General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Arrested, Becomes Prime Suspect In Linc Brown’s Murder?!?!

Brook Lynn arrested for Linc’s murder Linc Brown dies

Brook Lynn arrested for Linc’s murder?! Brook Lynn Quartermaine’s (Amanda Setton) career was really going places when suddenly, everything fell apart. The music industry is full of complex problems that fall upon rising stars. Specifically, abuse of power in the industry runs rampant. Because of this, careers are threatened and unethical and even illegal practices occur. It must be stopped.

GH recaps remind us that things became even more complicated for Brook Lynn after she signed an NDA regarding Linc. The threat of losing her songs aided in her decision to keep quiet. So selfishly, Brook Lynn saved her own skin at the expense of Linc’s victims. Now, the songwriter/former singer lives in regret.

Brook Lynn Arrested?! Chase To Her Defense?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Brook Lynn catches Linc red handed. The hustle and bustle of the Nurses Ball has some contributors on edge. It’s important that the production runs smoothly, so frequent back stage checks occur in order to keep things moving. GH rumors claim that Brook Lynn is witness to an incriminating incident. This is the final straw that convinces Brook Lynn to do something about Linc. But if she can’t put an end to Linc legally, how will he be stopped? No matter what, something must be done.

According to GH rumors, Linc’s last power trip makes Brook Lynn realize she needs to step up and take some action. But how exactly will she stop Linc from harming anyone else?

General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Catches Linc Red handed, Her Reaction Takes Chase By Surprise

Brook Lynn surprises Chase

Brook Lynn surprises Chase. Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) is the kind of woman who knows what she wants. More often than not, she does what needs to be done regardless of who it hurts. Because of this, Brook Lynn lost Chase (Josh Swickard). Now, her choices lead to loneliness. It’s up to Brook Lynn to turn things around.

The singing! The dancing! The GH Nurses Ball is here! We are so excited to take it all in. The entertainment, drama, and of course, the suspense! It’s all here for General Hospital’s 60th anniversary celebration! As the Nurses Ball 2023 is in full swing, Brook Lynn checks up on things backstage. Things haven’t been easy for Brook Lynn while she suffers from a broken heart. What’s worse is, she knows the blame is on her. Selfish motives dictated her fate. Furthermore, she regrets letting Linc get away with using his power as a producer to manipulate women.

According to General Hospital previews and spoilers, Brook Lynn catches Linc redhanded. Maybe she sees too much and decides enough is enough. General Hospital spoilers tease that Brook Lynn surprises Chase with how she handles things. If she puts the well-being of others before her own personal agenda, will Chase see Brook Lynn for who sue truly is?

Is Chase destined to be the one that got away? Or will Brook Lynn’s selfless act