General Hospital Spoilers: Mike’s Health On Rapid Decline, Will He Make It To See The Nurses Ball?

The Annual Nurses Ball on General Hospital was founded by Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring). This event has been a tradition in Port Charles since 1994. It’s founder, Lucy Coe, wanted to bring awareness to a heavy subject in which at the time was a large focal point for this iconic Daytime Drama and the residents of Port Charles.

The Nurses Ball is held close to Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) heart considering the event was formed around the heartbreaking story of Stone Cates (Michael Sutton) and his battle with HIV/Aids. Sonny took Stone in and cared for him as if he was his own son, guiding him through life and through love. Stone was romantically involved with a very good friend of Sonny’s, Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough). The two had one of the most memorable love stories in Daytime Television, and to this day, their story lives on.

Sonny and his family friend, Brook Lynn Ashton Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) recently ran to Mike’s (Max Gail) side after Sonny received a phone call from Turning Woods. Things are looking grim after Mike suffered a seizure and his doctor didn’t sound too hopeful in his delivery to inform Sonny and Brook Lynn the severity of Mike’s condition. Brook Lynn has been a bright spot in Mike’s life since her return to Port Charles a few months ago. She has also been very supportive for Sonny. Brook Lynn tried to lift Mike’s spirits with encouraging words about doing a duet and closing out The Nurses Ball.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Mike may not make it to see this year’s Nurses Ball, let alone be able to perform. Sonny’s focus is divided as he worries about the well being of his grandson Wiley, and focusing on taking down Port Charles’ latest threat, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). Although Brook Lynn seems to be remaining positive and hopeful, the reality of Mike’s health is that it is on a rapid decline, and he may not make it for another year of The Nurses Ball.

General Hospital’s annual event is set to take place some time in May. However, due to the current situation regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic, the exact date may be shifted after having to cut back on episodes with flashbacks and Friday repeats.

General Hospital News: Robert Palmer Watkins Addresses Bringing Dillon Quartermaine Back To GH

The Quartermaine family has a lot going on at the moment. Brook Lynn Ashton Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) has recently moved back to Port Charles and hasn’t fallen short when it comes to bringing the drama to the scene. She has been having issues with her music producer, has been blackmailed, started a new job at the family business, ELQ, got fired, fought with her long time enemy, Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan), and much more. Dillon Quartermaine’s (Robert Palmer Watkins) Dad, Ned, is in town, and his mom Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) paid the family a visit around the holidays but has since left Port Charles. The Quartermaine family is on the front burner which would make for a great opportunity to have another member of the family in town.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal GH’s Robert Palmer Watkins would be happy to return to the show. In a recent article, Daytime Confidential revealed Watkins take on a possible return to General Hospital. Watkins told the source, “I would be open to making a return at some point. I loved the role of Dillon, and General Hospital will always be family.”

Throwing another Quartermaine into the mix could be exactly what the family needs to handle the current issues involving ELQ, Nelle (Chloe Lanier), Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), and everything else that is weighing on the Quartermaine clan.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on any new information regarding General Hospital comings and goings and the possible return of Dillon.

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Lois Cerullo Headed Back To Port Charles

Lois Marie Cerullo (Rena Sofer) from Bensonhurst came to Port Charles back in 1993. In that time she reunited with her old friend Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). The one who brought her to Port Charles would eventually become her husband. Lois spotted “Eddie Maine” aka Ned Ashton at a concert in New York. She and Ned had a daughter together, Brook Lynn Ashton Quartermaine. Rena Sofer left the role in 1997. The role was recast in 2004-2005 by actress Lesli Kay.

General Hospital spoilers hint that now that her daughter Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) is back in Port Charles, Lois may have a few reasons to come check up on her wild child. Although Brook Lynn is clearly an adult, she seems to make rash decisions, which end up getting her into trouble. Currently, Brook Lynn is mixed up in some business deal gone wrong with a record producer. Her father, Ned, has basically told her to figure this out on her own. He refused to help her by buying out the creep who is harassing Brook Lynn. This may be time for a mother’s love to step in!

Rena Sofer currently plays, Quinn Fuller on The Bold and the Beautiful and is seemingly unavailable to play the role as Lois Cerullo unless she makes special arrangements with the networks. Such arrangements are not unheard of, as Sofer’s ex-husband, Wally Kurth, plays on both ABC’s General Hospital and NBC’s Days of Our Lives. The recast for Lois, Lesli Kay, has also played on The Bold and the Beautiful along with Rena Sofer. Kay plays Felicia Forrester. Lesli Kay is not currently in a role on a Daytime Drama.

General Hospital rumors claim Lois will want to step in and help her daughter in her crisis. Does Lois need to make a comeback to Port Charles?

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