General Hospital Spoilers: Lois Brings Brenda Back To Port Charles To Revive L&B Records?!

Lois brings Brenda back to Port Charles to revive L&B Records
Lois brings Brenda back to Port Charles

Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) didn’t fall too far from the tree. She’s a lot like her Ma and Dad. Since both parents were in the music industry, Brook Lynn exhibits musical talent as well as a knack for the business side of things. But thanks to Nina’s daughter Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier), BLQ won’t be making any albums of her own. Instead, she chose the managerial path.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Brook Lynn dives even deeper into music management after being fired from Deception. At least now she can put her energy toward her true career- her passion, music. It’s no secret that Brook Lynn comes from the business, so it’s no surprise that she’s chosen this path. According to GH rumors, Lois could become more involved in her daughter’s life. Including her career. Who better to show BLQ the ropes of the judiciary industry than the “L” in L&B Records.

Lois brings Brenda back to Port Charles

Lois Brings Brenda Back To Port Charles To Revive L&B Records With BLQ

According to GH news and spoilers, Rena Sofer’s recent General Hospital return is a major hit. Fans have been extra vocal about their excitement for this character, and cannot wait to see what she brings to the table. GH rumors suggest that Lois is here to handle on Tracy. Additionally, GH fans speculate about the 90s vibe in Port Charles. So far we have Eddie Maine (Wally Kurth ) and Lois Cerullo who feel like a major blast from the past. Actress Vanessa Marcus is very active in social media and frequently reflects on her Brenda days. The 90s was the Goodeb Era for GH and many hope to see more familiarity. Including Brenda’s return.

General Hospital Spoilers: Eddie and BLQ’s Song Writing Triggers Ned’s Memory- Eddie Maine Has Flashbacks As Ned!

Eddie Maine has flashbacks as Ned
Eddie Maine has flashbacks as Ned

There’s a phrase that I’ve kept close in my head and heart ever since hearing it. The line is written by a singer/songwriter/musician named Dallas Green. “The lonely life of a writer,” is a line from his band, City and Colour. Everything about those five words resonate in a way that non-writers may not normally understand. Evidently, expression through songwriting can be triggering. Just ask Ned. I mean Eddie, er, no, Ned. Man, I don’t know!

Around Port Charles, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) navigates through life as chaos finds her at every turn. From her job at Deception, to her relationship with Harrison Chase, BLQ has been busy. Additionally, she deals with her father’s identity crisis after he woke up as Eddie Maine.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors reveal that Eddie Maine has flashbacks as Ned! Recently, BLQ focuses on her career as a music manager. Amidst the daily drama, Brook Lynn stays true to her passion, music. While BLQ and her dad Ned butted heads about ELQ, she and Eddie work collaboratively as members of the music industry.

GH spoilers tease that Eddie’s songwriting process triggers Ned’s memories. But that’s not all. Since Eddie and BLQ double down to finish his song, she just might be there to witness a quick glimpse of her dad, Ned. According to recent GH rumors, Eddie Maine has flashbacks as Ned while he and Brook Lynn try to finish his song. Will he remember what he wanted to tell Drew before he fell?

I am big on music, especially lyrics. As a writer, it’s second nature for me to listen closely and analyze every line, down to each and every lyric. Because what’s created for, or heard in song has a unique way of guiding us through our journey. Have you ever heard a song or a certain part of it and was instantly brought back to a specific place and time in your mind? Well, music has some powerful attributes, including helping people in a coma find their way to consciousness. So why wouldn’t it trigger memories of another life? That is, if you have an alter ego! ????

General Hospital Spoilers: Eddie Maine Is Back- Brook Lynn Calls Her Mom, Can Lois Cerullo Snap Him Out Of It?

Rena Sofer brings Lois Cerullo back to General Hospital

Rena Sofer brings Lois Cerullo back to General Hospital?! …Before she was Quinn Fuller on the CBS soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful for nine years, Rena Sofer was part of the Quartermaine chaos in the 1990s. She arrived in Port Charles as Lois Cerullo in 1993. And in just four short years, Sofer’s role became iconic.

What a great time to reflect on iconic GH eras. The 1990s was such a great time in Port Charles. Aside from having been the time I first starting watching GH, the early 1990s was the beginning of making history. The Nurses Ball, the iconic island storyline, and HIV/AIDS Awareness, kicked off the early 90s. Additionally, Jason Quartermaine (Steve Burton) was still wearing argyle sweaters, and Brenda and Sonny were just getting started. Undeniably the 90s vibe in Port Charles was unforgettable.

Rena Sofer Brings Lois Cerullo Back To General Hospital

According to GH history, another unforgettable aspect of General Hospital in the 90s is Wally Kurth’s portrayal of Eddie Maine. As Ned Ashton’s rock star persona, he and Lois Cerullo became the hottest thing on the scene. Their love resulted in their daughter Brook Lynn.

GH spoilers and rumors tease that Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) reaches out to her mom, Lois, in the wake of Ned’s identity crisis. Who knows Eddie Maine better than his ex-wife from Bensonhurst?!