General Hospital News And Spoilers: Roger Howarth Explains GH Exit

Roger Howarth explains GH exit
Roger Howarth explains GH exit

Daytime television star, Roger Howarth is best know for his iconic role on ABC’s One Life To Live. Sadly, the soap opera came to an end after over 43 years. Even after OLTL’s final episode in 2012, Roger Howarth’s portrayal of Todd Manning continued. That was went Howarth joined OLTL’s sister soap, the wildly popular General Hospital.

However, due to legal issues, the character names were prohibited for use at GH. Therefore, the story shifted, Todd Manning was no more, and Roger Howard with now James Franco’s replacement as Franco Baldwin. He won over fans despite the nature of the role, and circumstances lead to a personality revamp for Franco. Another twist and turn killed off Franco, which riffled a lot of fan’s feather. Alas, Howarth returns as the odd ball doctor, Dr. Austin Gatlin Holt, son of Jimmy Lee Holt.

According to General Hospital news reports, Howarth deals with another exit. Currently, Austin is in the thick of things. He’s involved with Sonny Corinthos’s enemy, which usually doesn’t turn out so well for the other side. Furthermore, he and Ava Jerome (Maura West) recently sparked a little something, but now she’s not so sure. Needless to say, Austin as a lot going on in Port Charles. So, why has he been missing from the canvas?

Roger Howarth Explains GH Exit

General Hospital news and spoilers report that Howarth took to social media to share a post that explains his absence, and announces his GH recturn. Below he explains that he was off for month due to Covid and an MRI on his knee. Feeling good and feeling inspired, Howarth inspires fans to challenge themselves this month.

Thankfully Roger is feeling in tip-top shape and is back to work at General Hospital! What’s in store for Austin and Ava, and all the danger that consumes them?

General Hospital Spoilers: Mason Saves Ava’s Life While Risking His Own

Mason saves Ava’s life Cyrus Nikolas
Mason saves Ava’s life

I can just hear it now, “Mason the Hero!” Will Austin Holt’s mysterious, bald headed, lollipop licking cousin go from a miscreant to a knight in shining armor? From Ava’s worst nightmare to her rescuer?

If you missed any part of Fridays 9/29/23 episode, then you may have missed the dramatic scene on Spoon Island. General Hospital recaps indicate that Ava’s in a bad way! Over at Wyndemere, Ava Jerome (Maura West) collects her thoughts. She’s finally alone for the night and can kick back when she’s interrupted by an unwanted guest. Then, Mason appears right before her eyes! Well, we can assure you that he didn’t whisk her off her feet and head to Paradise. But we do have an inkling that if Mason chooses differently, Ava will be dead.

Mason Does The Right Thing… For A Reward?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Mason saves Ava’s life while risking his own. As of now, Ava thinks she killed her ex-husband. In fact, she had a witness. But neither of them even checked to see if he was actually dead. And besides, Austin’s lying to Ava anyway. He knows darn all that Nikolas is alive but he’s playing this game with Mason and their mystery boss. While it’s apparent that Austin can’t be trusted, he doesn’t aw all bad. Perhaps he’s being forced or coerced? Either way, Ava can’t trust him.

Now she’s been abducted by his cousin and her life is in danger. However, GH spoilers and rumors hint that Mason makes a decision that saves Ava’s life. As more about Cyrus’s connection to Mason and Austin unfolds, GH rumors speculate that Cyrus ordered Mason to kill Ava but Mason can’t go through with it. Instead, he brings her to Nikolas Cassadine. But before you get all starry eyed over Mason’s act of heroism, take into consideration that it wasn’t all selflessness. Nope, he didn’t do this out of the pure kindness of his heart. Ok, maybe a little.

GH spoilers and rumors tease that Nikolas offered Mason a generous reward if he delivered Ava to him. From this point on, Mason has a target on his back.

General Hospital Spoilers: Austin’s Involvement In Cassadine Chaos Puts Maxie, Georgie, And James At Risk

Austin’s involved in Cassadine chaos

Austin’s involved in Cassadine chaos. Austin puts Maxie and her kids in danger! Austin Holt (Roger Howarth) is hiding his shady ways. Although deep down he seems like a good guy, Austin is keeping some detrimental secrets from his friends in Port Charles. Particularly, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). However, Maxie isn’t the only close friend Austin leaves in the dark.

According to General Hospital recaps, Austin and his cousin Mason were both working for a mystery boss until Austin decided to throw in the towel. Unfortunately for Austin, that’s not how things work. He can’t simply refuse to follow orders without adverse consequences. That being said, those close to him are in danger.

General Hospital spoilers reveal we are getting closer to discovering the person behind Nikolas Cassadine’s abduction. Furthermore, we know that Mason physically removed Nik from Wyndemere. But, on whose orders?

Upcoming General Hospital previews and spoilers indicate that someone is behind Nik’s captivity. Someone other than Mason. Mason has persistently warned Austin to fulfill his obligations to their boss with no luck. When he met Maxie in Pautuck, Austin emerged out of nowhere to help deliver her baby. Upon his Port Charles arrival, he left behind Pautuck and everything associated with that podunk town.

Currently, Maxie and Austin are no longer a couple. However, Mason knows that she and her kids are important to Austin. Therefore, if he doesn’t comply, Austin puts Maxie at risk. Austin’s involved in Cassadine chaos while Maxie remains in the dark about his shady associations. Whether Helena or Victor, someone wants Nikolas alive. And Mason wants Austin to help.

Whatever the Cassadine’s have planned must be BIG! Make sure to catch General Hospital at 2pm Eastern on ABC!