General Hospital Spoilers: Eddie and BLQ’s Song Writing Triggers Ned’s Memory- Eddie Maine Has Flashbacks As Ned!

Eddie Maine has flashbacks as Ned
Eddie Maine has flashbacks as Ned

There’s a phrase that I’ve kept close in my head and heart ever since hearing it. The line is written by a singer/songwriter/musician named Dallas Green. “The lonely life of a writer,” is a line from his band, City and Colour. Everything about those five words resonate in a way that non-writers may not normally understand. Evidently, expression through songwriting can be triggering. Just ask Ned. I mean Eddie, er, no, Ned. Man, I don’t know!

Around Port Charles, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) navigates through life as chaos finds her at every turn. From her job at Deception, to her relationship with Harrison Chase, BLQ has been busy. Additionally, she deals with her father’s identity crisis after he woke up as Eddie Maine.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors reveal that Eddie Maine has flashbacks as Ned! Recently, BLQ focuses on her career as a music manager. Amidst the daily drama, Brook Lynn stays true to her passion, music. While BLQ and her dad Ned butted heads about ELQ, she and Eddie work collaboratively as members of the music industry.

GH spoilers tease that Eddie’s songwriting process triggers Ned’s memories. But that’s not all. Since Eddie and BLQ double down to finish his song, she just might be there to witness a quick glimpse of her dad, Ned. According to recent GH rumors, Eddie Maine has flashbacks as Ned while he and Brook Lynn try to finish his song. Will he remember what he wanted to tell Drew before he fell?

I am big on music, especially lyrics. As a writer, it’s second nature for me to listen closely and analyze every line, down to each and every lyric. Because what’s created for, or heard in song has a unique way of guiding us through our journey. Have you ever heard a song or a certain part of it and was instantly brought back to a specific place and time in your mind? Well, music has some powerful attributes, including helping people in a coma find their way to consciousness. So why wouldn’t it trigger memories of another life? That is, if you have an alter ego! ????

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Wally Kurth Reveals Truth About The Fall That Shook The Quartermaines

Ned’s MetroCourt pool plunge

Wally Kurth reveals truth behind Ned’s MetroCourt pool plunge! It’s a strange time for a certain Port Charles family. Surely, a time reminiscent of 90s vibes and good times. Well, not everyone reflects on those times as good, but Eddie Maine sure does.

Speaking of Eddie Maine, General Hospital recaps revisit how the 1990s rock legend recently re-emerged. In an unfortunate accident, Ned took a spill at the MetroCourt pool, leaving his memory severely impaired. Allegedly, he no longer remembers his true identity. Only the portion of his life when he was a musician. Back in the 90s, Ned Ashton expressed himself as the edgy, Eddie Maine, becoming a huge rock star. Decades later, Eddie is back and ready to rock!

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal the truth behind Ned’s fall. Ever since the he woke up from the fall, Ned hasn’t been himself. He’s been living as an alter ego since June, rehashing her rockstar persona. However, GH fans raise questions. Apparently, Ned only remembers himself as Eddie. This turn of events leaves fans frustrated, since hope of finally bailing Nina is on the back burner again.

According to GH previews, Ned had the dirt on Nina. He was headed to spill the tea to Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) when Ned’s MetroCourt pool plunge changed everything. When it comes to the fall, GH fans don’t know what to believe. Did the pool plunge cost Ned his family and become Nina’s get-out-of-jail-free card? Or is he faking? Wally Kurth has the answers.

According to GH news and spoilers, Wally revealed the truth behind Ned’s MetroCourt pool plunge. He admitted that Hollywood stunt double Anthony Molinari stepped in for the actual fall. Reportedly, Molinari has worked as a stunt double Hollywood big timers, George Clooney, Mark Ruffalo, and Matt Damon.

“He did it all in one take,” Kurth revealed. “He was really good. I did the towel trip and I did a forward fall onto a mat. And then when Anthony came out, he actually said the line, the same line that I had just said, and then he did the fall onto the deck and rolling into the pool, and then he laid there for a while, and then when you saw it pick up, it was me, obviously, laying in the water when they turned me over.

“It was really fun to get in the water with a suit on!” he added. “It was a nice, warm water. And I don’t get to do very many stunts, so I loved it! I loved having to take a fall onto a mat and all that stuff.”

Now that we know the behind-the-scenes, details of Ned’s fall, what we really want to know is if he’s faking amnesia or if he’s truly Eddie, Maine?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ned Awakens Ready For His Next Gig- Could This Be Eddie Maine’s Big Comeback And Brook Lynn’s Lucky Day?

Ned awakens as Eddie Maine

Ned awakens as Eddie Maine!

…It just might be Brook Lynn Quartermaine’s (Amanda Setton) lucky day! While it’s true that many would argue otherwise, Ned’s (Wally Kurth) accident could very well be Brook Lynn’s stroke of luck. It’s safe to say that Olivia won’t share BLQ’s sentiments. Instead, odds are that Ned’s misfortune leaves Olivia feeling unmoored as the unexpected incident that left Ned hanging on for dear life.

Oddly enough, Ned’s daughter isn’t the only one who could benefit from his near death experience. According to recent GH spoilers and rumors, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) breathes a little easier when she learns that Ned woke up with an identity crisis. For obvious reasons, Nina’s pleasantly surprised with Ned’s new persona. Furthermore, while some GH rumors hint that he’s faking the condition, others question why he’d pretend to keep Nina’s secret… unless he’s planning the ultimate exposure and needs time to her or right.

Meanwhile, Brook Lynn’s music career has suffered over the past couple years. She went from Singer/Songwriter to Songwriter/Manager when a tragic incident left her unable to sing. Ever since Chase (Josh Swickard) returned to the PCPD, Brook Lynn’s career as a Music Manager providing any managerial support. That being said, General Hospital rumors speculate that BLQ uses her dad’s condition for her own benefit.

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