General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Sleeps With Her Father’s Enemy, Gets In Deep Will ELQ’s New CEO

Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Briana Lane) sold out the family company, ELQ, right from under her father Ned Ashton’s (Wally Kurth) nose. She made the decision to sell her shares of ELQ to Link in order to get out of her toxic recording contract. What she didn’t know was that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) was behind the sale, ultimately make him the new CEO of the Quartermaine legacy, ELQ. Her actions caused her to get kicked out by her dad, when the truth came out. Now Ned is trying to get Brook Lynn back into the family home, as she explains that she didn’t betray the family in purpose because she was unaware Valentin was behind the deal.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Ned’s feelings about his daughter coming back to live at home are about to change.

General Hospital rumors suggest Ned will find out she and Valentin slept together, which will erase all sentiments claiming that Brook Lynn wanted nothing to do with Valentin. Now that she’s slept with her father’s enemy, she cannot be trusted in Ned’s eyes.

Brook Lynn turned down the offer to move back home, and it looks as though she is lashing out against her father. Her one night stand with Valentin could now cost Brook Lynn her relationship with her dad. Is there no going back for Ned and Brook Lynn?

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