General Hospital News: Kelly Monaco’s Mom Speaks Out On Billy Miller’s Passing

Carmina Monaco speaks on Billy Miller’s passing
Carmina Monaco speaks on Billy Miller’s passing

His death came as a shock to so many. Billy Miller was an American actor known for his roles in daytime as General Hospital’s Jake Doe/Jason Morgan/Drew Cain, Billy Abbott on The Young And The Restless, and a Marcus Spector on Suits.

Over the last two days, fans and personal friends alone have flooded social media platforms with heartfelt messages. One in particular that stuck out was written by Kelly Monaco’s mom. Previously, Carmina’s daughter Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller worked side by side as direct co-stars on General Hospital.

Quickly, Kelly and Billy grew closer, and rumors of a relationship ran rampant through the fan base. We all know Drew Cain and Sam McCall as “Dream.” Additionally, fans named Kelly and Billy, “Killy,” what they shipped as a real-life couple.

According to recent GH news, Carmina Monaco speaks out on Billy Miller’s passing. She posted her message on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Expectedly, Twitter holds a huge Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco fan base. First, Billy’s Port Charles arrival gave Jason and Sam fans hope for JaSam 2.0. Then, Millers role went from Jake doe to Jason Morgan, to Drew Cain. All who were romantically involved with Sam. (Kelly Monaco)

Monaco and Miller remain close throughout his GH career. Sadly, many are mourning this devastating loss.

General Hospital News: Billy Miller’s Mom Issues A Statement On Her Son’s Death

Billy Miller’s Mom issues a statement
Billy Miller’s Mom issues a statement

This past weekend feels like a whirlwind. But Billy’s family, especially his mother, feel the pain of losing Billy quite directly.

According to the latest GH news updates, Billy Miller’s Mom issues a statement on her son’s death. In her message to fans, Patricia disclosed the following, “I would like to share the following thoughts,” Patricia wrote. “I want to personally thank the many fans & personal friends for the overwhelming amount of love, prayers & condolences sent to me and my family on the devastating death of my beautiful son BJ — Billy Miller.

He fought a long hard valiant battle with bipolar depression for years. He did everything he could to control the disease. He loved his family, his friends and his fans but in the end the disease won the fight and he surrendered his life. The other causes of death being told are not true. I wish they were but they just aren’t. We all loved him so much and are desperately trying to deal with our loss. I will have nothing further to say. Thanks for the love and support.”

As you know, General Hospital’s Maurice Benard also suffers from bipolar disorder. He’s a strong advocate for mental health awareness and Billy’s death is a reminder to so many that this disease claims lives. Sadly, Billy’s bipolar became too much. We are deeply saddened by the news and continue to pray for Billy’s family.

General Hospital News: UPDATE- Billy Miller’s Cause Of Death Remains Inconclusive, Earlier Reports Claim Complications Of PSP, and Struggles With Manic Depression

Billy Miller update
Billy Miller update

There’s no doubt that the tragic news of Billy Miller’s passing displays the utmost care, love, and support for the beloved actor. Reports rapidly filled social medial feeds across all platforms, confirming that the almost 44 year old passed away on September 16th.

Billy Miller Update

Earlier today, geniuscelebs.com shared Billy Miller’s cause of death. The source stated that the three-time Daytime Emmy winner died of complications from a neurological disorder. However, as time passes, answers to Miller’s cause of death face inconsistencies.

First, geniuscelebs.com shared that Miller suffered a stroke. The stroke was said to be a result of PSP. Then, other General Hospital news reports revealed a different cause. According to updated General Hospital news and spoilers, TMZ.com reports that Miller’s cause of death remains undisclosed. Additionally, the celebrity gossip outlet reveals that Miller was recently struggling with manic depression. Sadly, the site suggests Billy may have taken his own life .

At this time, GH news reports have not reached a conclusive Billy cause of death. But based on the latest TMZ findings, there was no mention of the neurological disorder, PSP. Please check back with General Hospital Blog for more updates on this shattering story.

General Hospital News: Billy Miller’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Billy Miller’s cause of death
Billy Miller’s cause of death

Early this morning General Hospital Blog reluctantly shared the devastating news of Billy Miller’s passing. Updated information reveals that the three-time Daytime Emmy winner was just one day shy of his 44th birthday.

A very recent update gives a closer look into Billy Miller’s cause of death. According to General Hospital news reports and GeniusCelebs.com, Miller’s publicist revealed that the actor died of complications from progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). Reportedly, Billy Miller died of a stroke on September 16th.

PSP is a neurological disorder which causes negative effects on your ability to balance, adversely affects vision, speech, and movement. He was undergoing treatment since his diagnosis with PSP in 2021.

The entire industry mourns this incredibly talented Miller. He could be playing on ABC’s General Hospital as Jake Doe, Jason Morgan, or Drew Cain, on Y&R as Billy Abbott, or Marcus Spector on Suits… whatever the role, Billy Miller brought the talent to the table and made quite an impact on his fans. Even die hard Steve Burton fans fell in love with Miller’s portrayal of the iconic role.

It has come as a complete and utter shock that the beloved, fan favorite, Billy Miller has left us. May he Rest In Peace.

General Hospital News: Cousin Of Three-Time Emmy Winner Billy Miller Speaks Out On His Death

Billy Miller passes away at 43
Billy Miller passes away

It is with a heavy heart that I not only had to share this news with you early this morning, but that it is indeed a reality. While still in disbelieve, the tragic news continues to pour through each and every media outlet.

