General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Finds Ned Missing, Eddie Maine Checks Out

Brook Lynn finds Ned missing Ned Tracy Olivia

Brook Lynn finds Ned missing?! The Quartermaine family is beside themselves with worry about Ned (Wally Kurth). Unexpectedly, the ELQ mogul tripped and took a spill at the Metro Court pool. The incident knocked him unconscious, but his wife, children, and mother are especially struggling with his current condition.

General Hospital Recaps: Ned Ashton’s reputation around the business and social circles reflect on his infamously shameless practices. Over the years, Ned lied, stole, and cheated in the name of ELQ. So, when a situation arises, and Ned is blamed for underhanded actions, people believe it. And that’s exactly what happened when Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) tipped off the SEC. She then made sure that Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) kept her identity confidential. Mistakenly, Nina thought she overweight every angle, leaving no trail back to herself.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Nina has the opportunity to set things straight. Over at the hospital, Brook Lynn finds Ned missing. It seems as though Eddie Maine checked out, though he most likely didn’t sign any discharge papers. Can Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) she’s some light on the situation?

As if Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), Brook Lynn, and Tracy (Jane Elliot) didn’t have enough to worry about. Now, GH spoilers tease that Eddie wanders the hospital halls and bumps into a familiar face. That’s when Nina comes face to face with Ned/Eddie, aka Nedly. Will Ned recognize Nina?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ned Pushes Valentin! Valentin Goes After The Quartermaine’s Like A True Cassadine

Ned pushes Valentin too far Ned Valentin Cassadine Brook Lynn Quartermaine

Ned pushes Valentin too far! Rarely, a Cassadine makes it out of their family cult unscathed. Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is one of the lucky ones. He and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) managed to escape the dark side of the family. For the most part, they love their daily lives like most. However, Alexis and Valentin aren’t always exempt from the family woes.

Currently, Valentin’s war against his Uncle Victor is at its peak. In all these years, Victor Cassadine’s plans have never been more deadly than I they are now. According to General Hospital spoilers, Anna continues to recover almost lost her life because a Victor. Now, Valentin has had enough. General Hospital rumors suggest that Valentine goes dark after being pushed to the edge going through it with Victor and almost losing Anna has turned Valentine into a true Cassadines.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Ned pushes Valentin too far. Underhandedly, Ned’s business move takes Valentine by surprise, and not the good kind. Consequently, Ned’s slick move with ELQ sends Valentin over the edge. GH rumors speculate that we will see a change in Valentin. After having almost lost Anna, Victor turns Valentin bitter and angry. Will Ned and the Quartermaine family get on this Cassadine’s bad side?