Brad and Rosalie’s Loveless Marriage

BradRosalieLucasAfter Friday’s episode of General Hospital, fans were left wondering, “what gives?” Since Brad is gay and currently in a relationship with Lucas, and Rosalie has been running around Port Charles trying to bed the Corinthos brothers for one reason of another, what business dealings had to take place for Rosalie and Brad to be married?

Brad said it himself, they are definitely not married for love. It’s apparent that those two don’t even see each other, let alone know where their other half is currently residing and working. From the look on Rosalie’s face when she saw Brad at GH, it’s obvious that those two had no knowledge of each other’s whereabouts.

So why are they married, we ask? Well General Hospital rumors have been circulating for quite some time, that Brad’s parents are involved in the mob… word out on the street is that Rosalie too, may have some mob connections. It wouldn’t be too far fetched because she has been already involved with so many shady dealings. From Nina to Nikolas, Rosalie has been busy at conning and lying to the people or Port Charles.

Now that we know Rosalie’s secret, how does her marriage to Brad Cooper paint a larger picture for a GH story line? Let us know your ideas and theories!