General Hospital News And Spoilers: Mark Lawson Aka Dustin Phillips (GH) and Brody, (OLTL) Recovering From Recent Surgery

Mark Lawson no doubt is a real life tough guy. He’s always hitting the gym and his physique tells the story.

Besides being known for playing Dustin Phillips on ABC’s General Hospital and his role as Brody on One Life To Live, Lawson is known for his dedication to health with his intense workouts. Lawson displays his physical health journey via Instagram where he also revealed that he was headed into surgery.

General Hospital news and spoilers confirm that Lawson recently underwent surgery for a hernia repair. He shared his thoughts on going under the knife in a couple witty Instagram posts. Lawson has since shared an update, informing fans that he made it out of surgery and is recovering, while thanking everyone for the love.

We wish mark Lawson a speedy recovery!

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