General Hospital News: GH Fans Rally Together In Support Of Haley Pullos’ Request To Report A Fan’s Twitter Account

Twitter is a breeding grounds for drama and for some reason or another, General Hospital fans seem to play a large part in Twitter drama. From bashing characters, to storylines to actors, some supposed GH fans think it’s okay to hide behind their keyboard and spread hate.

General Hospital news reveals GH’s Haley Pullos, who has played Molly Lansing Davis since 2009, at the age of 11, has asked fans on Twitter to block a certain fan’s twitter account. She was immediately backed by former co-star, Ryan Paevey, who played Detective Nathan West.

Based on the tweets, the fan was harassing Haley Pullos over who she supports in her on screen romance.

General Hospital rumors claim if Pullos has to choose, she would support Team Brolly (Brando and Molly). This fan is an extreme Tolly (TJ and Molly) fan, and apparently wasn’t happy with Haley’s opinion.

General Hospital news reports, according to fan tweets, the person behind the original account just keeps making new accounts as their main account has been reported and banned.

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