Jason’s Master Plan Backfires, Ryan Strikes Again

Jason is desperate to save Sam from the injustice she is facing. Peter has framed Sam by hiring Bryce to tell the PCPD that Sam ordered him to kill Shiloh, but Shiloh got away. Not only did Peter frame Sam, he is also the one who actually hired Bryce to kill Shiloh. Peter was being blackmailed by Shiloh and he needed him silenced. Using Sam was the perfect cover.

Jason had a plan to go to Pentonville to turn on Peter. He told him he would work with the police to get some sort of a plea deal. Bryce shockingly agrees to Jason’s terms and Jason is led to believe this confession will set Sam free.

Bryce really struck a nerve with Ryan Chamberlain, when Bryce entered the cell and saw the cover of Crimson, decorated with Ava’s face. Bryce expressed his sudden attraction to Ava and this didn’t sit well with Ryan.

General Hospital reveal it looks like Ryan will strike again and kill Bryce before he has the chance to come clean about Peter and release Sam from Pentonville. Today’s scene showed Ryan clenching a pen, ready to lunge toward Bryce. Chances are Bryce’s minutes are up and Jason is out of luck for Sam.