General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kassie DePaiva Returns To GH!

Kassie DePaiva returns to GH

Port Charles feels like a revolving door as of late. Kassie DePaiva returns to GH! Familiar faces are all around if you’re familiar with Llanview and Pine Valley. All My Children and One Life To Live made up 2/3 of three iconic pieces of American history. Although AMC and OLTL may have ended their run over a decade ago, the shows live on as characters resurface in Port Charles.

Over the years, AMC and OLTL’s characters and their portrayers became like household names to so many Americans. So when the two daytime dramas ended their run in 2011 and 2012, a great loss was felt all over the country and beyond. Meanwhile, other shows in various genres tried and failed to successfully fill those time slots. Sadly, nothing every stuck and we soap fans are still missing our favorites. Thankfully, Port Charles seems like it has an unlimited population limit. ????

General Hospital news reports confirm that OLTL actress Kassie DePaiva returns to GH as the iconic Blair Cramer! While her purpose in PC has yet to be determined, GH rumors hint toward the lady from Llanview and the man from Pine Valley stick around the same crowd. According to GH spoilers, Blaire arrives in PC in September.

Blair Kramer is Leaving Llanview and Headed Back to Port Charles!

Kassie DePaiva will be returning to General Hospital as Blair Kramer, former Llanview resident. She is the ex wife of bad boy Todd Manning and Mother to Starr Manning. She first came to Port Charles a couple months ago when Starr was in an accident and lost her boyfriend and little girl Hope. Blair seemed to hit it of with Carly, they have a lot in common. Maybe the two lovely ladies could become great friends even though their ex husbands are at dangerous odds with one another.

Lean about Blair here!

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