Bryan Craig OUT as Morgan; Will He Die?

sonnyjasonmichaelpcpdEarlier this season, GH’s Bryan Craig confirmed he was leaving his role on General Hospital as Morgan Corinthos. It was stated that Bryan’s character would remain on the canvas until this coming November. However, after the events that occurred on today’s episode, fans are left confused with many questions. Fans want to know if Morgan has died, or if he will remain missing and/or hospitalized until November, when a possible recast would enter the canvas.

Morgan stole Julian’s car which had a bomb placed in it, for the intent of killing Julian Jerome. At this point, it looks as though Sonny himself planned to have Julian killed, but inadvertently killing his own son in the process. GH rumors speculate there will be some twists and turns to this story as Sonny and Carly deal with the fallout of being in the mob business.

Dante and the PCPD came to the scene, as did Sonny, to try and look for Morgan. Dante informed Sonny that they found remains to which could be Morgan’s. A DNA test is set to take place to determine if what they found are remains of Sonny and Carly’s son.


General Hospital rumors have been floating around, claiming that Morgan’s body will be burned beyond recognition, leaving room to recast the character. Other fans speculate that since Bryan Craig has left the role as Morgan Corinthos, his character will die.

Where do you think this story will go? Would you like to see Morgan Corinthos leave the show with his portrayer, or should Morgan be alive and recast?

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