Genie Francis revealed that Ames will be returning to General Hospital on March 26th, 2013. Ames’ character Audrey Hardy was last on screen in 2009. I am sure Elizabeth will be happy to see Gram next month! This is going to be one exciting 50th anniversary for GH.