General Hospital news reports confirm the death of three-time Daytime Emmy winner Billy Miller. He has won two Daytime Emmy’s for his role in Y & R, along with a win for playing Jason Morgan/Jake Doe on General Hospital. At this time the cause of death remains unknown. However, GH spoilers reveal that a family member has taken to social media with the news.

Known for his roles in Suits, The Young and the Restless, and of course, General Hospital, Billy Miller was an extraordinary talent and a beloved fan favorite. According to the mastery GH news and story developments, Miller’s cousin reached out on social media and provided slightly more information about the tragedy. She mentions that Billy is her second cousin, and his mother Pat is her first.

Billy Miller passes away

Billy Miller passes away on what was two days prior to his 44th birthday. Today, September 17th is Billy’s birthday. Please keep Billy Miller in your prayers as his family mourns his loss. General Hospital Blog will provide updates as the story develops.

General Hospital News: BREAKING! GH’s Billy Miller Dies At 43! GH Fans Fell In Love With “Jake Doe” and “Drew Cain” -This Is A Devastating Loss

General Hospital’s Billy Miller dies at 43
General Hospital’s Billy Miller dies at 43

I am truly shaking as I write this. I was on my phone and on Twitter/X when I saw a tweet from TK Weaver. TK Weaver played Danny Morgan, the son of Sam McCall and Drew Cain (then Billy Miller).

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that Billy Miller died on September 15th, 2023, just two days short of his 44th birthday. At this time, details surrounding the actor’s death remain a mystery.

Due to the sensitive nature of this article, I’m going to cut it short until I’ve had time to process and my hands stop shaking. I am absolutely devastated to have to share this news. General Hospital Blog will share updates with fans as we all mourn this tremendous loss.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Cameron Mathison Confirms Drew And Jason’s Upcoming Scenes

Cameron Mathison has joined the cast of General Hospital as Drew Cain’s recast, taking over Billy Miller’s role as the Navy Seal, Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) twin brother.

General Hospital spoilers reveal many residents of Port Charles are in the hunt to find Drew Cain after Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) received a cryptic phone call from her ex. She and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) have set out to get information on where to find Drew.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Cameron Mathison has shared some inside information regarding upcoming GH spoilers relating to Drew’s interactions with his twin brother, Jason Morgan.

In his recent Instagram post, Mathison shared a side by side pic with Steve, stating that he (Drew) is trying to look as tough as his twin brother, Jason.

General Hospital rumors suggest Jason and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) set out to find her mother, Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), and in doing so, will come across a major discovery- Drew Cain.

General Hospital Spoilers: Cameron Mathison Dishes To Entertainment Tonight Host Nischelle Turner On GH Role

The people of Port Charles are about to find out some shocking news after Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) resurfaces.

On Monday’s episode or General Hospital, Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) received an unexpressed and cryptic phone call from an unknown number while on a date with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). What started out as a causal, relaxing meeting for the two members of Single Parents Anonymous aka S.P.A., ended up mysterious and dramatic.

General Hospital news has confirmed that Cameron Mathison will be playing the role of Drew Cain. After being presumed dead, General Hospital spoilers reveal Drew is alive and desperate to reach out to Sam for help. Peter August (Wes Ramsey) sabotaged his plane and to the best of everyone’s knowledge, Drew fell victim and died from the crash.

In a recent Instagram post, Cameron Mathison shared that he was a guest host on Entertainment Tonight with Nischelle Turner. He revealed his character will debut today, August 17th.


General Hospital Spoilers: Cameron Mathison Reveals Debut Date, First Photo Of Drew

A few months back, General Hospital news reports confirmed that AMC star, Cameron Mathison was joining the cast of General Hospital. After finishing up a project on the Hallmark Channel, Mathison began filming his first scenes at Prospect Studios, on the set of GH.

General Hospital comings and goings news confirmed that Mathison would be replacing a fan favorite actor, and the role would be recast. The role of Drew Cain was played by Billy Miller, but GH news confirmed Cameron Mathison is stepping into those shoes.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a recent Instagram post by Mathison, as he revealed a first glance photo of himself in the early stages of his role as Drew Cain‘s recast. @Drew Cain is back on @generalhospitalabc and judging by this photo he means business ????????.”

General Hospital Blog is excited to spread the GH news regarding his debut on Tuesday, August 17th. Don’t miss it!


General Hospital Spoilers: Sam And Dante’s Date Takes A Turn When Sam Receives A Call From Beyond The Grave

Although they haven’t declared their newfound companionship as anything but friends connecting on similar grounds, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) are getting closer. They are on their way to becoming more than friends, despite each of their current and past heartaches.

General Hospital previews indicate that Dante and Sam head over to the Metro Court hotel pool for some one on one time together.

General Hospital spoilers reveal things are going well on this “date” and Dante leaves Sam at the poolside to go grab some drinks. While he is away, Sam receives a mysterious phone call.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Cameron Mathison has joined the cast of General Hospital and will be replacing Billy Miller in the role of Drew Cain.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sam receives a cryptic phone call from Drew on what sounds like a broken connection. As far as everyone in Port Charles believes, Drew died in the plane crash that was sabotaged by Peter August (Wes Ramsey). But General Hospital rumors suggest there’s much more to Peter’s story.